Igarashi Daiki. His current occupation is musician. He plays guitar in an indie band called [EVIL]. He is active under the name [DAIKI] and although it hasn’t yet been announced, he sings the theme song for an anime based on Paa san’s work…….if I’m not wrong.

“Anyway……should I just say congratulations?”

“You don’t need to say something you don’t mean.”

Daiki with a hair style more flashy than the 25 years old Daiki that I remember. If he gets any more wet than this rain, he’s going to waste all the time and effort he put into his hair.  It’s the same for me. I can’t get soaked so I went back to the store. In other words, neither of us was going to stay long.

“Did something good happen to you, big bro?”

“Yeah, I’m getting married to Shinobu one of these days.”

“I see. Congratulations.”

“You don’t need to say something you don’t even mean.”

“I’ll sing something for the wedding entertainment.”

“You think I’m going to invite you?”

“I know. I’m just kidding.”

“If you want to come, I’ll invite you.”

“I’m not going. I don’t want to see you happy.”

“Yeah, right.”

I’m still angry even though I haven’t seen him in a while. I don’t like it after all. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like the fact that he’s successful. Or rather, if something happens, that 65 years old Daiki will be born.

“Ah, and I met Saki. She wants to get back together with you.”

“Saki? Who’s that?”

“The girl that you stole from me.”

“Oh, yeah, there was a girl like that. Tell her no.”

“I don’t have her number. She went to the place where our parents live, so you’ll have to deal with her. I don’t want to talk to them anymore.”

“I haven’t seen them in almost five years. I don’t want to go.”

“I see. I’m just letting you know.”


Well, I don’t have anything more to say. I’m done. I’d rather talk to Midori and Paa san, who I rarely see, than this guy.

“I’m going to go now. I’m sorry I called you out.”

“No, I was just bored.”

“Oh, and lastly……how did you make it? You have never touched a guitar before.”

“I ain’t had any success. I just got to sing the theme song for an anime.”

“That’s success enough.”

Compared to you, that’s nothing. ….Maybe that’s why.”


“I was annoyed with my brother who clung to me even though he was no match for me. All I could think about for a long time was shaking you off. But when I was in high school, I ran away from you……I don’t know why, but when I went to school I got beat up and……clearly lost to you. That’s when it all started. I stopped caring about you. It wasn’t until you stopped obsessing over me that I……finally walked away from my life.”


“So the only reason I am where I am today is because of you….big bro. I dropped out of high school, got a part-time job, and started playing guitar for the first time…… I’m still working part-time to make ends meet, but now I get paid for my music. I can’t say I’m happy, but…..that’s it. I felt alive.”

“…..I see. That’s good.”

“No it’s not. I have to work tomorrow morning.”

“You’d better get back to work.”

“I’m not going to work hard. I’m going to get rich off it.”

“I hope one day you’ll have a scandal and retire.”

“You’re the one that needs to watch your back.”

“I won’t do anything bad. I’m not like you.”

“Sorry. Even if I do bad things, I’ll make sure I won’t get caught.”

“That’s why I don’t like you. Live more honestly !”

“Unlike you, I don’t need anybody’s help. I’m going to win everything on my own merit.”

“You jerk….most of all, you are !”

“Huh? It’s because of you, big bro !”

After talking with Daiki, I returned to the restaurant where everyone was waiting.

“What’s wrong, Kouki kun ! You’re soaking wet !”

Shinobu saw me and panicked. Oh, that’s right. I had a long and meaningless conversation. A long meaningless talk.

“I hate him…..after all…..!”

In the end, things never change. I hate people that I don’t like. But nothing more, nothing less. He is a jerk who will never be a part of my life, who walks on a different path.

So…..yeah. I don’t care about winning or losing anymore.

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