A few days later, it’s Monday. But I don’t go to work. It’s because I have a lot of paid vacations left. Paid vacations are a right of workers, but it is sometimes difficult to use them depending on the company, and even more so if it is a black company I work for.

However, just as I recognize the refund I should get as a new income, the accumulated paid vacation is a blessing for me.
And I get paid even though I don’t work. It’s really wonderful. Normally, I wouldn’t mind taking more time off, but as soon as I quit this black company, I’m going to join “Reganda” with the three Kirie sisters.

To be honest, I am a little nervous. Since I will be working together with the three of them, I am sure that they will see what they don’t like about each other.

I am trying my best to please the three of them, and the three sisters have never left me. In the past, we maintained a balanced relationship. But now that we are adults, I wonder if it will work out.

No, there is no end to such thoughts.


I get out of bed and head to the kitchen to eat the rice balls I bought yesterday.

I eat a little later than usual today, but the corners of my mouth are slightly upturned as I feel the pleasant morning to my heart’s content.

But just as I’m about to take the onigiri out of the fridge, I get a phone call.

“Sera …….”

What could it be about so early in the morning? I look suspiciously at my phone and answer the call.

“Yuu niichan! Good morning.”
“Good morning, Sera chan.”

“Quick question, are you free today?”
“Yes! You’re taking a break today, right?”
“W-well, …… yeah”
“Then, let’s play with me. I want to play with Yuu nii chan.”

That’s a very straightforward way of saying it. Very Sera-like

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”
“Well, I was just thinking back to the old days. I remember how fast-paced you were.”
“Fufu, people are not creatures that change that much.”
“What’s with the philosopher line?”
“Well, I’ve changed a little.”
“It’s nothing. Are you okay today? well I’d ask you to come even if it wasn’t okay.”
“I don’t have plans today.”
“Today… I understand. I’m free after the morning shoot, so I’ll send you the time and place via Ain.”
“Ah! Yuu nichan”

“I like you”
“Fufufu, byebye”

Sera again whispered to me sexily in a devilish voice tone and hung up the phone.

Well, she used to say she liked Yuu nichan without hesitation. I guess I should consider it an extension of that.


But I was a child then, and I am an adult now. It’s the same for Sera.

It’s better not to think about it too deeply.

“I love Yuu niichan …….”

These are the words Sera said to me at Reganda the other day.

I doubt very much if she actually said it because my head was dizzy at the time, but I certainly remember the feeling of the bulge of those explosive breasts pushing up against the white shirt Sera was wearing.

Short blond hair, emerald eyes, beautiful body and face, sexy breath, soft and large marshmallows ……

“No! Sera is like a little sister. What the hell am I thinking ……”

I sighed deeply and looked at the rice ball in my hand.


Just like that time again, the white onigiri was

was gently crushed.

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