We’re almost there, but I don’t know how to get from the airport to there.
“How are we going to get to the inn after this?”
“We have a car at the airport.”
She told me, “I have a car at the airport.”

There really was a car at the airport.
A slightly longer car than the one I have at home.
“Then, Masa’s here,”
She put me on her lap.
She looked happy, so I thought it was OK.

“Look, there it is.”
I saw that it was a rather luxurious inn.
“Welcome. The proprietress is waiting for you.”
“I understand.”
We took the elevator up.
For some reason, I was getting nervous.
“Hello, Grandma Natsue.”
“Welcome. Long time no see, how are you?”
“Yes, good to see you again.”
“Yes. By the way, that guy over there…”
“This is Masaya.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Masaya Sato.”
“You are a cheerful person, aren’t you? You can call me Grandma Natsue.”
“Nice to meet you.”
“Mirei. I’m glad you met someone nice.”

Grandma Natsue seemed kind and gave me some sata andagi.
They were so delicious that I was chomping on them while Mirei san and Grandma Natsue were conversing.
I heard a knock at the door.
“Excuse me.”
A person wearing a kimono, about the same age as Mirei san, came in.

“Sana. Long time no see.”
The person named Sana was hugging Mirei san
“Hey, Sana. You’re not behaving yourself.”
“I’m sorry. I was so happy to see you.”
“I’m sorry for surprising Masaya-kun, too.”
“No, no, no. I’m fine.”
“That boy is Mirei’s boyfriend, isn’t he?”
She looked at me from the top to the bottom.
“Well, you didn’t know about Mirei’s past, did you? I can’t believe she has a boyfriend like that…”
“Hey! Sana, that’s enough!”
Grandma Natsue got angry. Sana san is…
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to put you down. It’s just that Mirei…”
“Let’s not talk about it now, Sana?”
“Yes I’m sorry for interrupting without permission.”

…Mirei san’s past? I am sure it is not something I should touch too much. When I looked at Mirei san, she looked at me with a different smile.

“I have to talk to Masaya kun about this inn, My husband and I used to run this inn together, but now he has passed away, so it’s just me running it now, and my grandson Sana is taking over as the young proprietress.”
“I’m only here for the summer holidays, but after I leave for college, I’ll start working full time.”
“I have to keep myself in good health until then”
“It’s all right. Grandma Natsue hasn’t changed at all since last year.”
Mirei san’s smile was different from the one she usually showed.

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