“That concludes today’s LHR.”

After everyone had introduced themselves, Negishi-sensei closed the LHR with these words.

“Tomorrow, classes will begin, and I will collect the assignments I gave out during spring break at that time. Don’t forget. And in the first class, we will have a test using ‘some’ selected problems from those assignments.”

Negishi-sensei smiles as he says this.

“The score on that test will affect your grade for the first semester, so take it seriously. Also, in the math test that I give, basically, if you only write down the ‘answers,’ I will give you a failing grade. There are more than a few people every year who only copy the answers to the assignments. Make sure you write down the equations along the way.”

Ugh….For real…

To be honest, I was copying the answers from Rinne with my head down, just like the teacher said….

“KItajima Towa, Kirisaki Shizuku, and Minamino Rinne. These three are acceptable as answers only.
I know you all did your assignments on your own.”

Preference!!!! There was no one to say that.

No one would say that to the first to third place finishers in a grade. ……

“That’s all for today. Don’t make any detours. It is fine to deepen our friendship. But from today on, you are Kaiho High School students. Please behave with moderation.”

Everyone shook their heads at the teacher’s words.

“Then you are dismissed. Go home safely.”

Negishi sensei said so and left the classroom.

Then, as if following him, Hoshi kun quickly left the classroom.

……Eh, that was fast!

“Haha…… didn’t think it would go that far.”

And Kirisaki san giggled a little bit.

Then she makes a suggestion toward me and Kitajima san.

“Hey, hey, are you two free after this? Would you like to go out for dinner?”

At that suggestion.

“Yeah. I don’t have any plans.”

I agree

“Yes. I don’t have any special plans either, so I’m fine.”

Kitajima san followed

“I wonder if I can join you?”

Rinne enters the conversation from behind, saying so.
Kirisaki san smiles at those words.

“I was thinking of asking Rinne chan out too, so I’m glad you said that!”

Kirisaki san is the one who calls Rinne by her name and “chan”.

She really is good at getting along with people, or how should I say it……

W-wait, ……T-three girls and a guy. ……

What can I say, I feel like the protagonist of a harem novel. …… Well, I guess there’s no such thing as harem if you get dumped by the main heroine from the very beginning of the story.

“So where do you want to eat? I think a classic place would be the Saizeriya.”

I suggest to the three of them.

“Not a bad suggestion for Kirito, I guess. I thought we could go to Starbucks, but I wouldn’t be full there. I’m starving.”
“Yeah, and the price isn’t too bad either. Well, it looks like other people are going to gather there, so we might as well get there early, right? I guess.”
“Yes, I think so. Then let’s head to the Saizeriya. I think everyone is here by bicycle, so it should only take about 20 minutes to get there in front of the station.”

After deciding on a place to eat, we cycled to Saizeriya, a place that is a friend of the common man.

Twenty minutes on the bike

I arrived at the Italian restaurant “Saizeriya” in front of the station.

I quickly get off my bicycle and stand in front of the door of the restaurant.

And when the three of us arrived, I opened the door.

“Oh, Sakurai kun, you are a man of action, aren’t you?”

Kirisaki san said.

“No, this is normal.”

“Yes, I’m the one who made him do it.”

Rinne puts on a thin chest.

Then Kirisaki san and Rinne enter the store, and finally Kitajima san enters the store. At that moment.

“……Do the two of you ever go anywhere together?”

Kitajima san asked me surreptitiously in my ear with a slightly clouded expression on her face.

“Well, we’ve been ‘childhood friends’ since kindergarten. We used to go out to buy stationery and stuff like that. We usually went out for dinner or something.”

I replied.

It wasn’t what you’d call a date, unfortunately. ……

A little later, the waitress came over.

“We are four people. Do you have any non-smoking seats available?”

I asked.

“Yes, that’s fine. I will show you right away.”

The waitress said and led me to my seat.

“I’m glad we didn’t have to wait. Shall we go?”

I said to everyone.

“Sakurai kun, you’re amazing, aren’t you?”
“I wonder if it’s because of Rinne-chan’s education.”
“Well, if he can’t do this well, he’s not a man.”

…… Well, I guess it’s better to be praised than put down.

While talking like this, I sat down at the seat I was led to.
Rinne sat next to me with a natural look on her face.

Why ……?

I wondered, but I took out the menu, opened it and showed it to her.

I take the paper and pen provided and prepare to write the order.

“Do you want to wait longer?”

I ask first.

“Yes – I’m trying to deepen our friendship. After we eat, we’ll leave quickly. Or not?”
“Yes, I’m fine with staying a little later. I don’t mind if I’m a little late.
“I’m fine, too.”

I heard that.

“Okay, four drink bars and two large fries. I’ll write this down first.”

I write down the number of the drink bar and number of fries on a piece of paper.

“I’ll write it down on my end if you let me know when you decide. I’ve already decided what I’m going to eat, so you can take your time deciding.”

I said and got up from my seat.

“In the meantime, I’ll get you some water.”

Rinne lightly moves away from her seat to clear the way for me to pass.

I head to the side of the drink bar to get water for the group.

I have prepared four cups and plates to put them on, and Rinne is standing next to me.

“You’re a bit of a slow learner, so I’m going to hold half of it so you don’t spill it.”
“Ahaha. Thank you, Rinne.”

We exchanged a few words, and then both of us brought back two cups of water each.

“Here you go.”

I hand the two I was holding to Kirisaki-san and Kitajima-san.

“Thank you.”
“Thank you.”

I move to the back of the chair to make room for Rinne.

“Here, You don’t like it too cold, do you? I’m leaving out the ice.”
“Sorry, thanks, Rinne.”

And I drink the water without ice.

She knows I’m a little hypersensitive to cold drinks and ice cream, because we’ve known each other since childhood.

“…… childhood friends from kindergarten are still a formidable foe.”

I thought I heard Kitajima san mumble something, but I didn’t …… hear it. Really, I think I’ve been hearing more and more of the girls’ words lately. I’m thinking ……

And after a bit, everyone’s order is confirmed and I decide to call the waitress.


and the bell rings, and the waitress comes over.


I hand her the order paper and the waitress checks the order.

I check to make sure it’s correct and say

“Yes, all right.”

Then I asked the clerk for one thing.

“Also, excuse me. I’d like a large serving of fries at the end of my meal, please.”
“Yes. Understand. If you need them, just let me know and I’ll bring them to you freshly made.”
“Thank you.”

I thanked her and watched the waitress as she left, and Kirisaki said.

“That’s a hundred points, isn’t it?”

Kirisaki san laughs at me as I tilt my head.

“I give Sakurai kun 100 points for his response so far. Well, I didn’t think you were such a capable man.”
“Haha, …… I am honored by your compliment.”
“Nooo, but really, Sakurai kun, you’ve been a gentleman in your response.”
“Well, I’m sure it’s the result of my education. The first time in junior high school, it was terrible.”

…… education? Wasn’t that a mistake of torture?

I let out a little sigh as I thought back to the past.

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