“The people I hate the most are the ones who don’t even try, but are so talented that they succeed at everything they do. If they’re working hard, I can accept it, but if they’re not and they work hard but can’t catch up, it’s frustrating.”


I grabbed his fist and clenched it lightly, and where’s the power he had earlier? The man begins to squirm in agony. It’s only natural. It’s just that, I can’t beat Daiki, but I’ve put in a lot of effort, both in studies and sports.

“It’s understandable to criticize such a person based on the facts. Because it’s upsetting when the other person ignores the rules while you’re trying your best. But the second thing I don’t like is lazy people who try to put down the stronger person without making any effort, or trash who are satisfied with looking down on people. Don’t let those who don’t even try to win, but can only drag their opponents down, get into the ring of competition. Don’t you agree?”

“Stop, sorry, stop, stop……!”

There’s no point in hurting a guy like this, so I take my hands off him and fixed my messy uniform. Personal appearance is fundamental. If you don’t start with your appearance, what’s inside won’t catch up with what’s outside.

“I’m certainly a miserable older brother who can’t beat his younger brother, but that doesn’t mean I’m miserable enough to stay as a loser. Please don’t put me in the same position as you.”

I know how these guys work. Envious women and status quo men. The current me can handle Wakabayashi. I don’t have time for these guys.

“Daiki, let’s go.”

“Huh? Why should I listen to you…..?”

“Just hurry up. You’ve already been rejected by Shinobu san, right? You’re only feel miserable here.”

“……Tsk, I get it.”

While leaving the classroom, I bowed my head once and looked at Daiki. He’s fundamentally indifferent than those guys. But decisively, talent is different. The guy I hate the most because he’s above me even though he doesn’t even try.

“It’s so unusual. For you to be so irritated, bro.”

“I’m not. I’m just pointing out that they were wrong. Wouldn’t it be pitiful if you put your hands on a puppy-faced beast? “

“I’ll take that back. Don’t keep on bothering me, loser.”

“Even losers have pride.”

When was the last time Daiki and I had a proper face to face talk? But it’s a good chance. Let’s say it properly.

“You’re free to make a move on Shinobu san. But do it only after you have broken up with Saki. If not, Shinobu san won’t even look at you. You know that, don’t you?”

“I don’t care. I always get what I want. Those big tits are a waste for you.”

Saki was stolen.  And this time, he’s trying to take away Shinobu san too. Is it because we’re siblings? Maybe we’re attracted to the same thing.

“I don’t care what happens to me. But if you hurt Shinobu san, I’ll never forgive you.”

“I won’t hurt her. I’m just going to have fun with her.”

I can’t lose again. I absolutely have to win. I will not let my guard down. In order to protect Shinobu san’s happiness, I will definitely win.

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