The exchange of opinions and the exhibition of products was fulfilling.
It was interesting to photograph the corners, look up the manufacturers, and learn more about the …… products by visiting the website from my phone.
I couldn’t stop looking from related item to related item, like the history of a local cuisine that I was going to look up for a while.

I laughed a little because Saara was always watching and imitating what I was doing.
She seemed to be serious, though, and got a little angry.

Well, we’ve been together all morning, so it’s still noon when we do our shopping.
Since we had come all the way out, we decided to have lunch out together.

“Two people, right!”

We enter a trendy-looking Italian restaurant and open the menu.
Looking at the sheet together with only the names of the dishes on it, Saara asked a question

“What kind of things do you ask for in these situations?”
“What kind of food do you order ……? It depends on how hungry I am, but I order something I don’t think I can make by myself, or something I don’t think I can eat anywhere else.”
“I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I want to order something like chicken steak, but then I think, I could buy this at home and grill it.”
“Yes, yes.”

What a life-like conversation, coming all the way to a restaurant like this.
It’s a story that makes me laugh.

“Oh, how about this oven-baked pizza?”
“I see. Pizza is not as good at home. That’s a good idea.”
“It’s a deal. Sorry! Pizza, one with shirasu.”
“I’ll have the mushrooms.”

We order from each other and look out over the city from our upstairs seats.
There are so many of them that it’s hard to tell who’s who, but you don’t meet someone…… at a time like this.

The wait is frustrating.
After all, I’m nervous because there’s a plainclothes saara in front of me,…….


The other party did not seem to know what to say, and repeatedly looked at me and looked away.
As expected, Saara was the first to speak, as if she couldn’t stand the silence any longer.

“……Y-you know what?”
“What do you want to do this afternoon? I was wondering if you wanted to go look at some clothes or something.”

Clothes. I think Saara would look good in anything, and maybe she’d be interested in some new clothes.

“Okay, let’s go.”
“Really? You’re sure, right?”

No. Do I need to remind you? I’m not going to lie.
I’d like to see Saara in different outfits, and there’s not much to do at home when I get home.

“Here you go! Mediterranean Pizza with shiso shirasu, mushroom pizza, salad and coffee!”

As if interrupting our conversation, the waiter brings the pizza we had ordered.
It was freshly made, thinly doughy and filling, and small.
This would be enough for one person as a light meal.

“….Jiiii” (Staring)

I look over to the front and see Saara staring at my stuff.
I see what you mean.

“Okay, let’s split it in half.”
“You don’t mind?”
“I’m rather curious about that one, too.”

At times like this, usually with food, I think, ‘Maybe I should have ordered that one.’
–I shake the idea that I’m not a good person.

“I know, I know!”
“On the other hand, with appliances and smartphones, I feel like I’m looking for reasons to think, ‘I made the right choice in my purchases.'”
“Ah, I know what you mean. I feel like the kids who talk about phone recommendations, unless they’re really in-the-know enthusiasts, they’re just referring to theirs as the good stuff.”

I don’t know if it’s an attachment or a gathering of friends, but it seems we agree.
Such an otherwise uninteresting conversation is a lot of fun, isn’t it?


And here the waiter called out to me.
There must have been nothing else I had ordered, but was there anything on the set menu?

That question was blown away the moment I saw the waiter’s face.

“……Y-you ……Sato ……!”

To my surprise, it was Sato who was working part-time here……!
I looked at Saara, who was also frozen with surprise.

Sato, dressed cutely in her uniform, brings her face close and speaks to her in a whisper.

“Noo, I’m not going to tell on you. I’ve noticed that you two seem to be getting along well.”
“When did you start noticing?”
“I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. Iida kun is very familiar with Saara chi and doesn’t know about the activities of the sports club, and at first I thought he just wasn’t interested,……, but where you have to care, you really care.”
“Ah,…..the time with the senior on the soccer team.”

Saara nodded shyly at Sato san’s words.

“That’s not all. He knew that when the junior came, you got soaking wet from the rain. He personally nailed that junior member, too.”

Saara turns around, startled by her words.
Okay, it’s a day off, so it’s no surprise that Saara doesn’t know what’s going on.

“I just happened to be there and said, you know, your way doesn’t work.”
“I see. …… Thank you, Sora kun”
“I’ts okay, I was angry too, so I wanted to say something.”

When she heard our conversation, Sato san nodded again.

“I’m just saying. Usually, when I do something patronizing, there’s some sort of a cover for it, but I know from our conversation that you haven’t told her anything at all.”
“Aren’t other guys like that?”
“Seriously, are you too nice a guy, Iida? The guys around you are more likely to stand by and not help until someone is in trouble.”

That is indeed an exaggeration, isn’t it?
I’d like to say something like that, but when it comes to observing people, there is no one better than Sato san.

Suddenly, Sato san comes closer to me.
Oh, hey, hey ……, you’re close …….

“What’s up ……?”
“Can I call you ‘Sora-kun’ too?~”

With those words, I realized that Saara had just made a terrible blunder.

“–Sato-san!? Can you help me with the cash register?”
“Oh, I’ll get fired if I’m slacking off! Anyway, I won’t do anything bad to you two! yeah!”

With that last remark, Sato san left.

“…… So-Sora kun, I’m sorry ……”
“No, it’s not Saara’s fault. ……”

We finish our lunch with a few words and a cup of coffee.
It was a sudden encounter, but …… I’m glad it was Sato san who found it,…….

However,…… something is wrong with her……, isn’t it ……?
I’ll correct that later.

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