The election of all committee members was completed when the sixth period LHR time was used up.

Kirisaki-san’s moderating was one word, but Hoshi kun’s beautiful letters on the blackboard were also eye-catching.

After hearing a few words from Negishi sensei, it was after school.

“Okay. Let’s go to the student council office.”
“Yes. I’ll go with you.”
“I’ll go with you too!”

Me, Kitajima-san and Kirisaki-san are planning to join the student council, so we are going to go to the student council office.

“I’m going to the gymnasium to try out for the basketball team.”

Rinne, who had just finished getting ready, came up behind us.

“I heard that the new students can play a game with the seniors in the trial club. Hmph. I’m going to beat them to a pulp.”

Rinne said confidently and walked out of the classroom.

“I’m sure you’re a good basketball player, Minamino-san?”

I’ll answer Kitajima-san’s question.

“Our junior high school, which was a weak team, went to the nationals with Rinne’s one-man team. Does this give you an idea of how great she is?”
“T-that’s great. ……”
“Shuri chan wanted it so bad. Just a little worried?”

Kirisaki-san laughs as Kitajima-san and I tilt our heads back and forth.

“The basketball club is also known as the place to knock the snot out of new students. I’m a little worried about a girl like Rinne chan.”
“Well, if she’s that good, I’m sure she’ll be able to do it…… easily, but she was only a junior high school student a while ago. She might not be able to beat a high schooler.”
“She wasn’t feeling well in the morning, but she seems to be a little better now. I hope she doesn’t lose her energy again.

While talking, we went to the student council room.

“Student Council Office.”

We three arrived at the desired location and knocked on the door of the room.

Then we heard a voice from inside saying, “It’s unlocked, so just come in,” so we opened the door and went inside.

Inside, Kirisaki-senpai and Kurose-senpai were sitting there waiting for us.

The windowpane I had just broken was covered with masking tape. And the softball that was hit into the ground was carefully displayed on Kirisaki-senpai’s desk. ……

“I’m Sakurai Kirito, from Class 2, Year 1.”
“I’m Kitajima Towa, also from class 1, grade 2.”
“I’m Kirisaki Shizuku, also in Class 1, Year 2!

We lightly introduced ourselves and bowed.

“Welcome, all three of you.”

Kirisaki-senpai said.

Then, Kurose-senpai quickly stood up and said

“I am Kurose Shiori, vice-president of the student council. I look forward to working with you.”

She bowed elegantly.

“It’s been a while, Kurose-senpai,……, I’ve wanted to meet you very, very much.”
“Fufufu. I’ve not seen you since the entrance ceremony, so there is no need to go that far”

Kurose-senpai shakes her head as she says so.

“No, it was an endless amount of time for me. I am honored to be able to talk to you like this.”
“If you say so, I’m glad. But from now on, you can see me whenever there is a student council meeting.”
“Yes. That’s one of the reasons I decided to join.”
“Ara. I see. I’m relieved to have a new student like you in the group.”
“I will do my best to live up to your expectations, Kurose-senpai.”

Kitajima-san bowed as she said this.

As I watched this exchange, Kirisaki-senpai began to talk.

“I told you this at lunchtime, but I want you to do general affairs first, Sakurai kun”
“Yes. I understand.”

“I would like Kitajima-san to be the treasurer. The previous treasurer was Shiori-san. She can follow up with you, so don’t worry.”
“Yes. I will do my best.”

“And Shizuku will serve as both secretary and vice president.”
“Hee, If you’re going to make me vice president, then you must be serious about making Sakurai-kun the student body president, right?”

Kirisaki-san asks with a little bit of sophistication in her words.

“I guess so. If there are no problems, I think Sakurai kun will be the next student body president.

Well, there is an election to elect the student body president, so it is up to the students themselves to choose, but I recommend Sakurai-kun.”

Kirisaki-senpai firmly said back.

I’m going to ask him the question I’ve been asking him since lunchtime.

“Well, Kirisaki-senpai…”
“What is it, Sakurai kun?”

“Why am I the student council president? To be honest, Kirisaki-san seems to be more suitable for the position. ……?”

“Hahaha!!! Well, I still have to explain myself properly to you. You’re just like me in that way too.”
“…… eh?”

Senpai looked me in the eye as he said that.

“Sakurai kun. Let’s start with small talk.”
“…… Yes.”

“Sakurai kun You have a pretty little sister, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do. Yes, I do. If you touch her, I’ll stab you, no matter how senior you are.”

I shot him a serious look.

“I know, I have a pretty sister too”
“Yes, she’s my classmate”

“I have a ‘girlfriend’ named Shuri Fujisaki. But if it weren’t for my sister Shizuku, we might have broken up. She is that important to me.””
“I see. I can’t tell you the details either, but my sister Misuzu saved my life when I could have died with just one step. I love her so much that I would have married her if we were not related by blood.”
“S-Sakurai kun!!??”

“Sakurai kun. You say that if we were not related by blood. I can say that I love Shizuku with all my heart because we are related by blood.”

“Because of our blood ties, we can give them love as a true family. Don’t you agree?”
“……You’re right. I am ashamed of myself for regretting my blood connection with Misuzu even for a moment.”
“No, I have felt that way more than once or twice. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Sakurai kun”
“Thank you, master.”

I bowed to Master Kirisaki.

“I can’t keep up with the conversation. ……
“Their love is too heavy, ……”
“Fufufu. I envy you, Shizuku chan”

“Now, Sakurai kun”
“What is it, master?”

“Before I knew it, I’m a master. …..”.

“My little Shizuku is entering school this year. It’s only natural to find out what kind of person will be entering the school, who will be her classmate, and most importantly, what kind of person will be sitting near her, right?”
“Yes, of course”

“”Of course!?””

Why are they surprised? Of course it is

“And I’ve naturally looked into you, too”
“I see. That’s why you knew so much about me, what you were talking about at lunch.”

Master shook his head.

Then he continued.

“I would have told Shizuku that she was the next student body president if none of the new students were capable of being student body president. I would have made her report directly to me and let her learn the position of president, instead of being the secretary and vice president at the same time. Well, I think Shizuku herself knew this part of the story.”
“Yeah. Well. ……”

Kirisaki-san laughs thinly at Master’s words.

“But the more I looked into Sakurai kun, the more I thought that you were the right person to be the student council president. When it comes to the position of “student body president,” you are more qualified than Shizuku or Kitajima-san. And it is because of you that I have decided that I really want you.”

“Why? I can’t possibly believe that I am worth that much.”

At my words, the master looked at me with kind eyes.

“Why did you settle for losing the first round?”
“……Eh ?”

“There are few people who can accept all of your true ability. But if you can accept 70% of it, it should be possible if you practice hard enough.”
“………… I agree.”

As my teacher said, with rigorous practice, I could get my ball to a level where it could be taken to a certain degree.
As the head of the department, I had the right to decide what to practice. But I didn’t do it.

“But you didn’t do it. Why?”
“Well, that’s …….”

Master guessed exactly what I had been hesitating to say.

“Because your teammates didn’t wanted it. Right?”

He sees right through me. ……

“In a big arcade, you throw your all-out pitch in a situation where your shoulder might break, just to show your favorite childhood friend how good you look. How could you put up with the most uncool all-time first round game like that?”

“Your teammates wanted to play ‘fun baseball.’ That’s not a bad thing. They are junior high school students, so they want to have fun and enjoy themselves rather than practice hard. Your advisor was a hands-off kind of guy and rarely came to club activities. So it was natural for him to have such a feeling. I guess they were laughing at themselves when they lost the occasional practice game. You would have been biting your lip, though. You put your teammates’ feelings before your own love for them. I have never seen anyone who could be so selfless.”

Master says, standing up and walking toward me.

“I like people who work hard.”

He puts his hand on my shoulder.

“I used to be just a nerd, a shady, comic Otaku.”
“…… What?”

I-I can’t see!
N-No way!

“Now I have muscles in my body, I speak well, I take care of my appearance and although I haven’t shown it yet, I’m conscious of being fashionable when it comes to my personal clothing. All of this was done in order to be worthy of Shuri Fujisaki, the girl I fell in love with. It was an effort to make her fall in love with me. And I am still making that effort. I still don’t think I’m worthy of Shuri Fujisaki or Shiori Kurose there. To stand up to these two too attractive people, I, an ordinary guy, always need to make efforts.”

“And you tried to ‘resist showing the girl you like how good you look’ as opposed to my efforts to show the girl I like how good I look.”

“What the student body president needs is the ‘selflessness’ part. It’s about how much you can do for the students. That’s what’s important.”

“Sakurai kun. That’s why I really wanted you. Shizuku is inevitably strong in ‘self’. That’s not so bad.”

After saying that much, Master smiled a little bitterly.

“But there’s one part of you that is just so desperately missing.”
“I understand. Practical ability.”

Master laughed and nodded at my words.

“I know you know what you’re doing. I want you to develop your abilities through a wide range of practical experience by taking on general affairs and vice presidency. And I want Kitajima Towa and my sister Shizuku to fill in the gaps. Their abilities are first class. Then the student council will be safe and sound.”

“This is the reason why I am promoting you as the next student body president.”

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