Natsuki side

After Yuuki kun and Ishizaki kun went shopping, the three of us who stayed behind decided to study for a bit, since we had nothing in particular to do.

“sigh-. I can’t do it anymore. I don’t want to.”

Segawa san said while working on her math work.

It’s only the first question, isn’t it too early?

“Let’s study a little harder. Even if we don’t do it now, we’ll still have to do it in the end.”

“If there’s something you don’t understand, I’ll teach you.”

“…..I don’t understand anything.”

“…Well, let’s just try a little harder, okay? Right?


It’s true that she hated it, but she seemed to be very good at understanding. She was able to solve most of the problems with just a few hints and instructions on how to do the exercises.

“Senpai, you guys are so good at teaching ! The math teacher in my class is really boring. That’s why I always fall asleep….”

“Ah…. I somehow knew who it was. He was my teacher when I was a freshman, and at that time, half of the class was asleep or nearly asleep.”

I didn’t know there was such a teacher. I wonder if the teacher continues to teach in that state…. I’m glad I didn’t encounter him.

After about 30 minutes, Segawa san said something like this.

“Um, senpai, do you guys have someone you like?”

Eh, is this what you call a girls’ talk? I’ve never done this kind of thing before, so I was looking forward to it.

“I do.”

“Eh-! You have someone you like? Can I ask who it is? … Though I wouldn’t know who it is.”

“No, you definitely know. Because it’s Yuuki.”

“…..Eh? I probably shouldn’t say this, but you’re blood related, right?”

Yeah, that’s true. Does she mean as a family?

“Oh, I didn’t tell you. Yuuki and I are step siblings. I just found that out recently.”

[[…..Eh !?]]

“Shiori senpai, that means, you like Yuuki kun as the opposite sex?”

“Yes, I do. We took a bath together, and recently we’ve been sleeping together.”

“Whoa, you’re not even going out. ….Is it normal because you’re brother and sister? No wait, you guys are already in high school, so it’s a little bit weird.”

No way. You guys weren’t family?  What’s more, they’re taking a bath together.


“What about you, Segawa san? Is there someone you like?”

“Yes ! He is Shota, who’s with us today, but at first I only thought he was good-looking but kind of gloomy. But once I started talking to him through Yuuki, he was surprisingly easy to talk and my impression of him has changed.

….After that, I started to follow Shota with my eyes. When I realized it, I fell in love with him.”

“I see. That kid was gloomy. I didn’t see it that way from what I saw today.”

“I think he probably got a little better while he was with Yuuki. Thanks to Yuuki, I’m getting along with Shota now, so I’m quite grateful to him.”

Yuuki kun, you’re still amazing. This might not matter much, but…

…Eh, what? why are the two of you looking at me?

“…Then lastly, is there someone you like, Natsuki?”

“N-no, no, I don’t though !?”

“I see, that’s too bad.”

What should I do? I immediately denied it.

……The two of them are kind of grinning at me. I wondered what was wrong.

There was no way I could say. Because the person I love is…

[[I’m back-]]

It looks like they came back.

As expected, we stopped talking about it and pretended to be studying.

After that, Shiori senpai whispered,

“Everyone, let’s do our best.”

I wonder why she said [everyone], but when Yuuki kun and the others came in, I stopped thinking about it.

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