Watanabe, captain of the soccer team.
His suspension began the following Tuesday, followed by rumors of his expulsion or transfer to another school on Friday.

“So here’s to Seiichi’s return, our super play, and the charms of Suzuka-chan.”
“Cheers! wait, What was that last one about?”
“It’s just a fact.”

Sato-san, who led the group, slurped down a yellow drink with a carbonated taste and said, “Puhaaa! It’s good after work!” she exclaimed.
Well, it’s just ginger ale.

The six of us celebrate with Seiichi, who is now a free man, on Sunday.
But there are only so many places where high school students can get together.
It’s the usual family restaurant.

“And yet, it worked better than I thought it would.”
“I was surprised, too.”

Although he didn’t make any overt move that day, it was Shun Hayama who probably had the biggest impact this time.

“But I didn’t expect Shun to be such an aggressive planner.”
“I don’t usually like him either, but he’s pretty picky when it comes to winning or losing. I don’t care if it’s an individual’s skill, but the team loses because of his selfishness. That’s what I hate the most.”
“And that includes games?”
“Of course. If there is a user who doesn’t move at all in a game of paint, I’ll put a curse on him to beat his little toe against the door all day long.”

What a simple but terrible curse. ……
I’ll make sure I have a good communication line when I play a team game with Shun.

“I’m glad the recorder helped.”
“Oh, that’s a big help! That’s why my junior Ma chan, you know, the cute freshman …… year, went to the teacher with the fact that all the misdeeds she was claiming were true.”

That day, I was certainly filming what was done to Seiichi. But my main job was not to film the misdeeds.
I was in charge of recording the conversation with a microphone.

The photographer is Sato-san. If we then overlay the video onto the recorder, we would have full audio on the video of Sato-san, who was filming from a distance.
I also know that when he grabbed me, he made a false accusation that was as good as taking it out on me, and that he was trying to treat Saara as if she was disposable.

“Since then, this Suzuka-chan has gathered the children of Watanabe-senpai’s victims and talked to their teachers, advisors, and the school principal.”
“She’s too dynamic.”
“I, for my part, have been behind the spread of the damage, even though I call myself an informed advocate on the girl’s side.”

Sato-san likes interesting things and gives the impression of being somewhat light, but at times like this, she is the person who can move with a sense of justice better than anyone else.
She seemed to know what was going on even before Saara was harmed.

The last part of the interview was Sato-san’s comment, “Videos like this have been on the Internet recently and caused a commotion, haven’t they? The advisor and the dean might make their debut on TV” was the decisive factor.
Suzuka Sato is a truly frightening woman.

“Well, as for me, part of me was enjoying the fallout!”
“Return my admiration …….”

After all, Sato-san was Sato-san.


After a slight change of mood, Sato-san zipped down the bottom of the ginger ale with a straw.

“In a way, I’m a victim in the middle of the chain, and I can understand why Watanabe Senpai did what he did.
“What do you mean ……?”

Sato-san apparently moved to sneak in a conversation with the faculty members after passing a series of stories through them.
She said that she was not wiretapped, so it seems that she is in a very dangerous situation.

When his father arrived, he opened his mouth and said to Watanabe Senpai, ‘What are you going to do if the company’s position gets worse! I’m about to get a promotion! He shouted at him’
As I listened to the rest of the story with the impression that I should be worried about that first ……, the origin of the current turmoil emerged

“Watanabe-senpai said ‘You’re having an affair with your subordinate, too!’ Well, after that, the room seemed to shake and the teacher screamed, so he probably get hit by his dad, right? I just staggered in there.”

That’s a lot darker than …… thought.
So Watanabe-senpai did that because he saw his own father playing with women?

I’m also wondering why the mother’s side of the story is not mentioned at all, especially from earlier.
Adultery means they are not divorced.
But is she conscious of her shame in not showing her face at her son’s misconduct, or has she been uninterested from the start?

Either way, it is a completely crumbling family environment.

“But that doesn’t change the fact that Watanabe-senpai was the worst, though. Suzuka-chan, I understand, but I don’t feel sorry for him.”
“There are plenty of people who grow up healthy even if their parents are jerks, and that …… comparison of victimhood? I guess if you’re dissolving concepts like that by directing them at a third party, then I guess I can’t feel sorry for him either.”
“Thanks for the really good lesson summary!”

When she finished telling us what had happened, Sato-san laughed outright and went to get the next drink.
I pretended I didn’t see her as she started mixing melon soda with iced coffee.

“Uuu…… for that.”
“What’s up?”

Saara snarls, crossing her arms.

“Why do you think I’m supposed to be the one who beat up Watanabe-senpai,……?”

Ah …… there.

Watanabe-senpai’s downfall spread quickly.
Originally, he was a tall, good-looking man with no apparent problems on the surface.
However, the confession-busting incident by Saara and Sato-san’s actions began to reveal his flaws, and rumors began to circulate among the soccer club members in other classes about Seiichi that he was in fact a very bad guy.
Ultimately, the incident the other day was the decisive factor.

Rumors circulated that it was Princess Saara who dealt the final blow.

“I really didn’t do anything, did I?”
“Do you really remember what you did?”
“What? Did I do something?”

Great, I can’t believe that line came out naturally. ……

Saara certainly didn’t make a big move with this fiasco.
But Saara is too unaware of her influence.

“You said ‘Worst’ to Watanabe senpai”
“…… ah. Uh uh, yeah, I think I did say that. …… Eh, that’s it?”

That is all.
That’s it.
Saara has no idea of his ‘that’s all’ offensive power.

The reason why Watanabe-senpai did not go berserk when the teacher came that day.
It was because he let loose immediately after receiving one word from Saara.

That momentary exchange was quickly spread by an interesting woman drinking a strange colored liquid here.
But not by leaking it into the chat room, but by the steady and steady method of showing it around to the people she was getting to know.

A chilling remark emanated from the cheerful Saara.
Watanabe-senpai, with a look of despair on his face, is unable to continue.
Those who watched the video would have understood at once. This man is finished.

It is most painful for someone who cares about caste like Watanabe Senpai to spend the rest of his life until graduation with that ‘decisive fall’ impression trailing behind him.
Whether he will be rehabilitated or not, …… I can’t take care of him that much, but I’d like to think that he won’t do the same thing twice, as I would expect.

“Thanks for helping me get out of the club, Nagase-san.”
“I wanted to help in some way. I wanted to help in some way. It was a really small, small role, though. I’m glad I could be of some help to everyone.”
“I’m not saying it’s only a little, but you bowed down to everyone, the teachers and the club members.”
“And the big Yuki-chi was with me, so I think the teacher was counting on me, too.”

Listening to Nagase san, she has been so active that I think she is too humble about her own activities.
Saara is the one who is pulled in for all the activities. It must not have been easy to go around asking the seniors in the basketball team for help.

After everyone had been told the whole story, Seiichi bowed his head once again.

“I’m really grateful to all of you. I’m so lucky to have such dependable friends, I don’t know what to say.”
“Are you serious? This time it was convenient for me too, so don’t worry about it?”
“I’m especially grateful to Sato-san, who did more for me than I could have ever imagined.”
“Are you serious? I’m not sure if I’m being serious or not. Don’t mind if I don’t fit your character.”

Seiichi laughed at Sato-san’s oddly amusing tendon-like response, and Sato-san turned to him.

“Well, now that the number of customers in the store has dwindled down for snack time, …… let’s get down to business.”

Sato-san looks around the store, then straightens her posture and puts on a serious expression.
What …… unusual.

She looked at me, then at Saara, and then at me again.

“I’ll ask you as much as I can, as a shared secret between the six of us. I ask you on behalf of everyone else, how close are the two of you, to be honest?”

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