Episode 29 – Private Maid Cafe (Part 2)



A melody like a music box is followed by a woman’s voice saying, [The bath is ready.]

“T-the bath is ready.”

Yua stood up.


It’s past noon now. Why at this timing? Could it be……!

“I-is your brother coming home……!?”

“I don’t think so?”

Thank goodness. I thought she was getting the bath ready for her brother who was about to return.

If that’s the case, why the bath?

“Are you going to take a bath, Yua?”

“I’m not.”

What is this, a riddle?

“Then why did you getting the bath ready?”

“Because it’s for you, Seita kun.”

For Seita kun……? Seita-kun is…..me, right?

“Eh? Wait, why?”

“The hint is our conversation from last time.”

Yua shook her body embarrassedly.

“Look, when I asked [Do you want B roll? Or me?] You said, [Are you some kind of newlywed wife?]”

“[Newlywed or something?]”

“Jeez, Seita kun, you’re so detailed. –So, the real line is, [Would you like dinner? Bath? Or do you want me?] Right?”

“I guess so.”

“That’s why.”


I remember that “That’s why” is a conjunction that expresses a logical conclusion, but what’s the conclusion in Yua story now?

Yua pointed at the empty plate.

“You ate the financier, right?”

Next, she pointed to the living room door.

“You’re going to take a bath, aren’t you?”

Finally, she pointed at herself.

“Then I’ll be the one left.”

What is she talking about?

Yua put her hand on her cheek and said shyly.

“If you want, we can take a bath together–“

“I’m not going in ! !”

“But I’m a maid today. I’m here to serve you.”

“No maid is not that kind of job !”

“Eh, no way.”

For some reason, Yua grabbed the middle of her skirt and flipped it to the right side.

“Wait… !?”

From her tights to her groin and the sides of her hips were exposed. The garter belt that hangs from the tights is also exposed.

I turned away as if my head was about to spin.

“I even wore this naughty underwear.”

“Wear it because it’s convenient ! Not because it’s naughty !”

“I think regular tights are more comfortable…….”

“They don’t have an inseam, so they don’t get stuffy. And when you go to the bathroom, it’s easier to put them on and take them off than regular tights.”

“Ah~ that’s true.”

“That’s why you’re wearing them the wrong, Yua. The pants should be above the belt, not below.”

“I see~”

Yua nodded her head.

“As expected, it’s a little bit naughty.”

“Where !?”

“It’s not that, it’s Seita kun.”


“You don’t know much about girls, so why do you know so much about underwear? Are you a closet pervert?”


“It’s okay for you to be open with me, you know?”


Sweet offer. But I promised myself that I wouldn’t take the bait.

Even if I don’t do that, Yua–

–What’s with Yua?

That’s what I was thinking right now. Don’t get me wrong. I’m…….

“Fufu, are you embarrassed?”

Yua is smiling so amusingly. But if you look closely, her ears are bright red.


No wait, isn’t Yua more embarrassed? Perhaps she’s embarrassed herself, even though she’s the one who seduced me?



“Lately, you’ve been so aggressive, Yu. So I wondered why.”

Yua thought about it for a moment and then said embarrassedly,

“So I won’t regret it.”


Yua acts like this so she won’t regret it.

I’m not sure myself. I feel like I have nothing but regrets. But that doesn’t mean I should accept her invitation.

For Yua, and for myself, what should I do?

“….Hm !?”

Yua suddenly raised her voice, turned back, flipped up her skirt, and peeked at her own underwear.

“I knew it……!”

“What’s wrong?”

“T-this was……last year’s underwear !”

“…..So what’s the problem?”

“Because underwear from a year ago isn’t cute anymore !”

“Is that so?”

I don’t understand why she can’t change pants unless the elastic stretches or there’s a hole in them.

“I think that was…..normal, though.”

“Normal is not good enough !”

Yua said with a face almost like she was about to cry.

“If I want to show it to Seita kun, it has to be the cutest one…..”


I don’t know what’s cute and not cute about underwear. But one thing is certain.

Yua, who’s trying to be cute for me, is the cutest.

–Or rather, I regretted it after I said it…..

I said this to soothe Yua.

“Ah~……. You don’t have to worry so much about it, I think it’s cute.”


Yua looked at me twice. It’s not even that surprising. Well, but she was surprised. I don’t give people compliments very often. I’m kind of embarrassed to talk about how cute she is.

Yua’s face, which had been staring blankly, gradually showed signs of joy.

“Did you compliment me just now? You said I was cute, didn’t you?”

“I-I did.”

“Eh !? It was a little hard to hear, so could you say it again?”

And so, she took out her smartphone from the apron.

“I-I’m not going to say it. –What are you going to use that phone for?”

“I was gonna use it as a ringtone.”

“Then I’m not going to say it !”

I got up from my seat and head for the front door. Yua clung to me like an excited dog.

“W-wait ! Alarm ! I’ll set it as an alarm !”

“It doesn’t matter what you use it for !”

“Then just let me record it. Okay?”

“No way !”

I put on my shoes and ran out the front door. I turned around and said.

“Thanks for dinner ! It was a lot of fun !”

After saying goodbye and thank you, I left Yua’s apartment as if to run away.

As I walked home, I regretted my actions.

–Why did I say that?…….

But this regret was different from the regrets I have felt in the past.

It wasn’t painful. No, it is painful, but it’s such a sweet pain that tightens my chest.

This kind of regret would be good once in a while.

But it is also true that when I think back on it, my face gets hot and I feel like I can’t stand still. I walked home at a brisk pace, trying to shake off the sense of embarrassment that welled up in me.

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