“You can’t do that, Kouki kun. You shouldn’t cheat on your partner while you are broadcasting as a couple. You don’t want this picture to go viral, do you? Then….you know what you have to do, don’t you?”

The camera quality of the phone 10 years ago and the position of the phone may make it difficult to prove that it was me, but if it’s not, then it would be troublesome. If it was not so long ago, it is a story.

“I-I’m sorry ! It’s my fault ! It’s not Kouki kun’s fault….so that picture…..please ! Please delete it !”

Shinobu san, who didn’t know the circumstances, jumped out from in front of me and begged her. Hearing this, Saki just smiled.

“That’s right. Your family is poor. If these pictures were exposed on the Internet, you wouldn’t be able to make a living. But it’s not enough. Do you know? My family is rich. Don’t you think it’s strange that you slept with the boyfriend of the daughter of the president of a local real estate company and didn’t even get down on your knees? You should know your place.

She sounds so high and mighty.  Because I was being rooted by the local community, the company was on the edge of bankruptcy. I’m not even Saki’s boyfriend. I don’t have any feelings left.

“I-I’m sorry…..”

“It’s okay Shinobu san. You don’t have to kneel down. If you want to post it on the internet, go ahead. It doesn’t mean anything, though.

I patted Shinobu san on the shoulder. The thumbnail of our video that was released the day before yesterday.

“What’s this…..? Apology video…..?”

“Yeah. The content explained that Hikari and I weren’t dating. The video is a one-sided love from Hikari to be more specific. That’s what it’s about.”

So there’s no problem. Even if I’m dating somebody else.

“But if you tell them that it’s a lie, you’ll get flames…….”

“Well, that was a gamble, but judging from the comments, it was safe. I think the tendency of the viewers was probably younger people who liked the variety of romance content. If anything, it was a good way to break the mannerisms.”

There are many people who like to watch other people’s unrequited love or love triangles. Like who’s dating who, that;s what gossip is all about. I don’t really understand it, but apparently, the juicy stories are popular among viewers.

“Could it be……because you’re dating that woman, so you made this video…….”

“No. It was Hikari who decided to post this.”

According to the adult shinobu san. I heard that after I quit participating in the videos, the popularity of the channel started to drop. That means that Hikari alone is not attractive enough or powerful enough.

That’s why she parted ways with me. Even if I can no longer participate in the videos in the future, it doesn’t matter. That’s the truth.

“Hikari and I aren’t children. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, and I can at least switch.”

Of course, I’ll be participating in the videos for a while. If I can create a romantic atmosphere there, I’ll probably become more popular. If I can’t appear in the videos, I’ll pretend I was dumped and invite people to feel sorry for me. In other words, I will continue to expose my life to others. That’s the kind of decision Hikari and I made.

“If your family wants to destroy Shinobu san’s family, that’s fine. If this gets to our video, you’re done for. Going on to higher education is not the only way. The future is ahead. The way we work is going to become more free.”

Hikaru said in the off record, but she put up Shinobu san to create a love triangle. She’s trying to catch the viewers and gain popularity. That seems to be Hikari’s strategy for the future. It’s a nasty way of doing things. But it’s very good and mature. And it’s even better because, unlike Saki’s childish ways, it doesn’t involve anyone but us.

“That’s what I’m saying. It’s not going to happen the way you want it to, idiot.”


Saki was speechless as she tried to argue, in the end, she left without saying anything. Her way of doing things is too childish. This is what it means to be an adult.

“And Shinobu san, Hikari has a message for you. [Even so, I’m not kind enough to hand over Kouki kun for free !]…”


Well, something has broken the mood. but there’s another festival tomorrow. at that moment…..

“….Kouki kun, I have a message for Hikari chan also.”

I feel something hit my back.  I don’t know if it’s her hands, her chests, or her lip. just a soft feeling wrapped on my back.

“I’m not kid enough, either. Tell her I won’t lose, no matter who they are….tell her that.”

“…..I understand.”

The rest of the conversation was carried over to the next day.

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