I looked at myself on my phone screen and checked my hair.

–I’m sure I’ve done it properly, right……?

It hadn’t even been ten minutes since I arrived at the meeting place to meet Yua, and I don’t know how many times I’ve checked it already.

In order not to make any mistakes on today’s date, I practiced blowing my hair so many times that it almost damaged my hair. Even today, the day of the date, I had set my hair once, but I wasn’t satisfied with the way it looked, so I reset it with shampoo and set it again.

But it still didn’t look right. Was it because I used a cheap hairdressing product or because Yua’s skill was good?

“Seita kun.”

Then Yua came.

“Sorry, I’m a little late.”

“No, I’m not waiting that…..long……”

I’m at loss for words. My eyes were glued to Yua’s clothes, and I didn’t have enough brain resources to utter it into words.

A thin knit dress that shows the lines of the body, the décolleté and cleavage can be see from her V-shaped neckline. Of course, that was attractive too, but my eyes were drawn to something much further down.

Shorts and long boots. This combination further emphasized the beauty of Yua’s moderately plump, white thighs.

“Seita kun?”


I looked up as if I had been hit. I stared at her too much.

Yua touched her own leg and then looked at me with an upward glance.

“Seita kun, are you perhaps….have fetish for legs?”

“N-no, it’s not that. I like breast—not that ! I like both mushrooms and bamboo shoots, or I can eat both udon and soba.”

What am I talking about? But the more I tried to cover it up, the more obvious I became.

“You eat both, but you prefer mushrooms and udon, like that?”

“That’s what I’m talking about !”

“You’ve been on the edge of your seat for a while now, talking about eating mushrooms and udon.”

“It’s not like that ! !”

Yua tried to cover her body with her arms.

“I’m going to be eaten by Seita kun…….”

“I told you it’s not like that !”


She laughed mischievously. It seems that her switch has been turned on to a small devil mode.

“I’ve found out you’re a leg guy, so I’ll emphasize my legs more from now on.”

“It’s a misunderstanding. I’m not a leg guy–.”

If I say I’m a “leg guy,” they’re going to think I’m a no-brainer guy who likes to look at anyone’s legs.

“Then why were you staring at me?”

“It’s not that I’m a leg guy, it’s just that Yua’s legs are so beautiful.”

Yua rolled her eyes at my excuse. Not only her face but also her neck turned red like a heater.

“W-well, I’m your girlfriend after all, s-so it’s only natural.”

“What’s wrong with you all of a sudden? Could it be……you’re embarrassed?”

“H-huh !? ! I’m not embarrassed ! I mean, we’re going to ZU, right? Then let’s go !”

She walked away from me, her shoulders slumped.


I rushed after her.


I asked Yua to help me find some clothes and came to the fitting room.

“There were so many different kinds of shirts.”

In the basket contained a variety of shirts in different shapes and fabrics.

In the basket were shirts of various shapes and fabrics.

“Of course there are. Oh right, Seita kun, you like polo shirts, don’t you?”

When I go out, I usually wear a polo shirt. It’s the same today.

“It’s not that I like polo shirts, it’s just that polo shirts are safe.”

“Seita kun……”

Yua let out a big sigh [Haa…..] and shook her head.

“I’m fine with polo shirts……. But “A polo shirt is fine.] is no good !”

Something like a famous saying came out.

 “B-but I heard a lot of it. CEOs of famous smartphone makers and presidents of SNS wear the same outfit over and over again.”

“They’re just sloppy old men, aren’t they?”

“So sharp……”

Even though they’re world-famous people.

“You don’t have to imitate people who spend their entire lives trying to make money.”

It was a harsh tone for Yua. Did she have a personal grudge against rich people?

“Anyway, let’s try some things.”

“Okay. I’ll be in your care, ma’am.”

“Very well. Then take them off.”

“No, let me close the curtains !”


She deliberately clicked her tongue and laughed.

I closed the curtains and put on the shirt and denim she gave me. Then I looked at my reflection in the mirror.


Something is different from what I expected. A white clean shirt, black skinny jeans. It was a stylish monotone color, but when I put it on, I looked like I was on my way home from a funeral.

“Isn’t this a little weird?”

I opened the curtain and asked Yua. Yua quickly looks at my entire body and immediately comes up with an answer.

“It’s the way you look in certain clothes.”

“The way I look?”

“Too serious ……, no, not sexy enough !”

“S-sexy? A man’s sexiness has nothing to do with me, does it?”

“That’s not true. I often look at Seita kun with dirty eyes !”

“What are you saying with such a loud voice?”

Sometimes I look at You that way too, and I’m not in a position to say so. But don’t shout that in the center of ZU.

“Anyway, I’ll take care of it.”

Yua reached out her hand to my chest.

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