Chapter 3 Episode 3 – Third Person


“Wait, who are you? Who the hell are you ! Daiki’s woman? Isn’t that right !?”

For some reason, the twin-tailed maid who was in the house made me feel so confused that I was ashamed of myself. Even though I was an adult, I was in a panic. If there was a stranger in my house, I would indeed be scared !

“I’m so hurt. It’s me. Don’t you really know?”

“Eh !? Huh !?”

Her way of talking……an acquaintance…..!? But how could I possibly know a maid around my age who’s this cute and…… no……wait !?

“Could it be……Hikari?”

“Bingo ! It’s your cute, little Hikari.”

I got that right…… but it can’t be ! Hikari was working part-time with me until a while ago,…..she moved faster than me…..but there’s no reason for her to do this ! When I’m in the middle of a situation like this…..the bathroom !”

“Agent !”

“Kyaaa ! It’s the 30 year old Kouki kun.”

“It’s a crime to round up my age.”

When I opened the bathroom, I saw a clothed agent covering her chest and spouting nonsense…… hmm? Why is the agent already out……?

“…..Agent, I’m sorry. Explain this situation to me.”

“In short, it is the same as Shinobu sama, but it is closer to Kouki sama than to Shinobu sama.”

“Isn’t the AI getting dumber and dumber?”

“Of course, because I’m learning from human being. And the word is right. The past has changed and the future has changed. Originally, Shinobu sama was supposed to come to the past, but that role was changed to Hikaru sama. In the case of Shinobu sama, it was a time slip in which her entire body moved to the past, but Hikaru sama, like Kouki sama, is a time leap. Your entire consciousness was transferred to this past body.”

……I see. So, like Shinobu san, I’m closer……

“……Since when?”

“I arrived just a few minutes ago. The time leap occurred when I was on my way home from my part-time job, so I went straight to senpai’s house. I had received the key from Phoenix.”

Hikari, who had followed me into the bathroom, said with a smile. It seems I was the only one who didn’t understand what was going on. I asked her while sitting on the edge of the bathtub.

“First of all, why is it Hikari and not Shinobu san?”

“I don’t know anything about that. I know some of it because I heard about it from the agent, but it’s not surprising to me. It’s a story of a parallel world.”

Come to think of it, the agent and I are the only ones who are aware of all the history that has been revised. In other words, in this world, the history that the adult Shinobu san came from the future has disappeared.

“But my question remains the same. Why did Hikari come from the past? You’re an idol, right?”

“Was that the me you knew, senpai  I graduated from the group last time. So I’m not an idol now.”

Ah……so that’s what happened……I remember. I remember that in my history. I think it was a few weeks before I proposed. I got tickets and went to the graduation concert with Saki.

“So you’re telling me that Phoenix hired you because you’re bored? Because you know me.”

“To put it bluntly, yes. If I was a popular idol, I could’ve continued as an actress or model, but I was a mid-level member from a mid-level group. I’m not just an ordinary girl, I’m a less-than-ordinary 25-year-old unemployed.”

“…… That’s unusual. I’ve not seen you as an adult for a long time, so I don’t know what to tell you,….., but you have a great passion as an idol, don’t you?”

“I’m different from what you know me as, senpai……and I’ve said it many times, but I’m already 25 years old. I at least see the reality.”

Reality……huh……. It’s true that there are tons of idols out there, but even after that, there are only a handful of them that I often watch on TV. Since this is the same case as the top tier that can appear on TV, it must be even more severe for Hikari, who stopped at the middle tier. I’m older than her, but it’s no exaggeration to say that she has been in the entertainment business longer than me. I’m sure that the Hikari I know was thinking the same thing.

“I was thinking of getting married after graduation. That’s when someone from Phoenix approached me. He said he was going to send senpai to the past, and he wanted me to support you. Without giving it a second thought, I agreed to it.”

“Did you really want to meet me that badly?”

“Of course that’s one of the reasons but…..I’m sorry. I’m about to say it. Thinking calmly, isn’t it awful to be able to go back in time? You can pretend that all your mistakes, all your regrets, all of it never happened. From a senpai’s point of view, isn’t that wicked?”

“No, it’s freedom. Rather, It’s my mistakes that I stuck with Daiki and keep failing. This time leap is my chance. I can do whatever I want to do.”

If I win against Daiki, I too will be more free……hm…… come to think of it.

“Where’s Daiki? My parents aren’t here either, do you know anything about that?”

“…..Ms Agent, senpai didn’t know about it?”

“Yes, He didn’t know anything about them.”

Hikari, who had left me to talk to the agent, sighed once and told me,

“Senpai’s family fled at night. Leaving you behind.”

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