Episode 74 – Thoughts of Father and Son




“Thank you, Seti sama and everyone, for all your help today.”

“No, Sister. I did not do anything. It was all done with the best of intentions.”

Sister Ruka bowed politely to us.

Since then, the girls have been helping with church work and I have been spending time with Atum as his son, Seto.

Things are still a little tense, so I ask Hina and Shabazo to stay with me.

Atum loves children, so he and Hina immediately became close, and Shabazo was also very affectionate.

For a young dragon who is usually very cautious, he did not bark and was unusually friendly.

I wondered if shabazo also felt that Atum had something in common with me.

The one who was more frightened is Pomple, my servant.

“Seti-sama,……, if the main body of Mors does anything strange, you should do him as soon as possible.”

He hid behind me, trembling and whispering endlessly,

“We’re going to have dinner now, and as a thank you at least, please enjoy Seti-sama and the others’ food as well”

“I understand. I’ll go get Atum ……my father

I bowed and left the room with Pomple.

Atum should be in the plaza with Hina and Shabazzo right now.

I stopped in front of the front door.

“–Pomple, go get Pai.”

“Pairon-sama? No way, Seti-sama …….”

I nodded silently.

“And leave the contents of your bag with me ……, you have kale in it, don’t you?”

“Yes, I have it from Manisa-sama. It’s a filthy female skull, so be careful not to get your hands dirty.”

Pomple took out Kale’s skull, which was sealed in his bag, and handed it to me.

“I’m sorry, Seti-sama, you wanted to see me, ……, you little fairy tribe, who are you calling a dirty female skull?! I heard you loud and clear! I was called the most beautiful woman in the world when I had a body, and I was courted by many men!! I’ll kill you with a grudge!”

“Don’t make a fuss, Kale. You’re going to be a ‘scout’. If Mors comes near you, you’ll know it. …… And you’re good at dark magic, right  I want you to take away Hina’s sight and hearing in the event of a battle. That’s a sight she shouldn’t be allowed to see.”

There’s also Shabazo, so there will be a double net.

“Leave it to me, my Lord. If I accomplish the thing in return, by all means, make me your seventh wife—”

“The damn skeletons are so noisy, I’ll gag you until the very last minute. Please remove it when you’re ready, Seti sama.”

“Thank you, Pomple.”

Pomple wraps the cloth around Kale’s mouth with a masterful touch.

“─Ughh! (I can’t even use my thoughts! Don’t tell me there’s magic in the cloth?!)”

It seems that Manisa applied 《magic cloth》.

It’s a completely painstaking work.

He wrap kale in another cloth so that she cannot be seen.

Then I watched Pomple leave and opened the front door.

I go around from the front to the back and join Atum playing with the Hina.


“Ah, Seto. How was Sister Ruka?”

“Yes, she’s much more settled. They’ve been helping her a lot.”

“The church is especially busy on holidays when the students are away. …… I usually help out, but today I was completely at the mercy of those girls. It gave me a chance to stretch my wings for the first time in decades, thank you.”

“No, you should thank those girls. They’ve helped me a lot, too.”

“I see. …… But, Seto. I don’t believe you have six wives, you look like an aristocrat, you’ve come a long way.”

“Oh no,…… I’m not married yet,…… but right now I’m busy running the lunch wagon,…… yes.”

I feel embarrassed and indescribable when the subject is mentioned.

For now, I’ll just say, “When I get more confident,”.

“I see, …… Seto, you’re still young. Don’t be in a hurry and build your foundation slowly. But you have to take responsibility as a man.”

My ears hurt.

I never thought I’d be getting advice from him. ……It’s actually true.

“…… yes. Dad, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“No problem.”

“Thank you. Then, Hina, would you take Shabazo and wait for me by the back door? Pai onee chan will be coming soon to pick you up.”

“Okay. Shabazo, let’s go.”

Hina took Shabazo and went to the back entrance of the church, a short distance away, to wait for him.

Atum watched the scene with a smile.

“…. a good girl, that one.”

“Yes, very …… good, I told you earlier, didn’t I? That girl is the daughter of a legitimate Japanese royal family.

“Oh,…… I can’t allow it like that,…….”

“Yes. Once I accomplish this, I will go to the continent of Euros and kill the Emperor of Japan. As the Reaper Seti…”

“Seti the Reaper?”

“That’s my street name, father. …… I’m a former assassin for the most powerful assassin organization in Hades.”

“A-An assassin? Seto, are you?”

I nod without hesitation in front of the shocked Atum.

I thoroughly explained what had happened so far.

“—I see. I’m sorry, Seto,……, if only I don’t leave you in the kingdom of Casablanca.”

“It’s okay,……, everything was orchestrated by the being called Mors. If I think about it that way, your contradictory behavior can be explained.”

“Contradictory? Me?”

“Yes, you were chased from the country of Japan, and you fled to the Grand Line continent with me as a young child…I can understand up to this point. However, after you entrusted me to the Casablanca Kingdom, you went straight to this Belhelm. It’s been 15 years since I arrived here, and there’s no sign of you moving. Why is this happening?”

“Because …… I thought they wouldn’t come after me in this frontier land. …… Do you still hold a grudge against me? I abandoned you to save my own skin……”

“No, I’m not holding a grudge. I’m just checking the facts to …… make you aware–and Pairon.”

“Pairon? Oh, is that the one you introduced me to, that pure white and beautiful girl of your fiancée?”

“She is the boss of the Dark Nine Dragons who control the underworld of the Euros continent.”

“The Dark Nine Dragons? As I recall, it’s an assassination organization. ……”

“Yes, that’s right. Until recently, they have been targeting Hina, a survivor of the royal family. Now that she is the new boss, she has reconciled with me, and we are no longer in danger.”

“I didn’t …… know that.”

“But you must have noticed that Pairon is an assassin on the continent of Eurus, right? The way she speaks with her distinctive accent and the long robe that is the symbol of the Dark Nine Dragons, it would be unnatural for you not to be aware of it even though you are being hunted.”

“T-that’s ……”

Atum chokes on his words and holds his head.

He looks like an amnesiac who tries to remember but can’t.

“…… Father, it is no wonder you are unaware of what you are doing. Perhaps your memories and actions are restricted by the mors. As a ‘source of infection,’ ……”

“Source of infection?”

“The main body of Mors …… is what you are. I have come to kill the Source of Infection in order to end my relationship with him.”

“You mean you’re here to kill me?”

I nodded honestly.

Atum’s eyes widened for a moment, looking surprised, but he soon began to calm down.

“…I see. Thank you, Seto.”

“Thank you?”

“That’s right…I told you before, right? I feel like I did something I’m sorry for. That’s why I even thought it would be okay for you to kill me. You grew up fine like this, and introduced me to the beautiful brides. You called me father…I have no regrets about you as a father. Isn’t that so?”

Atum said, pulling out the sword at his waist by the sheath and throwing it to the ground.

He was unarmed and held his hands out toward me.


“Kill me. And I want you to move on, Seto”

Surprisingly, or maybe just as I thought.

I knew Atum would have done it.

So I called him father and told him everything.

The rest depended on my resolve.

I put my hand on the hilt of the dagger at my waist.

If I use my trump card, Super Speed, I can make him die without he even realizing it.

But I’m still unsure about it,……, because I recognize him as my father in my mind.

Even if it were different, I would have wanted Atum to be my father. 

My hand gripping the dagger, my body, my whole body is trembling. 

Even though I had been holding my breath a long time ago, this is the first time something like this has happened…

“–Seti, I came.”

The back door opens and the pylon appears. 

I take a deep breath and pull the skull kale out of the cloth bag.

I remove the gag wrapped in magic cloth and place it on the ground.

“The actors are all here. Please take care of Hina and keep an eye out for her. 

“Seti-sama, leave it to me–huh? Is there another person approaching? ”

Immediately after Kale informed me, Shabazo began to roar, “Grrrrr”

He forcefully pulls Hina’s sleeve into his mouth and comes up to me.

“What’s the matter, Shabazou…… don’t tell me it’s Mors!”

Mors is coming closer!

Nonsense! It’s only been two days since he escaped from Grateka!

While we were bracing ourselves, someone else showed himself to us.

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