“Well my preference for girls is ……. Why are you suddenly pulling out your phone?

“I thought I’d write it down just in case.”

“Ah, maybe you’ll introduce me to a girl you know, Ouchhhh!!”

I don’t know why you’re pinching my arm! Asahina san is in a bad mood, so it seems better to go back to the main course.

“Just talk quickly.”

“Haa,……, I see. Well, cute and stylish girls are a dime a dozen, so I like girls who are …… worth taking care of. I’m not as good as Otsuki-san, but I also like to take care of people.”


“In the end, I like girls who are fun to talk to and who make me feel at home. I think a girl who is scared, angry, laughing, sad,……, and that kind of girl would be good. In a way, she may be a girl like Reo.”

“If you think so much of it, Kogure-kun, why aren’t you in love? Everyone is in love.”

“That’s right. Wait, Leaving Reo and Otsuki-san aside, is Asahina-san also in love? ”

“Don’t count me in.”


“so……Are you not in love?”

“I’ve decided I don’t fall in love that easily. I don’t want to fall in love with a beautiful woman.”

“What’s that, you were rejected by someone you like?”

“Well, I’ve been through a lot. So, I’ve made it a point to build a wall between myself with this tone of voice so that I don’t fall in love with someone so easily.”

“interested……, but can’t force, huh?”

“It’s not a funny story, so don’t listen to it. Only Reo knows about this.”

“So, if you don’t use that tone of voice, maybe you can go further.”

“I doubt it.”

I think I will continue to use this tone, at least until I come to terms with it. I don’t dislike this tone. It’s true that I’m putting up a wall.

The conversation ends and there is silence between me and Asahina-san. This silent pause is painful when you are alone with someone you don’t know well,……, but with Asahina-san, there is no particular pain even if there is a silent pause.

Maybe I trust Asahina-san more than I thought.


I was surprised when Asahina-san leaned her head against me.

I almost screamed out loud, but then I heard Asahina-san’s small mouth breathing in her sleep and sighed. It was moderately warm and the sun was shading the room.

I heard that Asahina-san helped make lunch boxes last night, so she probably didn’t get much sleep.

I should let her sleep. I have an image that sleeping on one’s shoulders is not very tiring, so I stretched out my legs and laid Asahina-san on my thighs.

I put a jacket on Asahina-san’s upper body so that she doesn’t catch a cold.


“Fufu, she sleeps well.”


It’s not bad to relax while looking at your sleeping face like this. When I stroked her head like when she collapsed from fever, she looked happy.

She is really a child with a lot of emotions.

After that, I stayed until the evening. But you know

“How long is she going to sleep?”

She has been sleeping for almost four hours now, but no matter how many times I shake her or call to her, she shows no sign of waking up. I’m glad she’s so relieved, but she shouldn’t be sleeping this much outdoors.

“I didn’t know you were in a place like this.”

“Mouu, ……, Arisa, you’re sleeping heavily.”

It was not a good idea to leave things as they were, so I contacted Otsuki san and asked her to come over to our place so that we could be alone.

“She’s sleeping like a happy person. Arisa doesn’t wake up easily like this.”

“My legs are going to start hurting soon. ……’

“Even putting the jacket, I can’t believe you didn’t touch Arisa in this outfit. You can at least touch her breasts.”

“What the hell?”

I was a little intrigued, but it’s really not good to put your hands on a sleeping girl. Just touching her sleeping face and hair is enough.

“So how do you wake her up?”

“As expected, after four hours of sleep, I think she will wake up with a little …… stimulation.”

Otsuki san puts herself on top of Asahina san, who is sleeping, and puts both hands in her armpits.

Then she moved her fingers around.


Asahina-san jumped up.

“Arisa is very weak here, so you should keep that in mind. I’m sure you’ll use it someday.”


“Ahyhyaaa Shizuku stop! I can’t, I’m going to die!”

“I knew this would happen if you dressed up with your armpits exposed like that,……, but I’m giving you a sermon today.”

“I’m sorryyyyyy!”

It was an exchange that made me see what kind of play these two usually have.

At any rate, please stop rampaging around on top of me.

“K-Kogure-kun, …… help me! Hyaaaan!”

I felt so bad when I saw her writhing in agony like that.

The sight of her writhing in agony is irresistible.

Her face is divine, her platinum blonde hair is so beautiful, her shoulders sticking out is so sexy, and I want to stare so badly at her breasts swinging wide open whenever she writhes.


My best friend Reo was seriously not interested in it or he was missing out. That’s awesome.

“I-I can’t take it anymore. Hyaa.”

“Arisa is so cute. I wish I could make her smile more.”

“Let’s not do that.”

I wanted to watch the two girls’ intertwining more, but I was afraid I would feel inferiority complex.

And so we left the amusement park.

We parted ways with Asahina-san and Otsuki-san at the station, and I took a leisurely walk home with Reo.

“We had a good time today, didn’t we?”

Like the two girls, it was extremely fun to hang out with my childhood friend like this.

I’m often with them at home, but an amusement park with two guys is not something I get to do very often.

Reo was not saying much on the way home.

I wondered if he was thinking about something, or if he was just …….

I waited for Reo to talk to me. And then Reo stops.

“Hey, Ryoma.”

“Have you decided?”

“Yeah, I’ve made up my mind.”

We’ve known each other since childhood.

“I’m going to confess my feelings to Otsuki san after the basketball game the week after next.”

“That’s where you’re going to confess. But it was surprisingly quick. And as I said before, ……”

Otsuki san has always had a liking for Asahina san’s brother, and I’ve told Reo about it.

That’s why it’s probably impossible to force a confession, and you need to make sure you earn the right impression.

“I know. We’ve been together all day, …… and I still like her. I like her so much that I’m really glad I like her.”

“I know.”

“But if Asahina’s brother is still in Otsuki’s mind, I have to go beyond that. If that’s the case, then I have to tell her first, and have my presence in Otsuki’s heart.”

“You might be rejected.”

“That’s fine! I’m not going to give up just because I’ve been rejected once. I’m sure she doesn’t hate me. I’m going to keep going until she likes me.”

I was amazed at my best friend’s determination. My best friend is the coolest guy I’ve ever met. ……Maybe it’s time to settle the score.

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