As originally planned, we launched a plan to leave Reo and Otsuki san alone with each other.

we took off from the place where the two were advancing forward and ran into the green turf.

The trees were in the way, so they could not be seen from the other side, so even if they scurried around, they would not be discovered. But there was one thing that bothered me.

“I wonder if Otsuki-san is aware of the Reo’s feelings?”

“I think she’s aware of them, but she won’t admit it. She said it was impossible for him to like her. She thinks she’s mistaken.”


“Because Shizuku doesn’t think she is popular. She has a low self-esteem. Even though She’s such a pretty and homely girl.”

“In fact, has Otsuki-san ever been confessed to?”

“As far as I’ve heard from her, I don’t think so. The men who approached Shizuku were almost always after me.”

I know Otsuki-san said something like that.

And I know exactly how Otsuki-san feels.

If your best friend who is always next to you is a big hit, there is no way they would come to you instead of that person.

In fact, I have been approached a few times, but it was almost always for Reo.

In Otsuki’s case, she had not only Asahina san, but also a beautiful athlete like Mizuhara san by her side.

“That’s why I think you and Hirasawa-kun have a good eye for Shizuku. Kogure-kun was a big lie, though.”

“Ahaha. But Otsuki-san is actually attractive. I don’t think it’s surprising that anyone would like her.”


“Why do you have such a nasty look on your face?”


I have a feeling she’s angry about something else. If so, Otsuki san probably won’t recognize that he likes her unless he’s properly confessed to her.

“But I’m glad Otsuki-san seems to be aware of Reo’s love for her. It would be a crime for him to be so insensitive and unaware of such an approach.”


“Can you stop making that ‘what are you talking about’ face?”


Asahina san has been cold since a while ago. I knew that I had to be careful.

“What kind of girls do you like, Kogure-kun?”

“What is it, all of a sudden?”

“Since we’re talking about that kind of thing, …… it’s just a chat, a chat.”

“What about you, Asahina-san? I think we should talk about that first… Asahina-san, the most popular girl in school, likes men. everyone wants to know.”

Speaking for myself, it’s amazing to have a girl like that next to me. We’re talking so close together, just the two of us. There is a nice tree standing at the back of the lawn to lean back against.

It was just right for avoiding the afternoon sun, and I felt like it would be nice to relax without getting on any of the attractions. I leaned against the tree.

“Kogure-kun, do you want to know too?”

Asahina-san also leans against the tree, and our shoulders are touching. I’m a little embarrassed, even though it’s the only place I can lean my back on the tree. So I decided to give up the tree to Asahina-san and move away from her.

“Why are you leaving?”

“No, we’re attached to each other.”

“If you leave, we can’t chat, can we?”

I was nailed to the wall. I wonder if Asahina san doesn’t feel uncomfortable even if I stick with her. I wonder if it’s cold. She wear off-the-shoulder clothes. I had no choice but to lean against the tree again. Asahina-san’s and my shoulders were tightly attached.


“What’s that voice?”

“I was just a little surprised when you suddenly came back,……, I’m fine.”

Asahina-san looks me up and down with a sharp upward glance.

“Don’t leave me again.”


I didn’t think that a too-cute girl’s upward glance would be so powerful. So I continued with what I said earlier.

“So, what kind of men do you like?”

“……. I like a boy who is family oriented. I’m not very good at housework in general.”

“You’re not talking about …… Otsuki san, are you?”

“If Shizuku were a boy, I would have gone out with her a long time ago.”

“In other words, a family man like Otsuki san, who is always there for you and who is kind to you.”

“Yes, it’s true! very dependable, has warm hands, and helps me when I’m having a hard time….I didn’t mean it that way.”

“There’s no one like that. I thought you were dreaming.”

“Kogure-kun, can I hit you on the head?”


I don’t understand. I don’t understand girls at all. The only thing I can do is to change the subject.

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6 months ago

I think you need to change all the instances where you have homely with homey. Homely can mean ugly, where homey means someone is good homemaker. Otherwise, a few instances where the gender is incorrect, it’s an enjoyable read. Thank you for all of your hard work!

2 months ago

Wouldn’t it be shocking if the MC wasn’t braindead?