“Today, I’m Asumi Onii san’s caretaker. I’m looking forward to working with you.:

“Ah, yeah. likewise, Aoi chan.”


When I no longer even feel guilty about being absent from school without permission, Aoi chan came to my room.

However, she was not wearing the usual middle school uniform that I’m used to seeing.

“By the way, what are you wearing?”

“It’s a bunny suit. Is it strange?”

“No, it looks really good on you, the rabbit ears. I think it’s really cute. Why the bunny suit though?”

“I found this book at your house.”

The book that Aoi chan took out from somewhere was a porn mag–

It was a copy of the Bible.

The title is [Lustful Bunny in a Large Bath] an adult photo collection known to those who know…

“Why do you have it? Hey, why do you have my porn book?”

“I just brought it from your room.”

“Is that not trespassing !?”

“Yes. It’s against the law.”

“Then you know what you’re doing !?”

No, I can’t complain because I love beautiful girls in bunny suits!! !

“Well then, Onii san I’m going to clean your ears today.”

“……Clean my ears?”

“Yes. The other day, I found out that Onii san weak point is his ears. And I looked at your Me-tube history and found a lot of ASMR videos of ear picking.”

“W-well, I do like it. But I don’t want people to look at my history. Some people have things they don’t want you to see.”

“With that said, come here, Onii san.”

“You’re not listening to me, this kid……. Eh?”

Aoi chan sat on the bed and patted her knee.

I wonder if it means that I will sleep on her knees,hollister france.

No, that’s no good ! ! Picking my ears while sleeping on the lap of a beautiful girl in a bunny suit is too destructive ! !

“As expected…”

“You don’t like doing it on my lap?”



Sorry, I can’t resist this temptation.

Because a pretty, silver-haired girl in a bunny suit tapping her knees a little sadly.

I don’t think there is probably a man anywhere on earth who wouldn’t fall for this.

“O-oh, just the right height…..”

Not exactly plump, but Aoi chan’s knee was soft and a superb pillow to sleep on.

And it’s the same height as the pillow I was using.

Even if I don’t pick my ears, I might fall asleep right away.

“Well, let’s start with the right ear.”

“Oh, please. Ahhhh.”

“……Onii san, you are still weak in the ear after all.”

Aoi chan’s breath hit me and sent shivers down my spine.



Onomatopoeia is a foul.

I mean, if I listen to it again, Aoi chan has a pleasant voice like a bell,…..

The strength of the earpick is exquisite, and it makes me sleepy more than I imagined.

“…… Aoi chan, are you going to do some ASMR streaming on Me-tube or something? If it were me, I’d sleep with earphones in every night while listening.”

“Onii san. I don’t think it’s good for your ears to sleep with earphones on.”

“No, uh, sorry about that.”


Then, Aoi chan put her lips close to my ear and said.

“I’m only going to pick your ears, because you’re you. I will never do it to anyone else.”

“Wha !?”

My body startled.

“Then, the left ear.”

“Oh, yes.”

“Would you like me to swab it this time?”

“Yes, please.”

The ear-picking of the right ear ends, and the ear-picking of the left ear begins.

Just when I thought,

“Asumi chan ! !”

“Wow, you scared me.”

“……What can I do for you, Akane Onee san? It’s my turn today. Also, what’s with that look?”

Aoi chan always looks at Akane san with a stern expression.

It’s no wonder.

The reason is that Akane san’s outfit is even more extreme than Aoi chan’s. She is wearing a bunny suit.

The arrangement of the cloth is the exact opposite of a normal bunny suit.

It was a so-called reverse bunny suit.

“I’m sorry, Aoi chan. But I was afraid that Aoi chan would turn into a naughty bunny and attack Asumi chan ! ! I thought maybe now I could break in and do naughty things together ! !”

“I’m just picking his ears, though.”

“……Eh, ear picking?”

“Yes. Just ear-picking.”

“But just now, Murasaki chan told me that Aoi chan dressed up as a naughty rabbit and went to Asumi chan’s room……”

Aoi chan’s stare becomes sharper.

“Let me tell you, I don’t have perverted thoughts like you, Akane Onee san.”

“Y-yeah, say it more loudly, Aoi chan.”

“……O-oh my? Then, am I mistaken?”

Both Aoi chan and I nodded silently.

Then Akane san began to explain herself in a flustered manner.

“I-it’s not that, you know !? This is not that I was thinking of taking Asumi chan from my sister by force or anything, but I thought it would be a lot more exciting if there was a woman dressed sexually like this nearby ! ! Awawawa ! !”

“You’re confessing all on your own, aren’t you?”

“A-anyway, Mommy’s mind is not all perverted ! ! This is all, yes ! ! It’s all Murasaki chan’s conspiracy ! ! A-Asumi chan, don’t hate Mommy ! !”

[ [!?] ]

Akane san, wearing a reverse bunny suit, hugged me.

My head was buried in the fluffy fruit as big as a watermelon.

“T-this is ! !”

What softness.

Even I can’t resist this……

“Akane Onee san ! ! That’s against the rules ! ! I thought we decided that seduction by breasts is not allowed because it would cause inequality ! !”

“Eh? Oh, uh, this is……..”

“It’s a family meeting later. I’ll report back to everyone.”

“Ah, w-wait ! ! At least let me give you an excuse—“

Akane san also leaves the room, chasing after Aoi chan who jumps out of the room.

Aoi chan whispered as she left.

“I knew it, Onii san is a boob person……. I have to hurry up and make medicine for bigger boobs.”

I pretend I didn’t hear what she was whispering.

I remembered Aoi chan’s whispering voice and the feel of Akane san’s soft fruit, and went into the bathroom to calm down for a moment.


I let out a sigh of relief as I shifted into my sage time.

–I can’t go on like this.

Earpicking aside, at this rate sooner or later I’ll be eaten by Akane san, who’s brain is full of lewdness.

……That’s not so bad.

No, no, no. That’s still not good.

Akane san and Akane san’s fruits are forbidden fruits that make me a useless human being.

In order to live as a true human being, I still have to escape from here.

“But there is no way to escape.”

I looked up to the ceiling as I sat on the toilet seat.

“……If I do something about the bars on the windows……all I need is a file. But it’s not like they’ll lend me a file if I ask for one.


“I’m going to try to force my way through it and not think too hard.”

Tomorrow, when someone comes into the room, that’s my chance.

Let’s try to force my way out of the door and see if I can escape.

There are many things I don’t understand about the structure of the building itself, and it would be an effective way to understand it.

I would wait in front of the door, ready for anyone to come in at any time.

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Que fetiche más extraño y bizarro.