The area is close to the sea and is apparently famous as a tourist destination in its own right, with many tourists visiting the area on holidays.

In fact, the area in front of the station is full of people from the morning.

The shopping street directly connected to the station has many restaurants and souvenir shops, and there is even a shopping and hotel district behind the station.

Here, you can find almost anything, so we decided to look around the shops and decide where to go and what to do.

“There are a lot of people, aren’t there?”

“Yeah. We’re going to get lost.”

“Yes, that’s true. Don’t leave too far.”

“…… Really?”

Senpai closes her umbrella at the entrance of the shopping district and slowly approaches me.

Then, when I took the umbrella, she looked up at me with big eyes and pouted in a wistful manner.


“If I move away, it’s no good, right?”

“Y-yeah. I don’t want you to get lost.”

“Well, …… can you hold my hand?

“Eh, T-That’s”

“Not in front of people?”

“……, it’s fine.”

When I show her that I’m troubled, she makes a face as if she’s in dire need.

Why no? And it sounds like that, although she doesn’t say it aloud.

So I can’t say I’m embarrassed.

When I hold out her hand, she grips my fingertips in a reserved manner, as if pinching them.

Her slightly cold body heat is transmitted to me.

My back feels soft.

“U-um, …… you don’t like crowds?”

“I’m not good at it, I guess. But I’m fine because Sagara-kun is here.”

“I-I’m glad to hear that. Well, if you’re with a guy, there won’t be anyone to pick you up.”

“That’s true. But you never know what men are capable of.”

When she said that, she was staring at some men who were smoking cigarettes and frolicking in front of the shop.

Well, I don’t like people like that even if they are men.

Senpai, did she have some kind of male trouble in the past?

I get the feeling that her distrust of men is deep-rooted, even before the incident.

“…… everyone……”

“Eh? Did you say something, Senpai?”

“No, it’s nothing. But more importantly, where are we going?”

“Uh… Do you want anything?”

“What I want….”

When I asked her, she stopped and froze.


“Anything Iwant ……?”

“Yes, um. I don’t have much money though.: 

“…. seeds.”



Well, there’s a flower shop around here, ……

“Ah, senpai! There’s a shop over there that sells plants.”


“Oh, no?”

“…… No, can you give me some seeds?”

“Yes, I’ll give you that much for free.”


Senpai rubbed her stomach area and then sucked her finger.

After that, she was muttering something, but her voice was too quiet to hear.

That’s right, she was hungry.

I’m really sloppy.

“Well, let’s get something to eat before we go shopping. I’m sure there’s a coffee shop on the way.”


“there’s also hamburgers and stuff. Is there anything you want to eat?”

“Sagara-kun, ……”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Sagara-kun ……”

“Y-yes. What is it?”

“Mouu…… mean”

With her mouth a little crooked, she sulked a bit.

Are you saying that a man should at least decide what he wants to eat?

Well, it’s difficult to escort a woman.

“Well then, we’ll go to the coffee shop there.”

I decided to be a man here and pull her along with me.

I decided on a restaurant, but Senpai was still sulking.

I wondered if it wasn’t here, but I didn’t want to ask her again and get a disgusted look on her face, so I ignored her attitude and entered the store.


A cute university student-like waitress welcomes me and guides me to my seat.

The restaurant is small, with only a few tables, but it is empty because it is still before lunchtime.

When we sat down opposite each other, the waitress immediately said, “We offer a drink service on weekends”.

“Well, that’s lucky. What do you drink, senpai?”

“Sagara-kun’s …….”


“Oh, yes. I’ll leave it to Sagara-kun.”

“Okay, two orange juices, please.”

I found out about this place after taking my seat, but it seems to be quite a popular place.

It can get crowded around lunchtime and there may be lines.

It was the right choice.

Today might be my lucky day.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Two orange juices. Are you ready to order?”

When the waitress came back soon after, Senpai was staring at the female waitress.

She didn’t seem to be an acquaintance, but was there something wrong?

“Oh, um, what is it?”

The shopkeeper is also puzzled.

Senpai still doesn’t look away.

The woman’s face is also a little reddish.


“Oh, I’m sorry, …… I’m having lunch.”

“Me too.”


When the waitress put down the drink and went to the back of the counter, Senpai was still looking at that person all the time.

With a distant look.

And for some reason, even though the food had not yet arrived, her right hand was clutching a fork.

“Senpai, you must be really hungry.”

“Eh, why?”

“Because you’ve got a fork in your hand.”

“Oh, yes. I’m sorry, it’s just a habit.”

“Hahaha. It’s a strange habit. Well, let’s have a drink and wait.”


She puts a straw in her mouth and drinks her juice.

However, even though that’s all there is to it, senpai who flips her hair and puts her mouth on a straw is sexy.

When I couldn’t help but admire her appearance, senpai looked up at me, still in the same position.

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. If it is Sagara-kun.”

“T-That’s thank you. I’ll have some too.”

This time, when I was drinking the juice, I felt eyes on me.

When I look up, I see senpai with her finger in her mouth, looking at me in a daze.

Am I being watched?

No, what’s there in me that’s worth watched?

“Um, what is it?”

“Looks delicious ……”

“Oh, it’s the same orange juice, is it?”

“No, it looks good. Can I have some?”

“Can I have some of mine?”

“Yeah, can I?”

“No, it’s fine.”

Why trade orange juice for orange juice?

Maybe senpai’s was too weak?

“Okay, trade. itadaikmasu”

“Oh, wait.”

I quickly exchanged the juice between me and Senpai, and Senpai put her mouth to the straw.

I wonder if a beautiful woman like this person doesn’t care about indirect kisses.


“t… …… nn, nn, it’s delicious.”

It was a complete change from before, and the way she was savoring the taste of the orange juice I had prepared for her couldn’t be described as sexy.

It stimulates my brain with its naughtiness and glamor.

When it makes a clicking sound, it pulls the string a little and takes its mouth off the straw.

“… delicious, Sagara-kun’s.”

“Ah, well, is it? Was senpai’s weak?”

“I don’t know. Try drinking it?”

“Yeah, but the straw…”

“You don’t like it after I’ve sipped it?”


I swallowed my saliva.

When I saw senpai look at me with a concerned look on her face, I couldn’t say no.

When I gingerly put my mouth to the straw senpai had used, a smile finally appeared on her face.

The taste of the orange juice was the same as mine.

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Damn bro if it were me id a father already

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Ho Boi she’s so down bad for him…also, was she thinking about stabbing that waitress with the fork just now?

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Just how dense is this guy?