“Yes, it’s done.”

As I distracted myself by watching the evening’s boring news, Senpai came back into the room.

She was wearing a pot holder and holding a simmering pot.

“Can you lay out the magazine for me?”


I put a magazine on the desk.

Then Senpai slowly lowered the pot on top of the magazine.

The pot was cooking, and the delicious smell was spreading throughout the room.

“Beef stew? Wow, it smells good.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes, very hungry. I’ll go get a bowl and a spoon.”

I was a little excited by the delicious-looking food.

And when a beautiful senpai cooks something just for me, the pleasure is multiplied many times over.

“Here you go.”

There were two slightly deep bowls.

But unfortunately, there was only one spoon.

I thought my mother had left me a couple of spoons when she came over.

I wonder if she took them home with her.

“Senpai, please use the spoon.”

“Where’s Sagara-kun’s?”

“No, I only have one spoon. I’ll manage to eat it while it cools down.”

But I couldn’t drink the soup with chopsticks, so I had to drink it directly from the plate.

It’s bad manners, but it’s better than not eating the food she’s prepared for me.

In addition, I can’t let senpai do such a vulgar thing,…….

“Then how about …… ahn?”


“I’ll do it like this and give you …… ahn.”

The spoon scoops up a mouthful of the stew along with the ingredients, and senpai offers it to me.

Steam is rising from the large chunk of meat.

“No, no, that’s…”


“I’m embarrassed, I guess.”

“Is this your first time doing something like this?”

“O-of course it is. …… I’ve never had someone do this to me before.”

“Well, I’m your first.”

“Eh, Wait, Ah”

Senpai forcefully put the spoon in my mouth halfway.

At that moment, the delicious aroma of stewed meat and the heat fills my mouth.


I felt a burn in my mouth.

But I couldn’t spit out the stew and ingredients that had been thrown in, so I forced myself to swallow it.

“Guu …… haaa haa”

“I-I’m sorry ……, um, are you okay?”

“Y-yeah, I managed …… but it’s still hot, so this is still a little …… “

“I-I see. I’m sorry. Then I’ll take the spoon.”

“Eh, but…”

“Can I use it?

“…… yes.”

She used the spoon that I had just put my mouth on.

I’m not a child to make a big deal out of indirect kissing, but I still don’t feel comfortable letting a guest use used dishes.


“Delicious ……”

I was speechless when I saw her licking the spoon I had used, saying, It tastes good.

I don’t know if she can even taste it.


“Oh, I’m sorry, I just ……”


I took the bowl and poured the stew into it, feeling a little awkward because she was licking the spoon so sexily.

The stew was so hot that I couldn’t taste it earlier, but when I took my time, I found it to be excellent again.

It would be rude to call it “good”.

The stew was so good that it was almost impolite to use the word “good” when describing it.

“Senpai, this is really good,”

“Really? I’m glad you like it.”

“Do you like cooking?”

“I like making it. I want to make…..”

“Eh, well, you already made it for me today.”

“……, Sagara kun, I want”


Looking greedy, the cheeks flushed, senpai look at me.

I was a bit nervous and wondered what she wanted, and then I noticed that her bowl was empty.

Hurriedly, I add more stew to her bowl.

I was about to make a weird mistake, not to mention being inconsiderate. 

What the hell was I thinking ……?

“I’m sorry, senpai, I’m not being tactful.”


“Eh? Ah, no, I thought I put a lot of meat in it.”

“Mouu …… no, you’re so kind, Sagara-kun.”

“No, it’s not like that… It’s only natural because I’m being treated so well by senpai.”

When I smiled at her, she looked at me and smiled as well.

The gentle smile will heal me.

how beautiful she is.

Like this, I want to drown in her chest.

“…… Oh, I’m sorry, I was in a daze.”

“Sagara kun, you’re off school tomorrow, right?”

“Y-yes. It’s the weekend.”

“Do you have any plans?”

“No, not really. I’m not involved in any club activities, and I haven’t found a part-time job yet.”

“I see. Yes, I understand.”

Senpai nodded, then for some reason licked the spoon, sighed and said, “Haa…….”

She looked at me again.

“Hey, do you want to go out tomorrow?”

“Going out? Me, with senpai?”

“I’m still too nervous to go out alone. No?”

“Well, if that’s the case. Yes, if it’s okay with me.”



I heard a strange sound, was it the voice of her?

When I looked at senpai thinking this, her face suddenly turned red.

“I’m a naughty …… girl …….”


“N-no, I’m fine. I’m still fine today.”

“Haa. However, if you wait too long, it will get dark, so should I send you off before then? ”



“…… yes, but before that, can I ask you something?”

Senpai pulled something out of the breast pocket of her uniform.

A piece of paper? 

“Here, this is my contact information. If it’s okay, you can register it.”

“I-Is it okay? Senpai’s contact”

“Will you contact me?”

“O-of course. I’ll call you as soon as I can.”

“Good. Then, I’m going to go clean up.”

“No, no, I can clean up.”

“No. Sagara kun, stay in your room.”

“But, ……”

“I’ll get angry if you leave the room. Okay?”

“If you insist that much,……, I understand.”

With dishes and pots and pans, senpai went to the kitchen in the corridor.

When she closed the door, she reminded me not to come in, so I went to my room to watch TV and wait for her.

I wonder if it was so she wouldn’t be bothered by my presence.

Senpai is a really nice person.

I heard that she is the type of person who will be devoted to you if you go out with her. …… No, there is no way I can go out with Kayamori-senpai

But hey, I’ll try to help people.

Yeah, a lot of good things have happened to me lately.

The dishes Sagara-kun used to use……Lick.

It tastes like him.

It’s delicious.

I wonder if I should take it home with me. ……

But I’m sure he’ll be annoyed if I take too much home with me, so I’ll just use the spoon today.

Haa…I don’t want to go home …….

But I’ve gotten so wet today, and he might think I’m a slut if I suddenly ask him to stay the night.

Besides, I have a date with him tomorrow.

I hope we can get to know each other better.

We’ll go shopping, take a walk, and go to the park.

I’ll go to the park and …… get wet again.

But I wonder if he’ll contact me …….

You will, won’t you? 

If not, I’ll be in trouble.


“I have to stay awake until you call me.”

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