A little time has passed since Hirasawa Reo and Otsuki Shizuku tied the knot.

The fact that the school’s most popular celebrity, Hirasawa Reo, had a girlfriend was quite a topic of conversation. Of course, it’s true.

He had been rejecting confessions from women until now, so much so that everyone thought that I, his childhood friend, was his true love.

And Otsuki’s reputation would also rise.

Until now, she was not seen in Asahina-san’s strong light at all, but the fact that she was chosen by Reo was a big light.

By the time everyone realized that she originally had a well-defined face and was about the second or third prettiest looking girl in the class, it was too late.

She is good looking, kind, serious, a good cook, had a friend, Asahina Arisa, and is always taking chores, which is why she is highly regarded by the teachers.

She often heard boys say that they should have called on her earlier.

Reo spent more and more time with Otsuki during recess, lunch break, and after school.

They have become a famous lovey-dovey couple in the school and are always together.

Otsuki-san used to say that she liked Asahina-san’s brother, but now she is completely devoted to Reo.

I’ve heard the saying that a woman’s love life is a move, and I’m convinced of it.

Incidentally, the fan club had a lot to say about it, but since Otsuki-san has Reo and Asahina on her side, there was no way she could do anything about it. ……

The gals in the same class who were originally in love with Reo are also good-natured and continue to interact with him.

Reo has a girlfriend and is doing well academically and athletically. Otsuki-san has found the perfect boyfriend and is diligently taking care of her hobbies.

Asahina-san is still attracting people with her charisma, and there are always people around her.

And …… I am the only one who is lonely.

The Sunny army that had originally gathered around Reo had never been more than classmates with me, so our interactions had suddenly ceased.

I guess this is what it means to be an air.

So I was alone during recess, lunch break, and even after school.

To be honest, I knew that. I was doing it for my friend, and my friend’s girlfriend took my best friend.

It was inevitable that I would be alone. I never thought that the words I said when I had an argument with Otsuki san would come back to me.

Today, during lunch break, I ate my lunch alone because I didn’t feel like going to the cafeteria alone. I wonder if I will be alone for the rest of my life. It is lonely to be alone. It was at that time.

“Hey, ……, do you want to eat with me today?”

It was Asahina Arisa who called out to me.

After Reo and Otsuki san got together, our interactions had decreased, and I was beginning to think that my interactions with her had been a dream.

“Eh, why is that? I thought you always eat with the other girls.”

“The other girls have their own club activities and other friends.”

“Why don’t you eat with Otsuki-san?”

“Do you want me to join that lovey-dovey couple?”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m all alone!”

The words echoing in the classroom …… there, the boys in the class aiming at Asahina-san began to make a fuss.

“Are you alone, Asahina-san? Let’s eat together!”

“M-Me too!”


The boys were sunk by the words and glares of Absolute Zero.

Yes, this is the essence of Asahina Arisa. Asahina-san shouldn’t have changed a single thing. But Asahina-san pulled my hand.

“Just go, let’s go!”

“Oh, wait!”

Pulled by Asahina-san, we go up the stairs to the rooftop, which is open to the public. It’s rare to see anyone on the rooftop today.

Yesterday it was raining and it might be wet. Asahina san looked for a place that was not wet and spread out a sheet from where she got it and sat down on it. I also sat down there.

“I’m sorry for the suddenness of it.”

“I don’t mind, but …… is it okay? I’m sorry to bother you so suddenly.”

“I don’t mind. Shizuku and Hirasawa kun’s relationship is a well-known story, and it would make sense to say that it’s related.”

It was known that Asahina-san and I were involved in that affair.

But that has faded away and the story has settled on the fact that it was thanks to Asahina Arisa that the two of them were able to get together.

My unimpressive presence always disappears quickly.

“It would be better if the rumors were true.”


“It’s nothing. It’s been a long time since we’ve done this. I haven’t talked to you like this in a long time. You don’t speak to me at all.”

Asahina-san stared at me. The most beautiful girl in the school is not so easy to talk to.

She is a light, and if you don’t have any …… use for her, you can’t even get close to her.

“I can’t help it. Our role is over.”

Yes, from now on, the two of us are just classmates. Nothing more, nothing less.

“Really? Was the time I spent with you that easy? That’s wrong. I got something important. And I got a feeling I’ve never felt before.”

“Asahina-san ……”

“What’s your relationship with me? Tell me.”

What is the relationship between me and Asahina Arisa? First of all, we are classmates.

But a mere classmate doesn’t go to an amusement park to hang out.

And we talked so much on the phone and through messages for the sake of our best friend relationship. It’s not that simple.

“Friends ……?”

“Well yeah. That’s the premise. But if we were friends, we’d have other friends, too.

You also have to get involved with the basketball team and Hirasawa kun’s cronies in class, don’t you? Am I like that?”

To be honest, the line between friend and acquaintance is probably blurred. I have hung out with them a few times. But I’ve never been to their house. But …… Asahina-san is different.

I went to her house, made her dinner, supported her when she got a …… fever, and mended things with Otsuki-san for her.

We thought up a strategy so that Reo and Otsuki-san could go out, made her lunch, went to an amusement park together, and put her head on my thigh.

In basketball games, she affirmed my deepest complexes and wishes and told me I was awesome.

For me, Asahina-san is …….

“Hey …… what kind of relationship do you and I have? Tell me out loud, Ryoma!”


I can’t be like before because my best friend was stolen. I thought so, but I got a new one.

I just didn’t …… realize it.

“Me and Asahina-san are ……Yes[best friends].”

“Yes! Yes, really close friends. Lik e Hirasawa-kun to you. Shizuku for me. I love you like a friend just as much as that.”

Asahina-san’s smile was so cute.

I had such a beautiful and kind best friend, but I pretended not to notice. I really feel like an idiot. …… so many things that should never have gone away. I wasn’t air.

I had such a beautiful best friend by my side.

“Thank you for reminding me. Asahina-san.”


Suddenly, Asahina-san was in a bad mood and turned away from me. I don’t understand why, and even if I talk again, she won’t respond.

“Mouu, Ryoma is Ryoma and he is …… Ryoma right”

“Why are you saying my name so much?”

Until now, Asahina-san has always called me by my first name. But I haven’t heard that word once since we met today. Maybe Asahina wanted to be called like this?

“…… Arisa”


“It’s embarrassing to call a girl’s name, isn’t it? wait, What’s wrong with you?”

“…..die of happiness to be called by my name by my oshi.”

Asahina …… Arisa put her hands on her face and shook her long hair around as if in agony.

Well, when I was told my name, my face got all hot and bothered too. Arisa got up and slowly looked into my eyes.

“Hey Ryoma ……. Can you call me one more time?”

“…… Arisa.”


The voice tone is sweet, but when Arisa does it, it’s very effective.

I knew it, but I recognize that she is super cute.

But me and Arisa are only best friends, not more than that. It shouldn’t be a Reo and Otsuki-san relationship.


But Arisa laughs.

“Well, that’s okay. Let’s have lunch.”

“Can’t we stop that too?”


“Because …… Ryoma’s tone of voice is different when he’s with his own friends and his best friend, isn’t it? I’m not so sure that’s the case with me and Ryoma anymore.”

The walls that had been mended by Arisa’s words seemed to be coming down. I had decided in my heart to keep this tone when talking to a girl, but… if it’s a close friend, I certainly don’t need to build a wall. I closed my mouth once and spoke to Arisa like I was talking to Reo.

“Arisa, let’s have lunch.”

“Yes. …… Ryoma.”

“By the way, Arisa, what is this? It is completely black.”

“…..It’s burnt. Because Shizuku won’t help me!”

“I’ll teach you. Let’s practice together.”

“Yay! I’m looking forward to working with you, Ryoma.”

On that day, I made a best friend. I am not an air. I am sure that my school life with her will be a lot of fun.

It will be a little while before my relationship with Arisa will go from best friend to irreplaceable.

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