“Achoo ! !”

I caught a cold.

It was probably because I dove head first into the pool yesterday.

I changed my clothes immediately, but I didn’t think I would catch a cold so easily.

I wondered if my immune system had been weakened because I had become a child.

There are many things that need to be done, such as digging a hole and identifying who X is, but my mind is foggy and I can’t think straight.

I have to be careful not to accidentally mention the basement or the mysterious X.

“H-how is he, Aoi chan ! ! Is Asumi chan all right !?”

“……It’s just a cold. I’ll be administering a special nutritional supplement and medicine, so I think the fever will go away this evening. More than that.”

“……O-oh my?”

While I was thinking about this, Aoi chan, who was examining me, approached Akane san.

She still has the same jittery look in her eyes, but for some reason, she is more powerful.

“Why are you breaking free from your restraints, Akane Onee san?”

“Ah, um, this is, that one ! !”

“Which one? I told you, Akane Onee san is a bad influence for the child Onii san. Sure enough, Onii san fell into the pool and caught a cold.”

“T-that was an accident ! ! I didn’t do it on purpose ! !”

“If it was just an accident, there would be no need for police.. So, how do you take responsibility?”

“I-I’ll take care of him ! ! Mommy will ! !”

“……No, I want to take care of him too, so let’s have a family meeting to decide.”

Ah, I want to take care of myself……

“……And then.”

“I-is there anything more?”

“Please clean up the blood puddle made by your nosebleed, Akane Onee san.”

“Ah, yes.”

…..Aoi chan’s scary.

She completely sealed that Akane with her jittery eyes and power.

The two left my room at once, perhaps to have a family meeting, and the area was filled with silence.

“……So quiet……..”

I feel a little lonely because it was so noisy just a few minutes ago.

It must be the heat.

I closed my eyelids and tried to go to sleep in order to cure my cold as soon as possible.

At that time.


Suddenly, I heard the door open. It seemed that someone had entered my room.

“Asumi kun, how are you doing–oh, are you sleeping?”

“…..Ah, Kirin senpai…….”

“I hope I didn’t wake you up.”

“No, I’m fine.”

I haven’t seen Kirin senpai in a while.

Her usual dignified behavior is the same, but her eyes are dyed with anxiety.

Could it be that she’s worried about me?

“I’ll stay with you today and take care of you.”

Saying that, she patted me on the head.

She is treating me like a little child. No, well, actually I am a child right now……

“You don’t have to, a cold is contagious, you know?”

“It’s been said for a long time that a cold can be cured by infecting others, right? I’d be happy to take your place.”

“No can do.”

“Mm, w-why not?”

Kirin senpai flinched at my clear statement.

“If Kirin senpai would rather suffer from a cold, I will heal myself without infecting anyone.”

“…..Fufu. That’s right, you were that kind of person. You may look like a child, but you are still the same person inside, aren’t you?”

“I am who I am.”

“I see. I almost forgot.”

Kirin senpai chuckled cutely and held out a tray in front of me.

The warm porridge is on the tray.

“Akane Nee san asked me to hand it over to you. In case you were wondering, we all kept an eye on it, so there’s nothing suspicious in it.”

“That’s very kind of you. I’ll take it. …….Fuu, ngh.”

“……How do you like it?”

“It’s delicious. But it’s a little hot……”

“……Hmm. Then can I borrow your spoon a little?”


I handed her the spoon as Kirin senpai told me to.

Kirin senpai scooped up a small amount of porridge with the spoon, put her hair over her ears, and blew into the porridge to cool it down.

“Fuu, fuu. Here, ahnn?”

“I-it’s kind of embarrassing…….”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You are the sick one and I’m the one who takes care of you. That’s all.”

“…..Thank you.”

With some hesitation, I ate the porridge that Kirin senpai gave me.

It’s warmer and easier to eat than before.

“Can you tell Akane san that it was delicious?”

“Yeah, of course. Akane Nee san also seemed apologetic towards you, so I’m sure she’ll be happy.”

“……This time, unlike before, it was an accident, so please tell her not to worry about it too much.”

“Yeah, I’ll be sure to tell her. Here, ahnn.”


As Kirin senpai gave me some porridge, I suddenly remembered what happened the day after I was about to be eaten in the bathroom.

I remember that I received a letter of apology from Murasaki.


“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“N-no, it’s nothing.”

Recalling the letter I received from Akane san, I inwardly rejoiced.

That’s because it looks like Akane san can be excluded from X’s suspects.

The handwriting was clearly different, and I could now narrow down the list of possible X suspects to three.

The remaining three were Midori, Kirin senpai, and Touka san.

However, Midori and I have known each other the longest.

I could tell that the letters on the piece of paper were different from the ones on the paper.

In other words, X must be one of the two, Kirin senpai or Touka san.

While I was thinking about this, I finished my porridge.

“Thank you for the food. …..I’m a little sleepy, so I’m going to bed.”

“Yeah, you have a good night’s sleep.”

Kirin senpai nodded with a gentle smile to reassure me.

I’m convinced she has a lot of female fans.

The beauty level of a beautiful woman increases even more when she smiles.

Thinking of this, I fall asleep.


I slowly closed my eyes in my foggy consciousness.

And then I hear Kirin senpai’s voice.

“Oh, good night. My darling.”


I felt something soft on my cheek, but it must have been my imagination.

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