I woke up to the sound of a notification of a message from someone.

In the dimly lit room, I touched my phone on my bedside table and saw a message from my mother.

[I’m just about halfway there now. I’ll call you when I get over there.]

She even took a picture.

I wondered if she was at a service area somewhere.

“But, they really are gone.”

When I left the room and went downstairs to the living room where we had talked yesterday, my father’s golf set and the contents of my mother’s bookshelf were already gone.

The room, which had been cleared away as if they had run away in the night, was larger than usual and felt a little colder than usual.

The sight of it made me feel empty and lonely.

The realization that from today I will really be living alone begins to dawn on me.


While I was lost in sentimentality, I heard a noise coming from the kitchen.

I don’t think so, but there is no way that Senpai is already at home at this hour, right?

No, as expected, it’s still past five in the morning, you know?

But I’m scared if it’s a thief……


“Good morning. You’re up early.”


When I timidly went to the kitchen, I saw Senpai wearing an apron wiping the table with a cool look on her face.

“What’s wrong?”

“N-no……. Y-you’re here early.”

“Yeah. I came to see your mother off, since it was perfect timing.”

“Ah, I see…….’

I don’t know what time my mother and father left home, but they must have left at least at midnight.

The fact that she came all the way to see them off so early means that she and my mother must have a very close relationship.

My mother said she was like a daughter to her.

Senpai said she was like family.

Perhaps she’s my long-lost sister…..that can’t be true.

But whatever the reason may be, I’m glad to see her in the house so early in the morning, but at the same time I’m not at ease.

“Um, are you going to cook breakfast?”

“Yeah. Your mother asked me to take care of the house.”

“I-I see. Is it just for today?”

“No, every day.”

“Everyday……everyday !?”

I couldn’t help but let out a loud voice.

Then, Senpai looked at me with a shocked expression and said, [Is something wrong?]

She asked me that, as if it was normal for her to come here every day, and I was surprised by that.

“I-I’m sorry, I’m just surprised…….erm, aren’t you bothered?”


“Y-you see……it must be hard for you to get up so early every day for someone like me.”

“No, it’s fine. I’m an early riser.”

“E-even if that’s true,… takes time to cook breakfast.”

“I make it for myself every day, so it doesn’t bother me. And I’m also in charge of lunch and dinner.”

“Eh, all of it?”

“Yeah. I feel like your mother trusts me. I want to live up to that trust.”


It seems like she doesn’t want to lose my mother’s trust even if it means sacrificing her own time.

I can see how close the two of them are, and how much Senpai idolizes my mother.


But I still have no idea why.

“Um, Senpai…no matter how much my mother asks you to do so, please don’t overdo it.”

“Yeah. I won’t overdo it. But thank you.”

“D-don’t mention it. A-anyway, I’ll make breakfast for today. I just woke up after all.”

“It’s fine. It’s still early, so just relax in your room.”

“…..I understand.”

I was overwhelmed by the intensity of her eyes, and I went back to my room as she told me.

The past few days have also made me realize that when Senpai looks at me like that, she will never give in.

“How caring is that person…”

I lay down on my bed again and mumbled to myself as I typed a reply to the message from my mother that was sent to me earlier.

What if Senpai was going to cook my meals every day from now on until my mother came home?

Wouldn’t that be a good chance to get to know each other?

No, if you think about it, she is already doing more for me than just being with me.

But we are still less than friends.

The only reason Senpai cooks me dinner is because she doesn’t want to betray my mother’s trust.

“…..Maybe someday she’ll be able to cook for me.”

I don’t even know if it will come or not, in fact, I think it’s more likely that it won’t come true.

I dozed off and fell asleep again.

“Ehehe, we chatted a lot in the morning.”

Tokiwa kun was still in his sleeping habit.

Cute. I like him.

I also love Tokiwa kun with his hair bouncing around.

Also, when I told him that I would make him food every day, he was so happy and surprised.

Fufu, I’m just as happy as Tokiwa kun.

“What shall we do today? After we eat, we’ll go to the living room and watch a movie together…ah, now that I think about it, my mother-in-law’s things have been packed, so I have to buy some things. Yeah, yeah, we’re starting to feel like newlyweds. I feel so excited.”

I feel light.

My body feels light.

I never dreamed that I would be living with him so soon.

I knew we were bound by a red thread.

It was meant to be.

It was fate.

“Ehe, ehehe. Fufufufufufu.”

I can’t stop laughing.

I was so happy that my face was constantly relaxed.

But I have to be on my best behavior by the time he wakes up.

He’ll think I’m a sloppy girl.

As for Tokiwa-kun…well, I need to change the way I call him.

I’m going to be [Tokiwa san] soon.

Sendai……no, that’s not very cute.

Sendai kun, I guess.

Yeah, Sendai kun.

Sendai kun, Sendai kun, Sendai kun…….

I wonder how he will react if I call him that.

I wonder if he would be thrilled.

I want you to make my heart pound, too.

Since my mother-in-law is no longer with us, you don’t have to continue to call me [Senpai] in such a formal way.

“I want you to call me Shion…ah.”

When I imagined it, I felt it a little.

Ehehe, I wonder what will happen to me if you call me by my name.

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