After thinking for a moment, Misaki sensei was about to say something.

“Oh? Isn’t that you, Misaki sensei?”

I hear a familiar voice. I looked toward the voice and saw Kaneshima sensei, whom I had passed in school, standing there. Our seats were facing the aisle, so he must have spotted us from the other side.

He must have been in his mid-thirties, but he was so young that he looked like he was in his twenties. He was nearly 180 centimeters tall, not overweight, and had a slender, good-looking figure.

I have never taken any of Kaneshima sensei’s classes, but I have heard Misaki sensei and Higashi senpai talking about him. Apparently, he is obsessed with Misaki sensei and his way of thinking is a bit old-fashioned. I also heard that he thinks streamers are crap.

[Whoa……. We met in a bad place……. I don’t want to meet him outside of school……. I don’t even want to see him inside school…… Haa…….]

In short, it seems that he is someone you don’t want to meet under any circumstances. Kaneshima sensei, she doesn’t like you…….

“Ah, What a coincidence. Kaneshima sensei.”

Misaki sensei answered with a smile, without letting out a sigh.

“Yeah. But this is not a school, so please don’t call me [Sensei].”

Kaneshima sensei gives a refreshing smile. If you only look at this part, I don’t think that would make him less popular with the ladies.

[I don’t like his way of laughing……. It’s like he’s overconfident, or that he’s convinced that there’s no way anyone can hate him. It’s the type of laugh that doesn’t listen to what others have to say…….]

Misaki sensei is harsh. Even without the fact that Misaki sensei likes me, it seems that there was no possibility for her to like Kaneshima sensei.

Also, the impression from Misaka san and Saki doesn’t seem to be good either.

[Kaneshima sensei, huh…….. He’s so full of life that I’m overwhelmed at times……. He has an intrusive atmosphere, a bit like Takuma. I’m tired of overconfident people.]

[Overconfident people are scary…… I feel like he would condemn others without a second thought with his assumed righteousness……. From me and Onii chan’s point of view, I think they are our natural enemies.]

Contrary to my impression, it seems he’s not popular with the ladies. I’m don’t think he has a good impression either. By the way, the number above Kaneshima sensei’s head number is [18]. He seems to have a slight dislike for me. If you like Misaki sensei and have seen me and Misaki sensei being friendly, you may have some dislike for me.

“……Kaneshima……san? Are you shopping?”

“Yes, I am. It’s a little far from my house, but I took a light bike ride. It’s good exercise. What about you, Misaki sensei……? Well, are those our students with you? As I recall, Fujisaki kun, you belong to the manga club…….?”

“Ah, yes. I belong to the manga club.”

“I see. I wonder if you are getting a lot of guidance from Misaki sensei?”

“Yes, well. Misaki sensei is very good at both manga and illustration.”

“I see. I envy you that you can be taught by Misaki sensei.”

Hahaha, another unpleasant laugh.

When combined with the numbers above his head, it feels disturbing…..I don’t want to know what you’re thinking.

Then Saneshima sensei says in a slightly hushed voice.

“But, Misaki san. Are you going out with your stident? It’s not a very good thing to do……”

“I just happened to meet him on my way out. I don’t think there’s anything to be blamed for just meeting by chance and spending a little time together.”

“Yeah, I see. Indeed. However…I understand Misaki san’s feelings, but it’s not good for teachers and students to have private interactions outside of school. After all, as a teacher, wouldn’t it be appropriate to show in your attitude that something that’s no good is no good, and to part ways with them as soon as possible even if you meet by chance? I know you are still young and it may be difficult for you to distinguish between public and private matters…….”

Well, what Kaneshima sensei says is probably correct. However, I still have the impression that inflexibility is undesirable.

[Haa…. What he says is right, but he judges like an inflexible machine…… If teachers were to teach only serious rule-keeping, there’s no need for the teacher to be human. Education should be about teaching the basics while developing the ability to judge according to the situation.

It’s different if I’m alone with a male student, but if I’m with a mixed group of four people, I think it’s okay to take things lightly.

Well, he’s the kind of person I can’t argue with, so I’ll just pull back quietly here……]

“……You’re right, Kaneshima san. It was not a wise move.”

“I’m glad you understand. But I am sorry. I know it’s not a good idea to be a teacher outside of school…….”

“No, I think it’s an admirable attitude.”

Misaki sensei let out a quiet sigh.

Misaka san and Saki were also looking at him with some mysterious expressions on their faces.


[Misaki sensei, are you going? She’s someone I want to disappear, but it’s a half-hearted ending… Hold her back? But how? I mean, on the other hand, if I told him that we had actually arranged to meet beforehand, Misaki sensei wouldn’t be able to get close to Fujisaki kun anymore…

If I want to get rid of a rival, now is the time.

…..Just kidding, it’s just going to make a bad impression for Fujisaki kun. Even if Misaki sensei is gone, Saki would still win by process of elimination. I guess I’ll just have to keep my mouth shut here……]

[I’m a little disappointed that Misaki sensei doesn’t try to say anything back to him. I thought her attitude was to go get Onii chan no matter what, but surprisingly she also values ​​her position as a teacher? She’s an adult, so losing her job probably won’t be easy. If she was someone who could draw back from here, I might not even consider her a rival.

I don’t need to tell him that we had promised to meet. If she’s going to back out like an adult here, then don’t ever approach Onii chan again.]

Saki’s eyes were grim. Misaki sensei also notices how sharp it is.

[……Those eyes. I feel like it’s better not to mess with her from the beginning than to back off quietly here, right? Fufufu… What I did was not to protect myself. I can’t back down in front of these two. …..Even if I can no longer be a teacher, there are plenty of jobs available, from here…..]

I feel the determination of Misaki Sensei.

But if I let her say something here, there is a possibility that Misaki sensei will really lose her job as a teacher. Misaki sensei doesn’t seem to have any regrets, but I would like her to continue as a teacher.

Whether she is attached to it or not, I believe that she is an excellent teacher. She should not close her path as a teacher here.

“Kaneshima san……”

“Um ! Kaneshima sensei !”

I interrupted her and stood up to confront Kaneshima sensei.

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