I sigh as I lie on my bed and look up at the ceiling, still unable to hide my bewilderment at the sudden decision to live alone.

My parents and I always failed to meet each other so much that we didn’t really talk much, but I felt lonely when I realized they were going to leave.


Well, they both work for the same company, but I had heard that it was originally a company that required them to work overseas, and I thought that one day they might be transferred, so I guess it was inevitable.

Hyori senpai is coming to my house tomorrow to take care of me, she says?

Thinking about it dispassionately, isn’t that a bad idea?

Even though she’s older than me, she’s the same high school student, only one year older than me, and she’s going to take care of me.

That’s like a girlfriend.

I mean, a wife.

……Is that really possible?

I’m sure that even Senpai would like to spend time with her friends, have hobbies, and even hang out with someone she likes.

No, now that I think about it, she never said that she would come every day.

Maybe it was just a matter of checking in on me once in a while and reporting back to my mother.

That made a lot of sense to me.

Our houses are close to each other, so it must have been easy for my mother to ask for help.

Well, at any rate, it means that Senpai will come to my house again soon, right?

I was grateful for my mother’s unreserved nature on that point.

“Fwuaah, I’m starting to feel sleepy.”

I felt sleepy all at once when I had gotten rid of some of my worries.

Tomorrow they both said they were going out early in the morning.

Maybe I won’t wake up.

Well, nowadays we can even talk face to face anytime, anywhere.

The loneliness will be short-lived.

Good night, Mom and Dad.

Have a safe trip.

“Take care of him then, won’t you, Shion chan?”

“Yes, Auntie. Take care of yourself, Uncle.”

“Haha, I never thought Sendai would have such a cute girlfriend. Besides, it would be a waste for Sendai to have such an attentive girl who came to see him off so early in the morning. Please take good care of my son.”

“Likewise, I look forward to it.”

It was past three in the morning.

I came to see off my father-in-law and mother-in-law in front of Tokiwa kun’s house.

Yesterday, when I boldly asked my mother-in-law if I could rent one of the rooms to spend more time with Tokiwa kun, I received an unexpected answer.

She told me that she was just going to ask me to take care of Tokiwa kun because they were both going to be transferred.

“But I’m really glad. I was able to accept this transfer offer because I was assured that Shion chan would be there for him. If I had refused the transfer, I could have been temporarily transferred.”

“Right, I really can’t thank you enough. If you need anything, you can just tell us, Shion san.”

“Yes, thank you very much. But I’m happy as long as I’m with him.”

“Shion chan, you are such a good girl. On the other hand, that boy never even woke up.”

“Yesterday, he played around with me a lot. That’s why I’m sure he’s tired. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to make breakfast.”

“Yes, I’m counting on you. Ah, I’m sorry, I talked too much. I’ll leave you to it.”

“Yes. Take care.”

They got into the car, and my mother-in-law rolled down her window and waved at me.

The lights of the car in which they were riding grew distant, and soon they were out of sight.

“Fufu, they’re gone. I’m a little sad, because I got to know my mother-in-law so well.”

But I was even happier than that, and I couldn’t stop my body from shaking.

Starting today, I’ll be alone with Tokiwa kun every day.

When I wake up in the morning, Tokiwa kun is there, in the late afternoon, and at sunset, I rest with Tokiwa kun.

Tokiwa kun must be happy too, right?

When you wake up in the morning, I am there, basking in the sun with me, and when night falls, I do not leave.

So you don’t have to look lonely like you did yesterday, okay?

I won’t make you feel lonely anymore, Tokiwa kun, okay?

“Then I’ll interrupt you right away…..well, it’s strange to interrupt you. It’s my home now.”

My mother-in-law also told me that she should think of this place as my home.

“I’m home. Ehehe, I’m home, Tokiwa kun.”

I look up the stairs leading to the second floor from the dark entranceway.

Tokiwa kun, it seems you are still sound asleep.

I want to go see him right away, but for now, I’ll let him sleep soundly.

Because from today onward, we will be together forever and ever.

There’s no need to be in a hurry.

Let’s nurture our love slowly.

“Now, what shall we have for breakfast today?”

From now on, I will have to think of a menu every day, so it will be tough.

But it’s fun if I think of it as part of my training to become a bride.

I’m going to be a great bride, you know.

“I’ll do my best to make scrambled eggs today.”

It’s dark outside, and the forecast for today says it’s going to be cloudy, but my mood remains cheerful.

I heat up the frying pan I just bought yesterday while I beat the eggs.

Naturally, I started laughing and talking to myself.

“Fufu, ehehehe. I love you, Tokiwa kun.”

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