Episode 40 – I Won’t Tell You



“Ha…… no good, I fell asleep.”

As soon as I woke up from my nap, I looked at my phone and the time was past nine in the morning.

And there were several messages.

[Sendai, we just arrived at our new residence.]

[Are you sleeping? It’s okay to rely on Shion chan, but be sure to take care of yourself properly.]

[I contacted Shion chan earlier. I’m busy with moving for now, so I’ll call you later in the evening.]

All from my mother.

It seems that they arrived at the new place safely.

I was relieved for a moment when I saw that.

I immediately came back to myself and remembered Senpai.

“Shoot, Senpai is here.”

I had been asleep for more than three hours, so breakfast would have been ready long ago.

I rushed out of the room.

I went to the kitchen, thinking that she might have left me some food,

“Good morning. Did you take your time?”

Senpai was still there.

She was sitting on a chair in the kitchen, drinking a cup of coffee.

“G-good morning. I’m sorry, I fell asleep.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll reheat the miso soup, so sit there.”


When I took my seat, I was surrounded by a fresh fragrance that made me feel as if I was in a flower garden.

Is it shampoo, perfume, or is this Senpai’s body odor?

Whatever it was, it was sweet but not strong, and I felt like I wanted to keep smelling it, when Senpai put the seasoned miso soup on the table, she said, [I’m going to make some scrambled eggs now.]

“Now? You don’t have to, as long as I have rice and miso soup, I can also eat natto from the fridge.”

“You don’t like scrambled eggs?”

“N-no. I like scrambled eggs.”

“Then I’ll make you some.”


Senpai starts cooking as usual.

The back of her body is also very familiar to me.

And the thought of being able to watch Senpai cook like this every day makes me feel numb.

It’s as if she’s married to me.

Calling her my wife even though I haven’t even dated her or even exchanged messages with her is a really disgusting thing to do, but seeing her standing in the kitchen like a wife, makes me feel as if I have this misconception.

Even lovers don’t spend so much time together every day.

Of course, I understand in my head that this is a misunderstanding, so I don’t do the foolish thing like losing my reason and attacking her from behind.

No mater what, she’s too careless.

I am a man, too.

Does she trust me because I’m my mother’s son?

Or does it mean she doesn’t see me as a man after all?

Well, either way, it proves that she doesn’t consider me as a man.

I feel frustrated.

“Here you go.”

She quickly finished cooking and returned with a plate of scrambled eggs.

“Thank you very much. Wow, it smells good.”

“Do they?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“Do you like it?”

“Eh? Y-yes. I like it.”

“Yeah, good for you.”

Senpai nodded her head and left the kitchen once without changing her expression.

I take a quick bite of my breakfast in the meantime.

A simple bowl of miso soup tastes so good that it’s addictive.

Is it because we have the same tastes, or is it simply because she’s a good cook?

I’ve forgotten all about the taste of my own bad cooking.

In just the past few days, I have become a captive of her cooking.

I’m so lucky to be able to eat this kind of food every day.

“Haa……I wish I could talk more with Senpai.”

When I get back, I’m sure she’ll clean up and go home.

I wonder if it would be okay if I invited her today.

I’ll ask her if she wants to go out for lunch somewhere.


While Tokiwa kun is eating, I clean his room.

Then I spin the laundry and then rinse the bath clean as well.

There is so much to do in the morning.

I did a lot of cleaning in the living room while he was sleeping, but there is still a lot to do.

Housewives are so busy.

I wish I didn’t have to go to school tomorrow and just stay at home all day cleaning and waiting for him to come home.

Ah, but in that case, it won’t be good if strange insects come to Tokiwa kun, so I have to watch over him properly.

Yeah, Tokiwa-kun is very popular.

He is cool, strong, and kind.

I won’t leave you alone, no way.

So tomorrow, we’ll start going to school together from this house.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. Very good.

We’ll leave the house together, take the train together, go through the front gate together, eat lunch together, and leave the school together.

Then we come home together, eat dinner together, watch the same TV shows together, and finally go to our rooms together…….

Yeah, yeah, it’s fun.

We’ll always be together.

I’m sure Tokiwa kun would prefer it that way.

“Hehehe, I think I’ll wash his back in the bath today.”

Even after I finished eating, Senpai didn’t come back.

Was she running some errands, or did she just go home without saying anything?


However, before I go to find Senpai, I wash the dishes so that I can clean up after myself today.

Then, a phone call came in.

It was Kaneko.

“Ah, hello? Kaneko, what’s up?”

“Well, I’m suddenly free today. If Sendai doesn’t have any plans, I thought maybe we should hang out together.”

“What, is that what this is about? Did Takaya san dump you?”

“Idiot, it’s going well. But it looks like she’s going out with her friends today. What do you think? Are you free after this?”

“After this?”

I don’t have any other friends in high school except Kaneko, so there was no way I had anything else to do.

It’s not a bad idea to hang out with a friend on a day off once in a while.


“……..I don’t think I can. Sorry, can we do it another time?”

“What the hell, a date? You’re not with Hyori senpai by any chance, are you?”

“O-of course not.”

“But you were together yesterday.”

“W-we just happened to be around each other.”

“Well, I’ll leave it at that. See you at school tomorrow.”

“Yeah, sorry.”

I feel sorry for Kaneko, who seems a little disappointed, but I also wanted to be selfish today.

I’m going to ask Senpai out on a date.

A lunch date.

I’ve always wanted to have lunch with a woman on my day off.



“Eh? Whoa, sorry, you were here?”


I turn around, and there’s Senpai standing right behind me.

“Phone call, who is it?”

“Eh? It’s Kaneko.”

“Are you going out?”

“No, it’s a hassle today, so I declined.”

“I see.”


I stopped her as she was about to go away again.

Then I mustered up the courage to ask.

“Would you like to go out for lunch after this?”

I felt like my heart was going to break at that one word.

But I was sure that since Senpai was so caring, she would go along with my selfishness.

That’s what I thought.


She simply refused.


“Yeah. I’ll make lunch.”

“……Okay. I’ll take a break until lunch.”


I went back to my room, in a state of shock and despair because of the rejection of my invitation.

I was a fool for expecting it.

I’m sure Senpai doesn’t want to go on a date with me.

“Haa…no matter what I do, we won’t be able to get along like this.”

I’m not even allowed to touch her, even though she’s so close.

Really, I wonder why I turned down Kaneko’s invitation.

I guess I should have gone out with him from the beginning instead of letting this happen.

“Ehehe, good for you for turning down your friend’s invitation, Tokiwa kun.”

I was worried that he might go out after I’d gone to the trouble of planning a lunch menu, but my fears were unfounded.

Tokiwa kun would never go out with other people in my presence.

But I made him feel uncomfortable.

I know he really wanted to eat my food, but he asked me to have lunch outside.

I feel guilty for making him say that.

Besides, I don’t go out for lunch.

I can’t allow him to eat a meal prepared by someone else.

Tokiwa kun eats only what I make on my watch all the time.

“Pilaf topped with bechamel for lunch. It’s full of cheese, and it’s very thick.”

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