Episode 47 – Forgiveness



“Senpai……I’m really sorry……”

“Don’t worry about it. After all, when the environment changes, it becomes easier to get sick.”

The second day. Today was supposed to be a day for the two of us to explore Guam, but Riko got sick.

We were going back to Japan tomorrow, so today was the last day we could do some sightseeing……well, it couldn’t be helped. I had enough fun yesterday, and this trip was a gift from Riko. I’m grateful to Riko, so there is no way I would ever complain to her.

“Well, anyway, take a good rest. I don’t know if I can replace Sayaka san, but I will take care of you.”


As for Sayaka san, it seems like this day was originally a work day for her. So, I have to take care of Riko by myself…but it’s not like because I was Hikari’s older brother. I’ve nursed her many times before, so I’m sure she’ll be fine.

“Then I’ll do the housework you asked me to do. Let me know if you need anything.”

As I told Riko and was about to leave the room, I felt my arm being grabbed tightly.

“……Please…..stay with me.”

When I turned to look at Riko, she pleaded with tears in her eyes.

‘”……Okay. I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep.”

There’s no way I could refuse if she looked at me with such an anxious look on her face. ……Well, I’ll leave the housework for later and stay with Riko for now.

“……Senpai, let’s sleep together.”

Perhaps because she has a fever, Riko suddenly becomes a spoiled brat, and this time she demands to sleep with me.

“Isn’t that really bad?”


She looks up at me.

……Hikari, sleeping with someone and making them sleep isn’t cheating, right?

Well, what is cheating in the first place?

“……Only for a little while.”

I get under the blankets where Riko is sleeping.

It can’t be helped if she catches a cold. Let’s go with that mindset.

I was afraid to get into Riko’s blanket. As my body was wrapped in the blanket, I could gradually feel Riko’s body temperature.

“Ehehe…I feel close to Senpai…I’m so happy.”

“Don’t say such embarrassing things. ……..Here, I’ll pat you on the head.”

I ended up stroking Riko’s head like when I was soothing Hikari, but I think it’s possible that she doesn’t like having her head patted. By the time I reached that question, it was already too late.

I fearfully asked Riko how she was doing…….

“……Shenpai……do it more…….”

She seemed okay.

Riko buries her face in my chest. I thought for a moment that I would pull her away because I had received a warning from Hikari, but she was a sick person. I know how it is to be inconsolable when you are sick, so I decided to accept it as is.

“I’ll pet you until you fall asleep.”


After about 15 minutes, I stopped stroking her head when I heard her regular breathing sound.

With that flow, I stared intently at Riko’s face.

She has a well-developed childish face. Her eyes and nose are clear, but there is still something innocent about her.

…..If I were a stranger, I would honestly find it hard to believe that such a girl was a bully.

But it was jealousy that caused such unbelievable behavior. It was [because she likes me].

If I was the cause of the abuse, I’m responsible.

…..I should have watched Riko more.

…..I should have paid more attention to Riko.

Hikari may not have been bullied, and Riko may not have had to bear the burden of blame.

I’m only starting to regret it.

[I am furiously angry and have not yet forgiven her.]

These were the words I said when Riko attempted suicide.

But now, I’m definitely bonded with her.

But I still haven’t forgiven her for bullying Hikari. Because I declared to myself, [If Hikari has forgiven her, then I have forgiven her too].

However, not just as Hikari’s older brother, but as a human being…it’s not like I don’t want to forgive her.

It is also true that bullying Hikari drove her to attempt suicide. She recovered from that and properly apologized to Hikari.

If it were someone else’s problem, I would honestly think it’s admirable …………..If it were someone else’s business.

But I’m Hikari’s brother.

“Now…what should I do…”

I’m alone, worrying.

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