“I’m home.”

“Onii chan !”

When I opened the front door, Hkari came to me with no time. I was able to catch her because I knew what to expect, but it was quite powerful.

“Onii chan’s smell………it still makes me feel safe…….”

Hikari buries her face in my chest with an ecstatic expression and takes a deep breath. I can’t deny that it’s a little perverted, but Hikari had to put up with a lot on this trip, so there’s no way I’m complaining.

……At least for me.

“Hikari, you’re in high school now, so don’t be too clingy to your older brother.”

From my mother’s point of view, it must be a problem that the siblings are so close to each other.

“Mom, I’m home…………where’s Dad?”

I didn’t want people to notice the distance between me and Hikari, so I changed the subject in a natural way.

“He is working overtime. He’s been busy with work lately……..but that’s not important ! How was your trip ! You didn’t bother the people at the boarding house, did you?”

Saying her beloved husband’s overtime work [not important] is kind of questionable, but surely the severity of the matter is greater than the travel story. ……It’s greater, right?

“It’s dine. I didn’t bother Sayaka san at all. ……No, it would be the end of the story if you say that being lodged at the lodge itself is a nuisance.”

“Right. That Sayaka san? She lives over there, right? I hope she can comes by next time she come to Japan

“I guess so. We exchanged contact information, and she will probably tell me when she comes to Japan.”

“Onii chan ! Let’s play a game !”

Hikari pulls my arm like a child and tries to take me to her room. She seemed to really want to play games with me.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I’m going to go play with Hikari.”

“…..When you’re done, why don’t you tell me more about it?”


After getting my mother’s consent, I headed to my room with Hikari.


“Here ! WIth this–“

“Onii chan you’re naive !”

“Noooooo !”

My partner was passed in a spectacular manner on the last corner.

The words “2nd” are on the screen.

I’m playing a racing game with Hikari, and so far I’m 0 and she is 6.

……No, I know. I’m not good at video games. But when you lose this many games, it’s hard to take it easy.


To the point where I couldn’t help but sigh.

“O-Onii chan ! I’m sorry !? It was boring, wasn’t it? Sorry. Really, I’m sorry !?”

Hikaruisuddenly became panicky. She might have misunderstood that I was angry.

“No, it’s not that. I was just disappointed at how bad I was at the game. Hikari did nothing wrong.”

As I explained myself, Hikaru’s pale face gradually turned red.

“…..Thank goodness. I thought Onii chan hated me, so I stopped breathing for a moment.”

I wondered if she was overreacting, but then I remembered the important fact that just a little while ago, Riko, was my partner on a trip.

Hikari must be worried about a lot of things. I wonder if she thought that I was being taken by Riko. ….We’ve been siblings for 17 years, so I guess it was right.

“Hikari, come here.”

I interrupt the game and sit on the bed, inviting Hikari in.

Hikari approached the bed and snuggled down on my legs, which were still on the floor.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I made you feel uneasy. I’m going to take good care of you today. You can ask me to pamper you a lot.”

I said this, and Hikari’s smile blossomed into a full-blown smile.

“….Yay ! Then first, stroke my head.”

“Yeah !”

“Then we’ll play one more game, study together, take a bath together, and go to bed together !”

“……Except for the bath, then it’s fine.”

Hikari’s mood is aggravated.

Having said that, I wasn’t in a position to comment on other people either.

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