“Ah, I’m tired……I’m sick of it.”

I exhale once I’m out of the main gate with my hands on my knees.

Suspicion of love affair with Hyori senpai.

There’s no way I don’t get tired of hearing all the fuss and being asked about things that don’t even exist.

Of course, it would be fine if they just said they were jealous or happy for me.

There were also people who bombarded me with unkind words.

I guess it’s called jealousy, but what am I supposed to do if they complain to me?

“I came out ahead. I should send Kaneko a message.”

I apologized on LINE because I had ignored Kaneko and rushed out today.

Then I immediately receive a teasing message, [Don’t forget about me even if you go out with Senpai].

Really, you’re a good and understanding person.

But if you understand me, I’d like to ask you not to mess with me.

“…..Anyway, I’ll complain to my mother today.”

All of this happened because of my sloppy mother.

Besides, it wouldn’t be bad if I was the only one who was inconvenienced, but I’m sure Senpai were also inconvenienced by rumors that she likes me.

I think it’s inappropriate for an adult to cause trouble to someone younger than them, no matter how well they know each other.

…..Let’s talk properly today.

“Ehehe, there’s some kind of rumor about us all over the school. I wonder if we’re a good match.”

I’m feeling really good today.

I was able to look Tokiwa kun in the eye at school and talk to him, and also some of my classmates talked to me and asked me, [Hyori san, are you dating a junior?].

I’ve already received blessings not only from my parents but also from the whole school.

I Just said one word, [Tokiwa kun, he’s a wonderful person] and there was a big fuss.

Of course, I think some girls were jealous.

I don’t know anything about that.

Tokiwa kun has always been mine and mine alone.

There are a lot of stupid people who don’t know where they stand, so I’m glad I made it known that he’s mine.

Just like that Miyama girl the other day.

There are probably a lot of girls who want to mess with Tokiwa kun.

It’s a pain to have to go back and say, [He likes me] every time.

Come to think of it, that girl looked like she was about to cry.

Well, Tokiwa kun is a nice guy, so I guess she was shocked when she found out she had a girlfriend.

I don’t know about that.

I don’t care how anyone gets hurt.

I don’t care about those who take advantage of Tokiwa kun’s good intentions and encourage him to cheat on his wife.

I’m finally getting to talk to him properly.

Ehehe, I’m glad.

Even my mother-in-law asked me to make his lunch for him every day.

Even for dinner.

I wonder what I’ll make today.

I wish I could say, [Please eat me.]

…..Will you hold my hand again?

No, I don’t think so.

“I’d like you to touch me today.”


I was going to go straight home, but I didn’t feel very well, so I wandered around the shopping street and found Miyama san and Takaya san talking in front of a game center.

I was planning to go home after having a bit of fun, but this made it hard for me to enter the store.

I was about to turn around to go home when I was stopped.

“Hey, wait a minute, Tokiwa kun.”

It was Takaya san who called me.

I turned around and saw them walking toward me.


“Umm. I’m sorry about yesterday, I kind of overstepped my bounds.”

“Ah, don’t worry about that.Besides, aren’t you going to play with Kaneko today?”

“Ahaha, I’ll meet him tomorrow. Um, why don’t we talk for a little while?”


“Well, I’d like to say we’ll take our time, but. Chika has something she wants to talk to you about.”

“Miyama san?”

When I looked at Miyama san in surprise, I noticed that Miyama san, who was sitting a little behind Takaya-san, looking awkward, also glanced at me.

“Um, thank you for the other day.”

For some reason, she thanked me for the other day.

“Thank you? No, I didn’t do anything.”

“No, I’m grateful. You know, I was there when the convenience store on Akaitohama was robbed.”


“I was actually wandering around Akaitohama by myself that day. I saw the high school student who caught the robber, and I thought I had seen him before. The next day, when Ricchan asked me out on a double date with a boy, I was surprised when she told me who the boy was. I had no idea that my benefactor was a classmate. I thought it might be fate.”

“Miyama san……”

Finally, one of my questions was answered.

It’s about why Miyama san was so nice to me.

It was a coincidence that Miyama san was also in the store at that time.

“Sendai kun, that’s why I……I really like Sendai kun.”

“….Eh? What did you say?”

“Ahaha, but I’m not talking about going out with you or anything like that.”


I’m just saying that. Sendai kun already has a partner. I wouldn’t forcefully invite someone who has a girlfriend either.”

“Girlfriend? No, I don’t have one.”

“But today, when I saw Hyori senpai coming to class, I decided to take the plunge. I’m not going to win against such a beautiful person. I wish you happiness.”

“Eh, um, like I said.”

“Bye-bye, Sendai kun. Um, I won’t do anything more, so please tell Hyori senpai that.”


Miyama san headed into the game center with Takaya san without listening to me.

I still couldn’t get my head around the fact that for the first time in my life a girl told me she liked me, but somehow I was misunderstood and rejected.

I stood there for a while, staring at the entrance to the arcade.

“Tokiwa kun, you’re late.”

I’m just getting ready for dinner at his house one step ahead of him today.

It would be nice if I could wait for his return like this, as it was my privilege.

But if he comes home first, I feel uneasy while I’m waiting for him.

I get nervous and restless, wondering if he is cheating on me outside the house. 

I wonder if he is playing with his friend again today.

Or maybe he’s having trouble with another girl who asked him out again.

I didn’t expect it to be with that Miyama girl……I don’t think so.

I explained to her that my parents approved of me and Tokiwa kun.

If she’s still the kind of girl who would kidnap him,……

“I hope she dies……yeah, it’s not nice to steal from others.”

Please come back soon, Tokiwa kun.

I’m going to make curry today.

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