“I feel like Mucha’s paintings were done by a modern person. I wonder if he is a recent artist?”

“I don’t know that much about him…….”

“I think Mucha was active about a hundred years ago. I heard that this pattern is actually influenced by Japanese Ukiyoe. Mucha liked Japanese paintings, and many Japanese liked Mucha’s paintings. It’s quite a nice connection, isn’t it?”

Misaki sensei interrupted the conversation and both Misaka san and I turned around.

“Ah……Misaki Sensei.”

“Good morning, Misaki sensei. It’s a coincidence that we meet at a place like this, isn’t it?”

“……I guess so.”

Misaka san has a challenging smile, but Misaki sensei has a dark smile. ……Honestly, I’m scared.

[Misaki sensei’s really here……. It’s not that I thought he was lying, but when it comes down to it, I’m nervous……. I’m sure that Misaki sensei has already figured out why I’m here. The battle has already begun !]

[She is so obvious. The only thing I can think of is that it leaked from Fujisaki kun, and he’s a surprisingly loose-tongued kid, isn’t he? If he is not capable of keeping a secret, even the things that work will not work. I need to give him a little stronger guidance, don’t I? ……This might work out. Fufu.

By the way, in this atmosphere, Misaka san is my enemy after all, right? Hmm… I see… You’re such a reckless little girl, trying to fight me…]

“Misaki sensei, do you know much about Mucha? I don’t understand this at all…”

“I know Mucha only as a hobby. But if you study art properly, it can be very interesting.”

“Is that so? To be honest, I really don’t understand what is meant by contemporary art in particular…….”

“That’s because you don’t understand the history of art.

Well, to put it roughly, in terms of Western painting, the purpose of art used to be to create pictures that looked like photographs.

But with the advent of photography, the times changed where it was wonderful to just paint things as they are. The era has shifted to an era in which people pursue what is possible only because it is human and only because it is handmade. Feels like we have moved into an era where we pursued this.

There have been many twists and turns since then, and recently, it seems that the filter of art is conveying a way of looking at things that breaks down human preconceptions. Contemporary art is not so much something to look at and be moved by, but something to look at and think about.”


“Ah, you don’t understand well, do you? It can’t be explained in one word, so it can’t be helped. But even today, not only so-called contemporary art is great, and it is not wrong to dismiss it as trivial. It’s art that people feel differently about. That’s something they don’t really teach in art classes at school.

There are many different types of art, and I am sure there is art that you would like.”

“I see…….”

“If you are interested, there are some free videos that explain what contemporary art is.”


[I’m sure Misaki sensei will be my love rival……but there’s still something different in status……. Fujisaki kun too.

He seems to like this kind of thing…… He has a very admiring look in his eyes…….

B-but, I’m sure there are many boys who say they’d rather have a girl they can hang out with ! I have a chance too ! I can even have sex ! Ah, that means Misaki sensei too…… No, it would be shameless if he did it with her !]

[If there’s one thing I’m losing to Misaka san, it’s……youthfulness, right? It’s still too early to lament my age, but high school girls have a certain charm to boys……. It’s also the only time she can get her hands on him. Youth is a weapon in itself, so I can never let my guard down. Slowly but surely,……I have to twist and turn.]

Then, Misaki sensei turns to me and says with a somewhat grim face.

“Art aside, Fujisaki kun. Why is Misaka san here? Didn’t I tell you to come alone?”

[Misaki sensei, she’s not pretending that we met by chance…… I was also naive. That’s why I decided it was impossible to pass.]

“I’m sorry,……. There was a lot going on, and I told Misaka san that I was going to meet with Misaki sensei.”

“Hmm. ……I know you’ve been through a lot, but Fujisaki kun, a boy who can’t keep a secret will lose a lot of trust, right?”

“That’s true,……. I’m sorry about that.”

[What will she say? I think she could just say that she’s going to hang out with her male friends, but now she’s in a situation where she can’t get away with it? Why? It’s not just a weakness of will or something……. Are you so good at cornering people, Misaka san? Or did you just cry it off? If it’s just a pursuit, she can still resist, but she seems to be vulnerable to the cry-it-out type…… Ah, I’m a little out of line too. I should have been more careful.]

“There’s no point in repeating that it’s over. What do you think of this store? It’s interesting, isn’t it?”

“……Yes. It’s interesting. I’ve only known ordinary bookstores, so it’s refreshing to have a store like this.”

“I think that independent bookstores are unique and interesting. It doesn’t have a great selection, but it’s a place where you can find new books. There are other shops that are both a bakery and a bookstore, or that only sell picture books, and so on.”

“Heh……it has a lot of things.”

“Yeah. I’ll introduce them to you next time. ……So, Misaka san, how long are you going to stay with us today?”

[I hope you don’t interfere with our date, okay?]

“I’m going to spend the whole day with Fujisaki kun, right?”

[The pressure is kind of strong, but I can’t pull back now! If I leave him alone for a day, Fujisaki kun will be eaten by Misaki sensei !]

“Did Fujisaki-kun give you permission to do that?”


“Hmm. I see…….”

For a moment, Misaki sensei’s cold gaze fell on me.

…Maybe I won’t be able to return home alive.

“Wouldn’t that be more convenient for you Misaki sensei? As a teacher, wouldn’t it be better to spend time with three students than with one student alone?”

“Well, that may be true. But……I’m going to ask you just one more time, are you really going to follow us?”

[If you’re going to get in my way, I don’t care what happens to you, okay?]

Misaki sensei’s smile is really a very gentle one. But…..this must be an expression that only someone who can trample small animals with a smile can make.

“…..I will follow you. My will remains the same.”

[Whoa, if I’m not careful, I’m going to lose……. Misaki sensei is definitely not an ordinary person…]

“Ah, I see. I guess it can’t be helped then. Shall we play together?”

“……Yes. Well then, it’s decided. Let’s have fun on our date, just the three of us.”

“Is that all right with you, Fujisaki kun?”


[I would be thrilled if he told Misaka san to go home. I mean, this might be our last chance to get Misaka san home safely…?]

[Alright ! At any rate, I got in between the two of them ! The game is still on !]

…..Oh no. What should I do? Should I force Misaka san to leave this place if I want her to be safe? But Misaka san is going to insist on following me…….

As I was pouring out plenty of cold sweat, I suddenly heard Saki’s inner voice.

[……Hm? I saw someone go in, but it was Misaki sensei…… Was the person to whom Onii chan promised to go was Misaki sensei,……? This is quintessential and unexpected…….]

Saki’s normal atmosphere is somewhat of a relief.

However, the fact that there is a voice means that Saki is coming close by. The store is not huge, so I’m sure I’ll recognize Saki as soon as she comes in…….


The owner calls out to the visitor. Huh, did she come in?

I look at the visitor. Then, a strange girl with a black hat, brown bob-cut hair, and glasses came in. Huh? Isn’t that Saki? She is dressed in a more active manner than usual.

Misaka san and Misaki sensei also glanced in the direction of the visitor, but returned their gaze, thinking she was just a stranger.

[………Okay. they haven’t noticed. It’s okay because my look is completely different from usual ! It’s kind of sad that even Onii chan doesn’t notice me, but……]

I knew it was Saki. Wait, is Saki a master of disguise? They say that makeup makes a woman a different person, but does it really change that much?

It’s an unexpected aspect, but for now, let’s pretend I haven’t noticed her…..

Right now, Saki is not my priority….I guess.

What should I do…….

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