The day of escape is near.

Because as long as I don’t yet have the medicine to cure me from my child body, I can’t take action.

But I can practice.

I move to the basement and through the hole that leads to the garden.

“…..There’s no one around.”

After carefully checking my surroundings for anyone, I step out of the hole.

Okay, so far so good.

“Now I just need to move around in the shadows as much as possible……”

I arrived at a tall gate that must have been three meters high.

Once I climbed up this gate, I was free.

However, I have a bad feeling about the gate.

It’s just a gut feeling, but there’s something.


I picked up a stone that had fallen in the yard and threw it lightly toward the gate.

And then.

Boom ! ! ! !

The stone shattered with a loud noise.

“……The security system is so powerful.”

I think it was probably electricity or something.

I can’t touch it.

“Either turn off the electricity itself, or use rubber gloves……I’d have to go back soon.”

After all, escaping from this mansion is not going to be a simple matter.

Well, now is probably not the time to escape.

I moved back to the basement just as I did when I came here, moving carefully so that I wouldn’t be found.

“……What is everyone doing at this time of night?”

It’s just before sunrise.

Someone always comes to my room at sunrise, so they should already be awake at this time of day.

It would be better to gather information in order to know the best time to escape.

Fortunately, this basement leads to the basements of various places in the mansion.

Since I already know whose rooms are located where, it would be a good place to gather information.

If I remember correctly, it was Midori’s turn today, so I decided to go to the place where I could hear Midori’s voice.

[Haa, haa, haa.]

As I move to the area around Midori’s room, I hear someone gasping for breath.

No doubt, it is Midori’s voice.

Is she exercising in the morning?

[Haa, haa, hmmm, Asumi…..♡]

Eh? Ah, eh?

Ah, so that’s……. No, no, it wasn’t intentional ! !

Apparently, Midori was in the middle of playing with herself.

[Unh, no, it’s too much]

Hey ! !

How intense am I in Midori’s mind ! ! Be gentle with a girl ! !

……Damn, listening to Midori’s voice made me feel weird too ! !

“……Sooo, haa……”

I close my eyes and calm my mind.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in bodhisattva mode. Yes, my mind is like the ocean now. I meditate deeply, deeply.

[♡ haa, haa, haa……. haa, what am I doing…….]

Midori has reached the post nut clarity, or so it seems, and has cooled off on her own.

No wonder.

[……I think it’s time to go to Asumi’s room.]

!? Oh, man, this is no time to be eavesdropping on someone playing alone ! !

I moved to the basement in a panic and came back to my room.

“Shower shower ! !”

Dirt on my body makes me look suspicious.

I rushed into the shower room and cleaned the dirt off my body.

Just then, Midori came into my room.

“You always take a bath, don’t you?”

“A-ahaha, I’m a clean freak ! !”

Just in time ! !

“……Hey, don’t you do any stretching?”


“It’s good for your health if you do it after taking a bath or when your body is warm. I’ll help you, sit on the floor with your legs open.”


I did as Midori told me and sat on the floor with my legs open.

Then, Midori lightly pushes my back.

“Ugh, it really hurts…….”

“It’s a sign that your body is stiff. If you do it every day after taking a bath, the pain will start to get better.”

“I-is that so?”

After stretching for a while, Midori suddenly muttered.

“……I’m sorry.”

“Eh? For what?”

“…..Um, for keeping you locked up here. It seems like you went to the zoo with Murasaki, but in the end it’s like you’re locked up.”

“Oh, uh, yeah, I see.”

So Midori is still in post nut clarity.

“I’m not worried about it. If there’s a chance, I’m going to run.”

“……..Do you think we’ll let you go so easily?”

“I don’t think so.”

That’s why I’m acting so carefully.

“……Hey, if it’s okay with you, Asumi……”


“Why don’t you go to some other country and marry us? Then we can have lots of children and live happily. Of course, I’ll be your legal wife.”


I think it’s very tempting.

But when I think of the predecessors who built that basement…..probably the father of Akane san and the others, I feel uneasy.

Somehow, I feel like I’m really going to become a useless person who can’t be saved.

On top of that, these seven sisters will probably spoil me, so I could become a full-fledged degenerate.

That’s a bit out of the question, isn’t it?

“I don’t want to be a no-good person. Just so you know, it’s not that I don’t like you guys, okay?”

In fact, I like them.

“But if I were to marry you all, like Midori said earlier, I wouldn’t have the strength to support you all.”

“We can handle that, you know?”

“I can’t do that ! ! If I do that, I’ll really be a useless person ! !”

“……It’s not like we care.”

I’m sure.

I’ve long understood over the past few weeks that everyone really likes me.

But that’s why I don’t want to be an irresponsible guy.

“……Yeah, but I get it. Then let’s play.”


“Either we corrupt Asumi first, or you escape from here and corrupt us first.”

“Wait. That’s a disadvantageous game for me, because I have to escape once…….”

“Don’t worry about the details. By the way, Asumi.”


“Did you do some weird exercise? I mean, the way your muscles have grown…umm, it looks like you’ve been digging a hole.”


M-my muscles are growing !? Y-you can even tell that !?

“Oh, well, you see, before I came here, I was a part-time construction worker ! !”

“Hmm? ……Come to think of it, you had some debts because of your scum parents, right?”

I-I was able to fool her ! ! That was close ! !

I was in a cold sweat as I stretched with Midori that day.

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