I wake up to the sound of my alarm.

It is only 5:50 in the morning.

As for why I’m getting up so early……

“Mom, Dad, be careful.”

“Yeah, we’re off.”

“Don’t forget to lock the door.”

I was seeing them off.

Actually, my dad can leave the house at around 7:00 a.m. and still have enough time to get to work.

However, he leaves the house at this time every day, drops Mom off at work, and then heads to his own office.

He says, [Your mom is too clumsy and dangerous to be left alone.]

Incidentally, on the way home, Mom waits until Dad leaves the office and comes home with him.

She says it’s so that he won’t be falsely accused of molestation on the train.

When it comes to my mother, public statues are important.

…In short, it seems like the two of them want to be together even for a little while.

I believe my dad’s office closes at 5:00 p.m., but sometimes the two of them come home late at night. Perhaps Hikari will be a big sister in a little while.

After seeing them off, I start making breakfast and lunch.

I’m in charge of all the housework.

Hikari, however, does not have any chores to share.

Well, it looks like yesterday was a day off, but I want to support Hikari who is working hard in the track team, so it’s not that hard for me.

I finished making breakfast and lunch.

Usually at this time of the day…..

“Good morning, Onii chan”

Hikari wakes up.

“Onii chan. Do you want to give me a morning hug?”

Hikari, with sleepy eyes, becomes a pampered child.

I opened my hand and welcomed Hikari into my arms.

“….I knew it, Onii chan’s smell is soothing.”

It may seem like a strange scene from the side, but this is the daily life of brother and sister.

“Hikari, if you don’t get ready soon, you’ll be late for school.Why don’t you go wash your face?

Hikari hugging me makes me happy, but I can’t make her late for school, so I urge her to the bathroom.

After that, we eat breakfast together, brush our teeth, change into our school uniforms, and set our hair……

“Then Hikari, let’s go to school.”

“Eh? Are you going with me today? You usually go with Maki senpai.”

“I broke up with her yesterday, so I don’t think Sudo will be coming to pick me up from now on, so from now on we’ll go together.”

“Yay !”

DIng dong.



“……I’m going to go get it.”

Let’s cancel yesterday’s ignored declaration for a moment.


“Ah ! Kento, that [I have nothing to say to you. From now on, you’re on your own.]”

Clank ! I hung up the intercom with a loud thud.

This is a sign of my rejection.

“……Onii chan. I feel a little sorry for her. I think you should be a little more gentle.”

“……I know.”

Not wanting to get into an awkward atmosphere with Hikari, I responded anyway, but I hope I don’t even have the chance to be nice to that person anymore.

A few minutes later, after making sure Sudo wasn’t at the front door, I went to school with Hikari.


Lunch break. I was having lunch with my friend Yuto, and we were having a nice chat.

“I’m serious about getting a girlfriend.”

“Yuto, if you really want a girlfriend, why don’t you approach a girl you like?”

“I guess the words of a guy who has a girlfriend carry a lot of weight.”

My friend Yuto and I were seated in the center of the room, first and second from the back.

From this seat, I could confirm that Maki’s ears were twitching in the front row on the left.

She must have been listening.

Well, that’s okay.

“I don’t have a girlfriend anymore.”

A moment later, the air in the classroom froze. At the same time, many stares pierced through the air.

I think I raised my voice a little too loudly with anger mixed in, which probably played a part in the surprise, but it was definitely shocking news to the others in the classroom.

Our relationship was already official at this grade, or at least at this school.

……Well, anyway, Maki is kind to guys other than me, so there will probably be boys aiming for her.

So, I suddenly thought to myself.

–Or rather, why didn’t these guys ever wonder how abusing she is to me?

She was abusing me a lot in the classroom.

An accomplice? Are they an accomplice?

“Hey ! What’s wrong with your sudden daze, Kento?”

“Oh, my bad.”

“So? Why did you break up?”

I can see that many of my classmates are listening in.

Well, let me tell you at this point.

“I’m tired of her abuse. She used to be so nice to me……”

As I say this, I heard a rattling sound from the seat in front of me ! I hear the sound of a chair being knocked over.

Damn it, she was listening too.

…..Is she going to yell at me?

I thought so, but when I thought her shoulders were shaking, she walked out of the classroom without fixing her chair, covering her eyes with her arms.

……Was she crying?

An indescribable atmosphere drifted through the classroom.

Ding dong ding dong

“Get to your seats.”

The teacher entered the classroom at the same time the warning bell rang.

The indescribable atmosphere relaxes and classmates start to take their seats.

……This teacher saved the day.

In the end, Maki never showed up for class after the lunch break.

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God save this couple please