“Sana, don’t you have a lot of luggage today? I’ll carry it.”

“Fufu, thanks.”

It’s been a few weeks since Sana and I started dating.

It has become a regular thing for me to spend weekends with Sana, and today, when Sana found out that her parents were going out, she wanted to come over to my house.

I took the large paper bag that Sana brought and tried to look inside it, but ……

“Ah! Don’t look in it yet!”

“…… got it.”

Somehow, with a sense of the timing, I could guess what Sana had brought.

I was really curious about what was inside, but I decided to look forward to it later.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

Sana came to my house and served me tea in the living room.

My family is a coffee drinker and Sana is a tea drinker, so there was already tea for Sana in the house.

My parents and Sana have never met yet, but that’s how they found out I have a girlfriend.

Well, they seemed to be looking forward to the day they could meet, so they would greet her favorably.

We sat side by side on the sofa, sipped each other’s drinks and took a break.

“……It’s getting much colder, isn’t it?”

Saying that, Sana put her head on my shoulder.

It probably doesn’t matter what season or temperature it is, as she likes to be pampered like this when we sit side by side.

Of course, I would not point it out and move away from her.

“Yes, it is. Is it cold inside?”

“…… Hmmm, I guess I’ll be fine if I do it like this.”

Sana says so and hugs me from the side.

It’s not cold enough to turn on the heater yet, so I guess she just wants to be pampered.

When I stroked Sana’s head, she narrowed her eyes in comfort.

“….. are you sleepy?”

“No,……, I’m fine. Oh, but I feel like I haven’t kissed you good morning yet today.”

Of course, we don’t kiss like that every day, so I knew it was just Sana begging for it.

I silently put my mouth on Sana.

It was a short one, just a touch, but Sana opened her eyes wide, as if she didn’t expect it to be done so easily.

“Eyes, You’re awake, aren’t you?”

“…… Shota-kun, you don’t get too shy, do you?”

Sana, whose face turned red, looked up at me with dissatisfaction.

I said with a wry smile to Sana.

“It’s because Sana gets embarrassed every time. You know, it’s just that I feel more relaxed when I see someone who is more nervous than me. I’m nervous too, and I do feel a little embarrassed.”

“But ……”

Sana looked down a little, her eyes flickering with anxiety.

“What is it?”

“…… soon, won’t you get bored with it?”


get bored, huh?

It’s not like I haven’t heard of couples stuck in a rut breaking up easily, and it’s not like I don’t understand Sana’s feelings.

But …….

“I can’t imagine the feeling of being bored at all right now. …… so how can you trust that I’ll always love Sana?”


This time Sana pretended to be thinking about something and then slowly put her arms around my neck.

“…… tell me that you love me. If you say it in words, I’ll be relieved.”

“Sana, I love you.”

When I told her so, Sana giggled.

“No, I can’t help but feel like I’m making you do it.”

“I guess so.”

I thought the same thing and laughed too.

“Then tell me if you ‘like’ me or …… think I’m, you know, ‘cute,’ and don’t hide it?”

I also ponder over Sana’s words.

“….of coursese, I’m going to keep telling you that.”

“Eh ….I-Idiot!”

Sana’s face turned even redder, and she moved away from me and rolled over to the other side to hide her face.

I chase after her and cover Sana.

“…… Sana, you’re so cute.”

“Hey, wait …….”

When I whispered in her ear, Sana covered her ears in shame.

That gesture is irresistibly cute and brings a smile to my face.

“Sana, I love you”

“Ugh. ……”

Sana seemed to be able to hear that, and she moved slightly, as if she was in agony.

“Shota-kun… I’m so happy I’m going crazy…”

Sana glanced up at me, her eyebrows lowered and her eyes moist as if she was troubled.

I kiss Sana again.


We haven’t kissed deeply yet, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop once we get that far.

…Or rather, I’m pretty full too.

Sana is really shy, and it just makes me want to see that expression even more.

…… Shota-kun.”

When I let go of her lips, Sana still turned her moist eyes toward me.

This probably means that her shyness has reached its limit.

“….Sana, You’re surprisingly weak at being spoiled.”

“……T-That’s not true! Shota-kun’s mean!”

I stroke Sana’s head as she curls up and slumbers, but she doesn’t look up.

I called out to her for a while but she didn’t respond, and when I tried to stop petting her, she grabbed my hand and brought it to her head, and as I continued petting her, I reflected a little that I had overdone it.

Sana’s dish today was gratin.

It was delicious, and she knew exactly what I liked, such as broccoli with or without spinach.

“Sana, you’ve become a good cook, haven’t you? …… No, it was good from the beginning.”

“Fufu, thank you. Shota-kun is praising me for practicing, right? happy”

“Yeah …….”

Sana’s mood improved automatically as she watched me eat the gratin.

…I think it’s cowardly because just by looking at Sana, I can feel her goodwill.

“I’ll do the washing up. Leave it in the sink.”

“Ah, …….Yeah Can I ask you to do it?”

“? Yes.”

I was a little bit surprised that Sana, who usually wants to clean up the mess with me, left it to me so easily, but I had no complaints, so I nodded my head.

And then Sana quickly got up from her seat and said

“….. can I borrow another room?”

“…. Okay, go ahead.”

I remembered what Sana had brought with her.

“bathroom? Or my room would be fine.”

“I want Shota-kun’s room!”

I thought about it, Sana has been over to my house a few times, but she has never been in my room.

I don’t have anything that would make her eyes light up that much. ……

“Okay, it’s on the second floor, I’ll show you first.”


Smiling bitterly at Sana, who couldn’t contain her excitement like a child heading to a theme park, I took her to my room.


“Okay, I’m gonna go wash it.”

“Yeah, Sorry?”

After waving his hand as if to say, ‘Don’t worry about it,’ Shota-kun left.

The door closes and I’m left alone.

(This is Shota-kun’s room ……)

A study desk, a bookshelf, a small table, and a bed.

Unlike the living room, I could see scenes of the person I love living here, studying, reading books, sleeping,…… and my heart tightens as I see the scene of the person I love living here.

Among them,……

I sat down on the bed as if dizzy and drawn.

I patted the futon with my hand as if to check its texture.

As it was, I lay down on the futon with a poof.

(Quick, I have to get dressed. ……)

Shota-kun might come up after he finishes washing up.

Even if he waits for me in the living room, I don’t want to keep him waiting that long.

But when I imagine Shota sleeping unprotected on this futon, I find it hard to leave.

(…… I can smell Shota-kun’s scent)

I am invited to a place where I can feel him more.

The destination is a pillow, and I bury my face in it and breathe in heavily.


A shiver runs down my spine at the sensation of my lungs being filled with him.

I couldn’t contain my excitement, yet the somewhat reassuring smell of it even seemed like a narcotic.


My thoughts stop and I can’t move as it is.

I’m about to fall asleep, but I can’t because it would be a shame to do so.

In the end, I was able to take my face off the pillow when I heard Shota-kun come up and knock on the door.

“Sana, is it going to take much longer?”

“Y-yes! It won’t take long, so just wait a little longer!”

Even though I left Sana in the room and finished washing the dishes right away, and couldn’t wait to come back almost immediately, I felt something odd about Sana’s rushed response.

(……It’s taking you so long, isn’t it?)

well, I think that’s what happens when you’re not used to wearing clothes, and maybe it hasn’t taken as long as I think it has.

With a little time to get used to the new clothes, it’s not long before I can see the cute Sana.

“……, sorry to keep you waiting, you can open the door.”


I can hear Sana saying this through the door, and I can hear her moving around inside the room.

I opened the door, feeling a little disappointed that Sana didn’t invite me in.

“…. what are you doing?”


When I entered the room, Sana had completely covered herself with the futon on my bed.

She must have gotten in there in a hurry after I gave her permission.

I approach the bed and ask Sana, while looking at the clothes that Sana was wearing, which are neatly folded on the table.

“…..not yet?”

“…. No.”

The futon in the dumpling state shakes as Sana shakes her head in the futon.

I decided that I had received her approval, and threw the futon over me at once.

“Eh ……?!”

“Oh ……!”

Sana, surprised, rolls her eyes and looks at me.

In response, I couldn’t help but let out a voice of admiration.

(…… cute)

Sana is wearing a frilly maid outfit and a catsuit with cat ears and frills on her head.

The way Sana blinked her eyes, which reminded me of a kitten, was fiercely adorable.

“Kyaa! My heart is not ready ……”

While we stared at each other as if time had stopped, Sana was the one who started moving first, and she was the one who leaned forward to snatch the futon back from me.

I reflexively threw the futon off the bed, sat down to block Sana’s progress, and held her in place.

“S-Shota kun. Just wait a minute …….”

The woman who was caught twisted herself as if struggling, but of course there was no way I would let her go.

ust like that, I stroked her back and whispered soothingly.

“…… no, I can’t wait.”


Sana screams inaudibly, perhaps from shame.

I laughed at that and patted her head this time.

“It suits you very well. Did you prepare it for me?”

I know it was an obvious question, but I wanted Sana to tell me.

Perhaps to hide her expression, Sana buried her face in my chest and muttered as if she was thinking about it.

“….. that’s right. There’s no one else I want to show to other than Shota-kun.”

“I see, thank you.”

I love Sana’s sullen and arrogant things, so I keep patting her head.

Sana also seemed to have given up and relaxed and surrendered herself to me.

“….. really cute.”

“Thank you, …….”

“I want to keep looking at it.”


As I continued to praise her, Sana looked up, unable to hide the slack in her cheeks.

“….. trick or treat.”


I tilted my head and Sana laughed, her face still red, as if she had just done it.

“If you don’t give me candy, …… I’ll play tricks on you, okay?”

“Oh, …… that’s right. Here, this.”

I took out a piece of chocolate and handed it to Sana.


Sana receives this with an indescribable expression.

If I could see Sana’s expression like this, I’d be glad I brought the dishes with me when I washed them earlier.

“…… then, me too. Trick or treat.”


Sana looks flustered at my retort.

“It’s Halloween, so you cosplayed, right? …Let me play a prank on you.”

I can tell I’m making a bad face even by myself.

Sana said to me, her expression twitching.

“…… like this chocolate”

“That’s the one I gave you. Of course not.”

“If you wait a minute, there’s candy in the bag I left downstairs. ……”

“You think I’m going to wait?”

As I approached, Sana resisted with an expression that I wasn’t sure whether she was scared or happy.

“W-wait! Please, just a little ……!”

“No, you are running out of time.”

Saying that, I caught Sana and tickled her side.

“Hahahaha! Wait, wait! Really no!”

“It’s your fault for not giving me sweets. Give up.”

“Hahahaha! M-mou, it hurts!”

After that, she would be in a bad mood because I kept rubbing Sana until she was groggy, and I would be reminded that I had overdone it again.

..I kept quiet about the fact that I was a little aroused by the sight of Sana’s disheveled clothes and glimpses of her underwear as she ran wild, her cheeks flushed and panting.

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