After the two of us finished cleaning up the dishes, it was time to get ready for bed.

Then, it was finally time for a bath, or rather …….

“……, then, you go ahead and take a bath?”


Sana was going to her room to get her nightgown, so I went in first.

I can’t hide my nervousness and started to take off my clothes as Sana walked out of the changing room.

(…… Really, is she coming?)

I kept blaming this nervousness on the fact that I was taking a bath in someone else’s house, and kept telling myself that even Sana wouldn’t come as a quirk.

That thought was easily blown away when Sana came into the changing room as I was washing my hair in the bathroom.

“…… Sana, are you serious?”

Fearfully, I called out to Sana in the changing room.

The silhouette of Sana taking off her clothes caught my eye, and I hurriedly looked away.

“…… Yeah, Shota-kun, don’t you want to?”

She stopped undressing and asked me if I didn’t want to.

I answered honestly.

“….I don’t hate it. But if Sana is forcing herself on me, I don’t want to do it.”

“Fufu. …….”

Sana’s laughter was heard in a small voice, Sana began to undress again, and when she finished, she opened the bathroom door.


Through the mirror, I saw Sana come in wearing only a towel wrapped around her.

Sana smiled shyly and then clung to my back.


“…..I’m not forcing myself to do it.”

My back feels warmer than usual.

“It’s embarrassing, but it’s not forced. I wondered what I should say ……. It’s like a happy thrill, though …….”

I somehow understood what Sana was trying to tell me.

I guess that’s exactly what I’m feeling right now…

“……, I understand.”

“…… yeah.”

Sana’s face was placed on my shoulder blades.

“…… Shota-kun, you are very nervous, aren’t you?”

“Shut up. Sana too right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

The two of us laughed quietly.

“You’re going to catch a cold, so let’s go in.”

“Yeah. Ah, But first, let me wash your back.”

“……, okay, please.”


Sana took one of the towels hanging in the bathroom, wet it, and lathered it with body soap.

I was looking at Sana’s back while I was having trouble finding a place to look.

“…… it’s embarrassing to be stared at so much.”

When I looked at her through the mirror, Sana chuckled as if she was in trouble.

“It can’t be helped. I don’t have anywhere else …… to look.”

When I said that, Sana looked at me with anxious eyes and said.

“…… weird?”

I answered, wondering how she could ask such a question.

“No, it’s not. ….Sanana is so beautiful, it’s hard for me to look at her.”

“Eh ……”

Saying that, I turned away, and Sana gave a surprising voice.

I looked at Sana slowly and saw that she was crying.


“I’m sorry ……, I’m so happy ……”

As she said, Sana’s mouth looked happy.

Relieved by that, I hugged Sana this time.

Sana’s warmth was conveyed more clearly than usual.

That simply made me happy.

“There’s …… no need to cry, right?”

“……Yes, that’s right. ……I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.”

“…… yeah.”

I really loved Sana in my arms and stroked her head.

“…… I’ll wipe it with my foamy hands, so it’s on your face.”

“Yeah. ……”

“Turn your face this way.”


I was so happy to see her.

I kissed her on the mouth.

“Did you want to kiss me, ……?”

Sana asked me that when I spoke my lips.

I was actually just going to take the bubbles, but I honestly told her that looking at Sana made me want to do it.

“Yeah, looking at Sana made me want to do it. I want to …… do it more, a lot.”

After saying that, I wipe the bubbles on Sana’s face and put my mouth on her again.

“…..Yes. Me too, more.”

When I left, Sana, and when she left, I kissed again and again, and I thought it would last forever, but it ended when I sneezed.

We took turns finishing washing our hair and bodies and soaking in the bathtub together.

The bathtub at Sana’s house was spacious, but it was too small for the two of us, and Sana was able to fit between my legs with her back to me.


As both of us were feeling each other’s tension, Sana opened her mouth.

“…… feels so good.”

“…Yeah, but isn’t it too small on Sana’s side?”

“It’s okay.”

Sana leans her back against me.

I can’t resist it and accept it.



Sana smiled a little and said

“I can feel Shota-kun directly….”


I was so happy that Sana laughed, although she couldn’t hide her embarrassment.

I was relieved and hugged Sana from behind.

“…… Sana is so soft.”

“Shota-kun is …… rugged.”

Sana puts her hand on top of my hand, which is around Sana’s stomach.

I soaked in silence for a while, but I felt like I was going to get carried away by the direct feeling of Sana’s body temperature, so I decided to go up first.

It took us a while to eat and take a bath, so by the time we went into Sana’s room to sleep together, the sun was already up.

There was a corkboard in Sana’s room with my picture all over it, and no matter how sweet the mood we were in, I couldn’t help but be speechless when I saw it.


“Um, …….”

Next to me, Sana, wearing a fluffy toweling nightgown, pretends to be searching for words.

“…… why all the pictures of us together?

I was wondering where to begin, and I was the one who spoke first.

“N-not together. For example, ……, this one has a little bit loose around the mouth and kind eyes, and this one has a little bit grim face, right?”

“No, well, ……, I can understand if you say so.”

I can tell the difference if it’s an extreme one, which Sana used as an example.

But that’s not the point I’m trying to make the most of.

“But isn’t it mostly just me reading the book?”

Yes, most of the pictures posted there are just me reading a book.

The remaining few pictures are ones we took together after we started dating.

Sana answered my question with a sultry look.

“…… yes, but it’s not like that.”

“What kind of riddle is this ……?”

I let out a sigh and put my hand on Sana’s head.

“Pretty much, there are some pictures from before, aren’t there? ……I’m glad you thought of me before all this, but if I had known before we started dating, I would have tried to distance myself from you more.”

“Yeah. ……”

Sana turns her face down, as if reflecting.

“I know. So I thought I would properly apologize ……. I’m sorry.”

……… Well, she’s sorry, and I’m not going to get mad at her.

I let go of Sana’s head and took out my smartphone

“Fine. …… In exchange, I want a picture of Sana, too.”

Sana blinked at my suggestion and then laughed.

“Yeah, but I want Shota-kun to be in the picture too.”

“We’ll take a picture of the two of us. …… look, pose for me.”

“Eh, even if you suddenly say pose, ……”


I took a picture of Sana’s distressed expression.

“Wait, wait!

“I’m going to take more and more pictures!”

I took pictures one after another.

Sana looked confused and embarrassed, but she posed awkwardly.


“Ah! Shota-kun, you laughed, didn’t you?”

I laughed when I saw Sana’s expression twitch, and she angrily crowded me and hugged me.

“Oh, hey. I can’t take pictures with this.”

“My turn is over, let’s take a picture together, shall we?”

I gave up when Sana looked up at me and asked that

“That’s right. Let’s see… ……”

“If you press here, I can point the camera toward you.”

(Pretty much, you have to hold it to take a picture. ……)

I had never taken a selfie before, so Sana lectured me on how to take a selfie, saying things like, “You have to take it from a little higher up …….” I took it.

“…… Sana.”

“Hmm, what?”

Sana, who was engrossed in looking at the screen, turned her head that way and replied.

“Hyah ……!?”

I kissed Sana on the cheek and at the same time pressed the shutter button.

“I got some good shots,”

“…… this, I can’t see Shota-kun’s face.”

I was happy to be able to take a picture of Sana blushing and surprised, and Sana seemed dissatisfied that it was hard to see my face.

“Well, let’s go to bed.”

“Let’s take a picture of the other way around too.”

“It’s no fun if you do it knowingly, right?”

“Muu, I’ll do it by surprise next time!”

“……, pick a good spot, will you?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

I catch Sana as she tries to escape, and this time I kiss her on the lips.

“…You did a lot today.”

Sana said that with a shy smile while touching her lips.

D”o you want me to stop now?”

“No, more.”

This time, Sana kissed me.

When it broke away, Sana pulled me to her and rolled me onto the bed, inviting me to join her.

“… sleep on the futon together?”

“Fufu, it’s a little late for that now.”

I was getting nervous here, and when I asked her that, Sana pulled me further and made me cover myself.

“Shota-kun …….”

Sana looked up at me with moist eyes.

“Nn……, nn…….”

We kissed over and over again, and sometimes Sana would suck on my upper lip as if sucking it, and in response I would suck on her lower lip, and we would take turns, and we would continue until we lost consciousness. As I did so, I fell asleep feeling happy.

(TL/N : Finally this is the end, a sweet story, I thought this will be a generic yandere story but well oh well I can’t be more wrong, thank you for reading this WN, don’t forget to support author san and if you have recommendations please tell !)

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7 months ago

Thank you for the translation I liked that story a lot even though it was too short

3 months ago

Love how there’s no unnecessary embarrassment like other couples in other stories. Too bad it’s already at the end.