“Good morning, Shota kun!”

“Oh, good morning.”

Two months have passed since then, and the calendar has turned to December.

I’ve gotten used to our unusual relationship.

Sana’s morning greeting to me has changed from the classroom to the station.

Sana takes the train that arrives right after I do, but there is nothing for her to wait

We didn’t really decide, but for some reason it had become like an unspoken rule for us.

“Fufu… …….”

Sana is lined up next to me, smiling happily.

I’ve been healed just by looking at this face since this morning.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m so happy that I can go to school with Shota-kun like this as a matter of course.”

As usual, Sana is straight forward in expressing her love for me.

I too felt the same way, but …….

“You were saying that the other day too. You look like a strange girl when you grin like that.”

“Mouu! Shota-kun, you’re really mean!”

Saying that, Sana angrily intertwined her arms around me.


“It’s going to get colder from now on, and it’s natural for us to do this, right?”

Sana, with a nasty smile on her face, looks up at me with her cheeks slightly reddened.

“….. it’s still too early. You’ll have to put up with this.”


I untangled her arms and grabbed Sana’s hand.

“…Shota-kun’s hands are warm after all.”

“Sana’s hand too, warm”

“Fufu…That’s not what I meant,…….”

“……I got it, let’s go.”

Even after we started walking, Sana was playing with my hand, so I walked as slowly as possible.

“Oh, good morning! Sana!”

When we arrived at the classroom, Kobayashi was the first to call out to Sana.

Sana answered by waving her hand and saying, “Good morning,” while not letting go of my hand.

“Well then, Shota-kun, see you later.”


I guess by “later,” she probably means library duty.

Sana, who seemed to be reluctant to let go of my hand, smiled at me before heading to her seat.

“…… looks like a lot of fun.”

I also took my own seat, and Kikuchi teased me as usual.

“….. you, don’t you have a little more variation?”

“It’s wrong to ask that of this person.”

Takagi, who had apparently been talking with Kikuchi, laughed as she said so.

“……, it seems that you are hotter today.”

“Whaa……! I don’t want you and Sana to tell me that!”

Not surprisingly ……, Kikuchi and Takagi started dating about a month after the cultural festival.

I think it was worth it for me to consult with Takagi several times to get her to drop Kikuchi, who is basically a quiet and slow-paced person.

“You don’t have to deny it so much, okay?”

“No, it’s not good, is it? IIdiot!”

The fact that Takagi is so blatantly embarrassed by Kikuchi’s reaction makes me smile.

“……I’m reading a book or something, so take your time.”

“That’s not what I said. ……”

As for Takagi fussing in the back, Kikuchi would do something about it, and I concentrated on my book until class started.

[Hey, that’s great, Shota! Let’s have a Christmas party together!]

“That’s something I’ve said no to many times. ……”

I received a call from Tomoki right after lunch break, so I asked Sana to go ahead and talk to him, and it seemed that Tomoki had not yet given up on the invitation to the Christmas party he was hosting.

[That’s good, isn’t it? Of course, Sana-chan can come along too ……]

“…… hey.”

I stopped Tomoki’s words with a start.

“Try saying ‘Sana-chan’ one more time and I’ll block you and never take you off again.”

Tomoki hurriedly corrected himself, as if he could tell that I meant what he said.

[I-I said I’m sorry! Sakurae-san!]

I exhaled and calmed myself down.

[…..but I didn’t know Shota could be that]

“Of course. Sana is so cute, if I don’t keep an eye on her, I don’t know when she’s going to get …… targeted.”

Tomoki interrupts my words by saying, ‘Yes yes, I understand’

“Yeah, you’ll have to find someone else.”

I was about to hang up the phone when I suddenly thought of something and asked Tomoki.

“How are …… Tachibana and Yamamoto doing?”

Tomoki’s tone of voice dropped as if he sensed that I was talking about something serious, but he answered in his usual tone,

“It’s the same as ever. ……They have been together for a long time, but there is no sweet atmosphere as if they are dating.”

“I see,… Are you okay with that?”

Tomoki snorts a laugh at my question.

[There’s nothing good about it. …I’ll be quiet and look for a new love.]

“….. Oh, do that.”

I’m not sure if I should hang up right there, so I’ll just add a few words.

“I can’t do Christmas, but I’ll go out with you when there’s nothing going on.”

“Hehehe ……. I’ll ask you out again.”

After exchanging these words, I hung up the call this time.

“Shota-kun, you’re late,…….”

“Sorry …….”

When I arrived at the library, as expected, Sana was miffed. 

I opened my mouth to get rid of it.

“Tomoki invited me to a Christmas party again.”

“Are you going…..?”

I patted Sana’s head as she looked up at me anxiously.

“I’m not going. Let’s …… spend time together.”


Sana smiled at my hand, squinting her eyes comfortably.

I was so relaxed that I felt like petting her all the time, so I quickly let go of her hand.

“…… a little more.”

“No, there are too many people here today.”

Maybe it’s because it’s winter and cold, but there are more people in the indoor library than in the summer.

I don’t even want to show Sana’s loose expression in front of …… too many people.

Sana doesn’t know about my feelings and swells again.

“Shota-kun, are you still embarrassed?”

“It’s not that I’m embarrassed or anything, it’s just that …… there are some people who don’t really like to see other people in that way.”


II had no choice but to whisper in Sana’s ear as she was about to bend her waist

“I don’t want…… lose my patience.”


Sana’s face instantly turns red.

That look is so cute that I laugh.

Sana muttered, ‘…That’s cowardly,’ and shrank back with an embarrassed expression on her face.

After we started dating, I realized something.

Sana likes to be pampered, but she has a hard time being pampered.

She came to my house on holidays and had a habit of wanting to hang out with me, but when I tried to hug her, she turned red and panicked.

I’m not going to let her go, though. ……

“….Shota kun”


I catches Sana on the sofa and buries my face in her shoulder and neck.

Sana, who was laid out, had become completely quiet.

“I’m about to prepare for dinner …….”

“It’s fine right…. take it easy today.”

“I-I might be sweating because of the crowded train. ……”

“It’s fine. …… you so good.”

“Ah …….”

Sana moves out of embarrassment, but I don’t let go of her.

“…….Did you see any strange people on the train or on the way there?”

“…I got into the women-only car. Shota-kun also came to the station.”

“Yes, but ……. If something happens, tell me right away.”

‘You’re a worrier,’ Sana said with a small laugh.

Then she stroked my head with a loving touch.

“If …… Shota-kun is there, I’ll be fine.”

I suggest a correction to those words.

“That’s me, too …… so why don’t we both stay?”

“…. I guess so.”

I put my mouth on Sana’s softly smiling face, loving her.

Sana turned red again, but this time she looked up at me with a pouting expression.

I noticed something.

“Did you get your hair cut again ……?”

Sana looked a little surprised and said

“Yeah, just a little bit of bangs,……. I’m surprised you noticed.”

“…… I knew it.”

I touched Sana’s slightly wider forehead and said.

“It suits you, you look cute.”

“…. yeah, thanks!”

Sana smiled daintily, like a flower.

(TL/N : Calm down…3 more side stories)

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I knew Kikuchi and Takagi might end up together but dang. So soon?! XD