Since then, the testing period has ended without anything with Sakurae.

No, perhaps the other side is not at peace since I have been ignoring the daily contact from Sakurae, though …….

At any rate, from a distance, it was the usual Sakurae.

“Hey, Sana. Let’s go somewhere during summer vacation.”

“Ah, I want to go with you!”

“Then, let’s all go somewhere together.”

“That sounds great. Let’s go somewhere together.”

Sakurae was busy making plans for her summer vacation, and she was more excited than ever.

I was listening to her and thought to myself, “good, go ahead and drop Sakurae.” I was cheering for the guy in my heart who seemed to be interested in her.

Even if it doesn’t go that far, just by filling Sakurae’s schedule during the holidays, I won’t have to worry about my peaceful time being threatened.

‘Umm, I think I might be a little too strict about staying ……. Why don’t you all go?”

Sakurae turned down their invitation, even with my support.

Immediately I thought, “Eh!” screams of disappointment spread.

Even so, the girl who was with Sakurae the other day and seemed to be on good terms with her became reluctant.

“Then, how about Sana’s house? Of course it’s just the girls, let’s have a girls’ night out.”

“Sure. I’ve made friends with Sana, so I want to go too.”

Another girl agreed, and Sakurae looked a little worried before saying

“Okay…… I’ll have to ask my mom and dad about it, so I’ll call you later.”

Sakurae’s reply made the boys look enviously at the girls who were so excited.

Soon after, they started inviting Sakurae and the other girls to play with them just during the day, changing the content of the game this way and that.

Well, the group is of different types, but all of them have a high level of good looks.

Not just the girls, but the boys as well.

I was hoping that those who matched well with each other would get along well, so I focused my attention on the book I was reading.

[I need some time tomorrow at lunchtime.]

One evening, after all the tests had been returned and the closing ceremony was the day after tomorrow, I received a call from Sakurae.

The reason for the extremely business-like nature of the message was probably because she was angry.

I had been reading through Sakurae’s messages to make sure she didn’t say anything out of the ordinary.

But I didn’t reply to her messages even though I knew I had already read them, so her messages gradually became tasteless.

I was surprised that she was still sending me messages.

[Okay, come to the back of the gymnasium. I’ll leave the classroom first, and I’ll call you if I have to change.]

I sent the message, and within a minute I received a reply.

[Yeah! I’ll look forward to it. Don’t be late this time, okay?]

[Ah, Shota-kun is going to go first, right? I’m sorry, I was quick to judge.]

[But don’t leave so slowly on purpose, okay? I want to hear all your stories.]

[Yeah. If you want, I can make lunch for you. Then we can be together from the beginning of lunch break.]

[What kind of side dishes do you like, Shota-kun? I’m not that good at cooking, but if it’s for Shota-kun, I’ll make it for you. ……]

I replied only once and threw my phone on the bed, which started telling me that I was receiving messages in succession.

(Were you that happy with my reply, ……?)

Sakurae sent the messages with more intensity than the first day I gave her my contact information, as if the initial business contact was a lie.

I didn’t think I needed to reply anymore, but I was curious about a sentence in Sakurae’s message that said, ‘I’m going to make lunch for you.’

[I’ll be there as soon as I can, so no need for a bento.”

I pick up my phone, ignore Sakurae’s message, which is still being sent to me, and return it.

(It’s better than refusing after she made it …….)

I wasn’t going to return only the bare minimum of messages, so I gave myself an excuse for breaking it.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Shota-kun!”

At lunchtime, Sakurae came to the unpopular back of the gymnasium as promised.

Sakurae was breathing a little irregularly, and I could tell that she came in a hurry.

…Actually, it’s been less than five minutes since I arrived here.

“You could have left a little more time, couldn’t you?”

Sakurae answered my nagging with a smile, not seeming to be able to bear it at all.

“I can’t sit around when I get to meet Shota-kun. I’ve been looking forward to it since last night.”

Saying this, Sakurae sat down next to me on the stairs at the back of the gym.

I immediately sat back down, leaving a distance of one person between us.

Sakurae looks at me with dissatisfaction.

“It’s …… wide, so you don’t have to cling to me.”

“You know it’s not because it’s too small that I’m clinging to you.”


I quickly realized that I was at a disadvantage and changed the subject.

“You made plans for your summer vacation, didn’t you?.”

Sakurae responded with a smile again.

“Shota-kun, you were so concerned about my plans.”

“…..I’m not.”

“Don’t worry okay? I’ll be there whenever Shota-kun calls me.”

“I’m telling you it’s not like that. ……”

Still, Sakurae smiles happily.

I looked away, not being able to understand the conversation that didn’t add up.

Sakurae takes this opportunity to close the distance between her and me.

I panicked and blamed her.

“Sakurae, you promised me no clinging. ……!”

“In public, you know. We are the only ones here, right?”

I looked at Sakurae and she was looking down at me, and her white chest and pink bra were right in front of my eyes.

“Y-you ……!”

I looked away again in a hurry, and Sakurae laughed happily.

“After all, Shota-kun, you’re a boy too.”

“You’re usually so proper ……!”

Sakurae has undone one of the breast buttons, and she also puts her index finger in the gap between her shirt and tries to spread it out for me to see.

“It’s only in front of Shota-kun and……. If it’s Shota-kun, it’s okay you know?”

(Damn! Even though You are embarrassed too ……!)

Sakurae’s face is also turning red.

However, Sakurae is not likely to change her attitude.

If that’s the case,…….

I stood up without looking at Sakurae any longer.

“……If you don’t have anything to say, I’m going to go. I’ve already fulfilled my promise to meet you at lunchtime.”

“Ah, ……! Wait, I’m sorry! I won’t do it again, please!”

This time, Sakurae panicked and stopped me.

I let out a big sigh and sat down.

“Get away from me some more….. and put on your clothes too.”

“……Yeah, okay.”

Sakurae, shrugging like a scolded child, followed my instructions.

The air was silent and awkward for a while.

I looked at Sakurae from the side and saw that she was still upset, so I had no choice but to talk to her.

“So, didn’t you have something to talk about today?”

“…… Nope.”

Sakurae looked down and shook her head.

“I wanted to see Shota-kun before summer vacation,…….”

“I see,…….”

It makes me happy that Sakurae thinks so.

(Am I an idiot, I’m ……. I’m going to repeat that again!)

I reprimanded myself for feeling that way harshly in my mind.

“Can I …… ask you something?”

As I was doing so, Sakurae said in a fearful tone

“What is it..?”

I asked, trying to keep my composure.

She looked a little lost, but continued.

“….What happened to Shota-kun?”



There is no doubt that Sakurae is asking about my trauma.

About that incident when I was in junior high school,…….

“It has nothing to do with …… that.”

I said that, and Sakurae looked at me with a desperate look on her face.

“It has to do with that! If there is someone who is tormenting Shota-kun, I will do something about it! They are enemies to me too! So …….”

I stood up, unable to listen.

“It has nothing to do with Sakurae. … I don’t want …… to get close to Sakurae, and I want her to just give up and leave me alone.”


I start walking, leaving Sakurae looking up at me with a tearful face.

“….Goodbye. I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone during the summer vacation or lose interest in me.”

If she does, this will be the last time I talk to her.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever talk to her again when I’m on library duty.

I was aware of the pain in my chest, but forced myself to chalk it up to my imagination and didn’t look back.

“I knew it was no good. …….”

I was so overwhelmed in the space where Shota-kun was no longer there.

I wish he could just leave the people who hurt Shota-kun alone and drown in me, but it doesn’t work out that way.

–I’d have overwritten them all if I had. ……

I would have done everything I could to make him forget all the things that made Shota-kun suffer and get his praise …….

I was in the middle of a fantasy about him wanting me when I finally realized that my thoughts had wandered off.

I blush alone at my embarrassing fantasy.

(The process will be different, but I hope so. …….)

Shota-kun’s last words.

He wish I could have a boyfriend other than Shota-kun,…….

“I don’t think that’s possible. ……”

Shota-kun’s wish, which is not an option for me at all, cannot be fulfilled.

In return, I need to make Shota-kun realize that I am his destined partner during summer vacation.

To me, Shota-kun should be it…….

In order to do that, I still have to deal with Shota-kun’s trauma first, it seems.

If not, we can’t move on.

If that’s the case, then …….

“……Shota-kun, I will save you no matter what.”

I renewed my resolve and began to think about my next move.

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9 months ago

Ah man, the MC just pisses me off. Author better makes up a good trauma for this or else MC remains just a jerk.

8 months ago
Reply to  Koukiri

I don’t know if I’d even accept whatever excuse he has at this point. Unless it’s something absolutely horrific, he’s just an idiot.

9 months ago

Well, the trauma is not flesh out iirc.

9 months ago

The MC deserved to get cucked #1

3 months ago

His trauma should be about him falling for a plain girl who became a bit popular, her ego inflated and betrayed him.

I don’t care about his trauma. It’s an insult to Sakurae for him to put her in the same place as that other girl. Not to mention she makes it clear that she likes him this much.