“Shota-kun won’t be …… annoyed if I talk to you in front of everyone, will you?”

Then, Sakurae’s eyebrows furrowed even more.

“What do you mean..?”

I asked, and Sakurae looked surprised.

“Oh, it wasn’t? Before Shota-kun started avoiding me, I thought he didn’t seem to want me to talk to him much in the classroom,…….”


I responded with silence.

It is true that I did not want people around me to know that I was friendly with Sakurae,…….

Sakurae gave me another troubled smile and continued.

“I don’t want to do anything that Shota-kun won’t like,……, but lately he’s been avoiding library duty, so we’ll just have to talk in the classroom.”

“Don’t …… do that.”

I take it as a declaration that we will talk to each other without worrying about being seen, and I stop Sakurae.

but she shook her head.

“No, no. That means we won’t have time to talk. .., so why don’t you make a deal with me?”

“A …… deal?”

I listened to Sakurae’s words with alarm.

“Yes,. But don’t worry, it’s not a big deal even though it’s a deal. …First of all, Shota-kun is not allowed to switch over library duty. ”

“Why are you telling such a thing ……!”

‘I have to be able to decide.’ Before I could say anything else, Sakurae added, ‘Instead…….’

“I won’t get involved with Shota-kun in front of everyone. But since I said we’re good friends today, let me at least say hello, okay?”


When I heard that, I thought that if I thought about it simply, it would be a proposal that would benefit me.

The only time I’m on library duty is once a week during lunch break.

On the other hand, Sakurae says she will not be involved at any other time.

And with final exams coming up soon, there is only one day left of library duty this semester, tomorrow.

It’s hard to imagine that Sakurae isn’t aware of this, but if I continue like this, I’ll only get home late, and I can’t think of a compromise that I can offer.

“I understand. …….”

I decided to accept the proposal, although there was a catch.

Sakurae’s shoulders relax, as if she is relieved.

“It’s a done deal. Shota kun will not switch over the book duty. I won’t get involved with Shota-kun in front of everyone.”

As if to confirm this, Sakurae said so, and I nodded.

“A promise okay”

“Of course, it’s a promise I made to Shota-kun. Leave it to me?”

Sakurae was full of confidence, but her doubts remained.

The discussion ended for now, leaving me with a feeling of unease in my heart.


When I left the school alone, leaving Sakurae in the classroom, I let out a sigh, realizing that I had finally gotten over my nervous state.

However, my head was full of Sakurae’s …….

(What was that, that was ……. That was totally different from before.)

First of all, Sakurae was not such a straight-talking girl.

At first, she often spoke with a lack of confidence, and even when she was close to me, she seemed more reserved.

What changed Sakurae ……?

Well, it’s obvious.

I said I was done with her, and that’s why she changed.

At this point, my heart aches a little.

(No, I didn’t do anything to Sakurae in the first place. I only talked to her when I was on duty sometimes. So why is Sakurae so obsessed with me? As for her personality, was it always her nature to be like that or ……?)

The more I think about it, the more I don’t know about Sakurae.

Still, I had to conclude that I had to somehow get away from Sakurae.

The next day at lunchtime, I headed to the library with heavy steps.

As promised, Sakurae did not talk to me in the classroom.

So I had to keep my promise too.

With this sense of duty, and telling myself that after today, I would not be on library duty until after the summer break, I somehow made it to the library.

“…… you’re late, Shota-kun.”

I knew that Sakurae would be waiting for me since I had left the classroom first, but I couldn’t help but get nervous when I met her face to face.

“Sorry …….”

I was afraid that if I ignored her, I would offend Sakurae and void the deal, so I said my apologies in a quiet voice.

Even so, Sakurae was a bit unfaithful and puffed out her cheeks as she said to me

“It’s been a while since I’ve been on duty with Shota-kun, so I was really looking forward to it,…….”

“You know, …….”


I just started talking to Sakurae normally, so I held my tongue.

Then, Sakurae’s eyebrows furrowed even more.

“What? I want you to say it.”

“It’s no big deal. I’m sorry I’m late.”

I shrugged it off and opened the paperback book I had brought with me.

I usually do this when I’m on duty at the library, so it doesn’t seem like I’m unnaturally avoiding conversation.

………….Today, there are many students who are coming to study for exams and there aren’t many loans out.

There seems to be more users than usual, but I doubt most of the students have any use for this one.

If I didn’t have to deal with Sakurae, it would be easier than usual, I thought.

The other party is Sakurae though…….

“……, hey”

“What’s wrong, Shota kun?”

Sakurae looks up at me with a wicked smile.

“Aren’t you close?”

Sakurae was leaning in close to me, as if looking into my paperback book.

She rests her chin lightly on my shoulder and her hand on my thigh.

“Is that so? I was just wondering what you were reading, Shota-kun, don’t worry about it.”

I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes, considering that just a few days ago, when I saw the magazine, I turned red and moved away from it.

(……This time it was on purpose, right?)

Even though I know this, I can’t help but pay attention to Sakurae, who is so close to me that I could easily be mistaken for a lover.

“A little more distance, please. We’ll be misunderstood.”

“I think it’s fine. It’s not a misunderstanding.

(Is this girlmaking fun of me?)

At the same time I think so, I notice that Sakurae’s eyes are serious.

I thought this distance was unpleasant, so I moved away from Sakurae.

“You didn’t have to be shy …….”

“I’m here for my duty. Don’t get involved in the public eye.”

I brought up the topic of a deal, but Sakurae said, “Hmm…”After looking around and thinking for a while, she again closed the distance I had left her.

“It’s all right. Everyone is studying and not paying attention to me.”


With that said, Sakurae boldly intertwines her fingers with my hand.

I was about to raise my voice, but Sakurae said happily, “Shhh” she pressed my lips with her free hand.

“If you speak louder, they will notice you, okay?”

“…… away from me.”

I couldn’t get any further away from the edge of the counter, so I made a desperate wish.

“Shota, you’re blushing.”

“……It’s your imagination.”

Sakurae puts her index finger on my cheek and smiles evilly again.

“…… you’re blushing too, aren’t you?”
I quickly said that as a way of getting back at her, and Sakurae’s expression changed to a shy, bashful smile.

“……Yes, I can tell even by myself. I’m very nervous.”


Sakurae’s expression made my heart skip a beat.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Sakurae, and Sakurae was also staring into my eyes.

(What do I look like now?)

Blood rushes to my head and my face is hot.

Sakurae looks like she’s in a daze, as if she’s floating in the heat.

Maybe I’m …… too.

“…… stop it.”

Desperately scraping together the calm part of me, I pushed Sakurae’s shoulders and let go of her body.

I squeezed out and Sakurae laughed sadly.

“……Yeah, that was a little fast. Besides, I can’t do any more here.”

“Even if it’s not here, please don’t do it.”

Sakurae pouted her lips as if sulking.

“Shota-kun, you didn’t dislike it either, did you?”

“I don’t think so.”

Perhaps Sakurae took my reaction as a sign of embarrassment, and said, “Hehe” laughed a little.

“Well, then, what can I have you do, Shota-kun?”


I don’t know what Sakurae meant by that, and I make a stupid sound.

Sakurae looked at me and smiled, squinting her eyes as if she were looking at something she loved.

“Because you don’t want me to be attracted to you, do you, Shota-kun? If that’s the case, then Shota-kun’s additional request is that I don’t get attached to him in public.”

“In the first place, you promised not to get involved in public, didn’t you?”

Sakurae denies it, shaking her head.

“I didn’t say in front of everyone, didn’t I? I thought it was in front of the class because it was in the classroom.”

“No, it’s not allowed anywhere where people can see us.”

Sakurae lowers her eyebrows in annoyance at the discrepancy in opinion.

“Well, I guess that makes it a little unfair. I’m trying to resist wanting to be by Shota-kun’s side no matter where I am… ”


Certainly, the way I see it, I felt the unfairness of the deal, so I can’t say anything.

Sakurae pretended to think about it, then suggested it again.

“Then let’s take Shota-kun’s way of looking at it.”

” … it okay?”

When I asked Sakurae, surprising her sincerity, as expected, she said, “nstead…”.

“May I add my request?”

“Depends on the request……”

Sakurae added two conditions.

“I want to have time to see Shota-kun, so will you spend your lunch break with me once a week, even if you’re not on library duty? Also, I’d like your contact information.”


The contact information is okay

As long as it’s not part of the commitment to respond.

The problem is that I don’t want to see her outside of book duty or at …….

If that’s the case, I won’t see her during the test period, but I will meet Sakurae at least once more this semester.

“Oh, Shota-kun can specify where we meet, and we definitely won’t contact each other at a time when someone can see us, okay?”

Sakurae’s addition worked, and I decided to accept that condition as well.

“…I understand. I’ll meet with Sakurae once a week off duty. I’ll also give you my contact information. Is that okay?”

“Yes, that’s fine. Then, tell me about it right away?”

Sakurae nodded in agreement, and the conversation ended with the exchange of contact information.

Sakurae was then happily looking at her phone.

As lunch break neared its end, I processed a few people’s check-outs, and my last book duty of the semester was over.

—Without realizing that in this transaction, Sakurae would be involved as long as she was not seen.

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Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
6 months ago

Bruh is definitely stupid, do not make any negotiation to the terrorist, is the common rule and yet~

5 months ago

Lol, on the one hand, she’s a beautiful girl in love who understands that he’s hurt but doesn’t know why. She wants to get closer to help him and be in a relationship.

On the other hand, she’s an obsessed psycho fiercely ignoring this dudes personal boundaries and inserting herself into his life without regard to how he feels about it. Nice.

1 month ago

She’s on attack mode XD