Ah, I thought, and at that moment, Asahina-san grabbed the menu.
As it was, she blushed as if she heard a pop.

“Aaaaaahh……U-until yesterday the daily special was siphon!”

Maybe the coffee here is called the daily special, but it is often served continuously.
Asahina-san glares at me with sharp eyes.
A sharp look, but somehow it looks prettier than before.
Is it a guess? It’s as if she’s trying to trick me.
Even though I didn’t intend it that way.

“Well, I laughed a little when you spoke with wrong knowledge.”
“But it’s true that I enjoyed listening to Asahina-san’s talk. I’m glad I got to hear about the siphon method, because it’s something you don’t get to hear about every day.”

It’s not good to laugh one-sidedly. It is convenient when talking to people to offer equal amounts of teasing and compliments.

“Kogure-kun, you”

It was at that time. A cute sound began to emanate from Asahina-san’s stomach.

Of course, only she and I heard it.

“I-I’m going to the bathroom.”

She stood up and went to the back of the room.
I wondered if she was hungry.
I had imagined her to be cooler and more perfect, but I guess I was wrong.
I didn’t think she would be bold enough to speak highly of her wrong coffee knowledge.

“But she’s so cute.”

It was a rare chance to see the school’s most beautiful girl in a clunky scene with my own eyes.

“Is that all the orders?”

I kept the master waiting. He was unfazed by the commotion. I was impressed.

“Asahina-san, she often comes here, doesn’t she?”
“Yes, she usually comes here on weekdays, except when she has work.”
“Hmmm. Then, is there something she usually order?”
“This dish.”
“Hee, really? Do you have any toppings like this?”

After about 20 minutes, Asahina-san came back. Asahina san is standing with her hands folded, and I am looking down at her as she sits.

“By the way, I’m late because I was on the phone. Don’t get me wrong.”
“Haha ……”

That’s the defense you wanted to make. Twenty minutes in the bathroom is certainly a long time. I don’t mind if you take a leak for twenty minutes, but I understand that you don’t want people to think that because you are a girl.

“Here are the pancakes you ordered.”

The food arrived as soon as we were seated because Asahina-san was late getting back.
The pancakes are very fluffy and Asahina-san reacts strongly to them.
As I had heard, she prefers desserts.
The fluffy hot pancakes were placed in Asahina-san’s place.

“Eh, this …… Kogure-kun ask for this?”
“I’m the one who asked for it, but you should eat it, Asahina-san. You always ask for it, but you don’t ask for it because I think you are being considerate”
“I’ll tell you what I think.”
“You may have felt my stomach growl just now.”
“Yes, yes.”
“It’s magic.” 
“Y-You are hearing things.”

She Rephrase it.

“Don’t laugh at me!”

I can’t help but laugh at such a funny gesture. I ask her to please eat before it gets cold, and Asahina-san reluctantly turns her attention to the small bottle containing the sauce.

“It’s not the usual honey sauce. …… white?”
“Go ahead, pour it on.”
“I hope you didn’t put anything strange in it. I’ve heard of such incidents.”
“I’m sure the master prepared it.”

It makes me a little suspicious, but nothing serious.
With a knife, she rips open a pancake, lightly sauces it, pokes it with a fork, and puts it in her mouth.


As soon as she put it in her mouth, she was enveloped in a sweet expression.

“Eh, What is this? It’s so sweet! No way, it’s different from usual. It’s like caramel!”

The stern expression on her face disappeared, and she began to frolic like a child.
She put her hands on her cheeks and chewed on the pancake as if it were really delicious.
I had seen glimpses of her earlier, but I didn’t think she would show it so boldly ……. This is the real Asahina san’s true colors.

“I thought you might like it sweet from the amount of sugar you used earlier, so I asked the master to mix some milk and granulated sugar into the honey sauce.”
“I didn’t know it would go so well together. Is it possible that Kogure-kun is good at cooking?”
“Yes, I made a lot of things for my friend who likes sweets. I’m glad you are pleased with it.”

Asahina-san suddenly fell silent and stared at me.
I can’t help but smile shyly at such a gesture.
Next, I look at the plates, which were emptied in no time.
She looked a little disappointed, but suddenly stood up.

“Master! Three more pancakes, please!”
“Three pancakes?”
“I always eat three pancakes! I can’t stand it when there is such a sweet sauce!”

She poured the special sauce over the three pancakes brought to her and ate them in a good mood.

“What are you going to do for dinner?” 
“I’ll eat as usual.”
“Even though you ate so many pancakes?” 
“sweets are different.”

I think that’s when you’re full, and you don’t say that when you put pancakes in your stomach first.

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1 month ago

So it seems like both Reo and Arisa are so fond of their childhood friends that they’d date them if they were the opposite gender… And then they find out the other person’s childhood friend is an opposite gender version of their own childhood friend.