“We took this opportunity to become friends!”

With these words, Nagase-san carried Saara back to her seat as she returned to the classroom.
As she left, Nagase-san thanked me in a whisper.

After a short break, when everyone had taken their seats, Saara came up to me and said

“That was really helpful, thank you.”
“I’m glad I didn’t meddle.”
“No way.”

Saara is an all-around sportsman. However, not only is she athletic, but she is also good at rule-based techniques, indicating that she has practiced a whole range of sports.
As such, Saara must have had at least a few injuries.
In fact, she actually laughed right after she hurt her ankle.

However, the moment the voice blamed …… Nagase san, Saara’s expression changed drastically.
Her eyes widened and a look of despair came over her face. A small voice leaks out to deny it, but only I nearby can hear it and not enough to muffle the voices around me.

So I hastily clapped my hands to get their attention.
I knew that if the teacher had come over and stopped it there, it would have been a little less effective.
If the teacher had said something, everyone would have shut up, but that would have left the result of shut up because the teacher said so.
It would increase the probability of leaving a rut.

The result of leaving it to the parties to talk among themselves. They seem to have become good friends.
The price to pay for that was a pretty bad reputation, but it’s too late now.
I’m going to change little by little for Saara’s sake.

The club activity of today was canceled because of her sprained foot.
The club activity of Saara, by the way, is in the second week, and “not belonging to the club” is becoming her club at this point.
Well, to be honest, I think it would be a problem if any particular club monopolized it….

She seemed to be able to walk at least, so the teacher decided to call a cab to take her home.
I went straight home, too.

When I arrived home, Saara came to my room right away.

“Hello~ Thanks for your help today.”
“It’s fine, but how are you feeling?”
“I’m in so much pain that I don’t even feel pain anymore. I’m sorry you had to call a cab. Maybe tomorrow I can do physical education.”

Seriously, I wonder if her body’s basic specs are different.
However, I am sure it is not fully healed.

“There aren’t PE class tomorow, and more importantly, you should take the day off from club activities. I’m worried that you’re going to overexert yourself too soon.”
“Eh~~~~, you’re worried about me?”
“What’s with that reaction ……?”

Saara smirking and laughing and giving me a look.
Sometimes this kind of naughty ingredient comes out. I’m glad to see she’s doing well.

“….. Good grief. Anyway, I’m sure the rest of the department won’t try to force you to move tomorrow, so rest easy.”
“Ehehe, you’re so kind.”
“It’s normal. In addition to shopping, it’s hard to stand still, right? I’ll cook dinner.”
“Yes! should I spoil you every time you get hurt in the future ~~?”
“Are you an elementary school student begging your mother to take care of you with a temporary illness……”

I’m not sure if Saara was really as childish as an elementary school student when she came to my house.

“Make yourself at home. I’ll go get some groceries.”
“Eh, I can stay?”
“You have a duplicate key. Besides, you should have your feet elevated just in case, and you can use the …… bed if you like.”

I left Saara in my room and went to the supermarket to do some shopping.
I have my wallet and phone with me, and I’m sure Saara won’t be looking for anything strange …….

Today, I found a sticker on a rather nice wagyu beef with a three-discount sticker on it.
It’s good to have something like this once in a while.

When I returned to my room, Saara was lying on my bed.
She was just lying on her stomach with her face sunk into the pillow.

“Saara? Isn’t that hard to sleep?”
“Welcome back~. I like this~”

After saying that, Saara buried her face in my pillow again.
It’s a weird way to sleep …… Well, if Saara’s happy with it, that’s all that matters, right?
It’s a little heavy low resilience pillow, so maybe she likes it because it’s unusual.

She took the pillow on the way and checked with me.

“Ah, …… Sora-kun, you dislike it when I do this, don’t you?”
“If anything, would you mind use my pillow?”
“So, I’m sure you don’t mind, do you?”
“I don’t mind, though ……”

After confirming just that, she giggled and began putting the pillow on her face and lying on her back or holding the pillow as it were.
She took deep breaths and occasionally let out an “Fuuuu” sound.
Is that thing that much fun?
Maybe I should raise Saara’s weirdness level in my mind a little more.

However, she soon seemed to get bored of it, and at the end she was in a normal position, lying on her side and looking at me as I cooked.
While I wondered about Saara’s taste, I cooked without hesitation and dinner was ready.

“The best wagyu beef meatballs are unmatched by any other. It is the one that can beat everything.”
“The expression of strength is too unique. …… Is this really that strong?”
“Yes, it could probably defeat a demon king with a single blow.”
“Really, the meat and potatoes are awesome. ……”

And we ate while praising the food in a unique way of expression.
During the meal, the topic of conversation was, of course, today’s events.

“I was surprised at how polite Nagase san was”
“Well, she’s surprisingly shy.”

She’s taller among the girls, but I’ve never seen her speak out loud.
So she’s not the type to argue with me at times like today.

“You both came back from the infirmary late, did you talk to each other?”
“Yes, we found something in common.”
“Yes! But this is a secret of the maiden!”

When you say that, I want to know, but I can’t pry.
Well, I’m glad to hear that they seem to be getting along well.
If they were able to show that they are so close, I don’t think they will get into any kind of trouble.

“Yes, yes, Nagase-san was very grateful to Sora-kun.”
“Hmm? Nagase-san is ……. Ah Yes, I got a word of thanks from her.”
“……, I knew it.”
“No, I’m talking about this one!”

I felt a bit of a rush of words, but I let it go, thinking it was nothing important.
Well, a lot happened today, but it’s a good thing that Saara was able to end the day with a smile on her face.

Well, between you and me, there was a wonderful fragrance on my pillow that I cannot remember at all, and I was in agony until I fell asleep.
At the end of the day, she left me with an unintentional and outrageous prank……

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