…………The human body is so honest.”

I was standing in front of the sink in my school uniform, muttering to myself.

Misuzu had carefully washed my soaking wet uniform yesterday and put it in the dryer.
She even ironed it.
I really can’t think of a better way to thank my sister.

After being dumped twice by Rinne, I went home heartbroken, but it was my beloved sister who saved me.
If it weren’t for Misuzu, I might have died. She saved my life.

And the day after I was dumped by Rinne, she denied my idea that it would be disloyal to fall in love with Kitajima Towa right away.

“Absolutely not disloyal! If anyone says that to my brother now, I will never forgive them!”

Without those words, I wouldn’t have sent that message to Kitajima san.

Last night. I sent messages to Rinne and Kitajima san.

To Rinne, to say goodbye.

To Kitajima san, I sent a message about the future.

I’m really glad that I got a good response from Kitajima san.

She has told me that she likes me, so I don’t think I will get a bad answer. Even though I thought so, I was still worried. Now I’m in a state where I’m putting her confession on hold

It doesn’t matter when she gets attached to me.

Even if I fall in love with her, there is no guarantee that she will love me then.

Then wouldn’t it be better to make her my girlfriend while she still likes me?

Such a lousy idea crossed my mind for a moment. But that would be very disrespectful to Kitajima san.

If I really like her, I will confess my feelings to her.

Until then, I will make an effort to have Kitajima san continue to like me. And if she is no longer in love with me at that time, I will make an effort to get her to like me again.

That’s how prepared I am.

And by the time I finished my message with her, I was sleeping like mush.

I guess my body was very honest about how much it wanted sleep.

I slept the usual amount of hours, but I was so tired that I didn’t feel like I had been up all night all day.

“Good morning, Onii chan. Did you sleep well last night?”
“Good morning, Misuzu. Thanks to you, I slept well. Thank you.”

I smiled at Misuzu, who came up behind me.

“Good, I’m glad to hear that. You just came home, Onii chan. To be honest, I thought you might die like this.”
“Haha ……, maybe you’re not so wrong …….”

Seeing me like that, Misuzu raised a shaped eyebrow.

“I can’t forgive …… Rinne-chan.”
“Yeah, It’s okay for Misuzu to forgive or not forgive because that’s how she feels. But I don’t want you to hate her.”

I was dumped by Rinne, but not because she ‘hates’ me.
Haha…… it’s pretty rare to be dumped when someone doesn’t hate you …….

“Haa…… well, that’s fine. So, you’re going to the station now, right?”
“Yes, I’m going to pick up Kitajima-san.”

I shook my head at Misuzu’s words.

“Take care. You may be physically tired, but it’s hard to get rid of the tiredness in your heart, right?”
“Yeah Thank you for worrying about me, Misuzu.”

I hugged my sister’s body after saying that.

“O-Onii chan!??”

Misuzu’s face was red and she was flustered.

“If I wasn’t related to you, I would have married you too.”
“That’s about it. You saved me yesterday and saved my heart. Thank you so much. Misuzu. I love you with all my heart.”

“…..Idiot. I’m not going to give up if you say that.”

Misuzu pressed her face against my chest and muttered something.

Then she gently pushed my body back.

“Come on, get going. Your future wife is waiting for you.”
“Ahaha I know, she’ll despise me if I’m late on the first day after promising to be there.”

I grabbed my bag and headed for the front door.

My leather shoes, which had been soaked in the rain, are now dry thanks to Misuzu’s having put newspaper in them the day before.

I put them on and faced Misuzu.

“Then, I’m going to go.”
”Yes. Take care, Onii chan.”

I say so and open the front door.


“……….. I’ve been waiting for you.”
“……, Rinne.”
“R-Rinne chan?!”

Rinne, already dressed in her school uniform and looking grim, was standing in front of the doorway with her arms crossed.

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