The next morning, Kasumi and I woke up at about the same time.
We both smiled at each other and mouthed good morning to the other, and immediately turned red when we remembered what happened last night.


Both Kasumi and I were sitting next to each other on the living room sofa, and neither of us opened our mouths. This state of affairs continued for a long time.

“…..for real”

I could remember yesterday vividly.
I asked for Kasumi because I had a bad dream. It started with a deep kiss, which I had practiced because I had prepped a kind of flow beforehand.

[I’m going to touch your chest ……?]
[Yes. Please]
[….I’m going to touch you down there, too, okay?]
[….. yeah. Be nice.]

Bad, I remember it all really vividly. I can vividly …… what words I said, how it felt, and how Kasumi reacted.

I blushed, but Kasumi opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind.

“I was so excited last night! It hurt, but you took care of me and …… I was able to go all out with Kazuki ……!”

Kasumi san, you’re all red in the face and you don’t know what you’re talking about!
She said so with her face close to mine, but her face was really bright red. I once said it was like a boiled octopus, but it was even redder than that. Neither of us could say anything, but Kasumi was still shaking unsteadily and fell to me.

“…… not a single regret in my life.”

I mean, that’s the thing.
Kasumi was far more embarrassed than I was, which calmed me down. I continued to stroke Kasumi’s head quietly, though the image of her yesterday was still running through my mind.

“……It was really good. I like having s*x with Kazuki.”

Sorry, I knew I couldn’t calm down.
I hugged Kasumi and screamed enough not to disturb the neighbors, and she poured a glass of water and brought it to me as I gasped for air.

“Yeah. You need to calm down.”

Yeah really.
I gulped and drank some water. My dry throat is moistened and my burning head cools down to become calm. Okay, I’m all right now.

“I’m settled. …… phew.”
“I’ve calmed down too. But …… still reminds me of it.”

I’m sure this memory will be …… for a while, no, I won’t forget it that way.

“We were both virgins so can’t help it”
“Yeah, that’s right. ……”

It seems that Kasumi has completely regained her usual good mood.
Then we both finished preparing breakfast. It was a conventional breakfast of bread, fried eggs, and soup, but it was delicious.

“Kazuki, you kept your promise, didn’t you?”
“Because yesterday, when I said no, no, no, you didn’t stop.”

Kasumi giggled when she saw me fall silent.

“Kazuki was so cool last night. He’s always cool, but I like him even more now, and more than anything else, it’s been engraved in my body that Kazuki is mine and mine alone.”
“…..Of course”

Yes that’s right !
I hate to call Kasumi a thing, but I dare say that I will never give her to anyone. She will always be by my side and I will always support her.

“I won’t let you regret going out with me or what happened last night. I’m sure I won’t make you sad. I will support you as much as I can. ……so, please stay with me”
“I understand. I’ll be right beside you.”

Don’t forget her beautiful smile when she said that.
I will keep this smile on my face. I will keep this smile for a long time to come, and I will support Kasumi.

“I think I’d like to …… take it easy today.”
“I agree. Let’s go to our rooms, read some mangas, and relax.”

A date would be nice, but it would also be nice for the two of us to linger.
We washed the dishes, went back to our room, looked in the garbage can to throw out the trash, and froze each other. Still, we were still able to calm each other down enough to laugh at each other.


I heard a voice from Kasumi, who was reading a manga as she leaned on my shoulder, as if she were laughing reminiscently. I understood that this was probably not her laughing at the content of the manga.

“What’s wrong?”
“No, I wondered why you were laughing.”
“Do you want to know?”

Kasumi put down the book and pushed my shoulder a ton. Then of course there was nothing behind me, so I fell down and Kasumi got down on all fours to cover me.

“I love Kazuki so much. I’ve been thinking that all day. …… I love you, Kazuki. I really love you. I love you more than anything, I love you. I love you more than anything.”

Kasumi rains down kisses with words of ardent love.
I feel like I can smell a strangely sweet scent coming from Kasumi who is absorbed in kissing me. If you don’t mind, you’re more sexy than usual, or rather, the atmosphere is erotic… eh, it’s still yesterday, so be patient with me.


It’s no good anymore, so I thought so and put my hand on her shoulder and let it go. When she makes that kind of face, she… can I say I’m troubled too, but she seems to have managed to calm herself down now.

“…… I calmed down. Thank you Kazuki.”
“…… Well, I’m sorry to hear that. But it happened last night.”
“Yeah, that’s right. If Kazuki runs dry, we’re in trouble.”

Don’t worry, it hasn’t died out yet, that much I told her with confidence.

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