Episode 28 – not just the mind that’s connected, but the body as well



It has been about two months since I started dating Kasumi.
My girlfriend and I are still on the same page, and in many ways, Kasumi continues to haunt me. The more I spend time with her, the more I realize the attraction she holds for me …… and my heart is buzzing with the desire to get to know her more deeply.

[So? Are you and Kasumi getting along?]
“don’t be worried. I’m like that, and Kasumi seems to be enjoying herself.”

While on the phone with Mom, I turned to Kasumi, who was watching TV.
I chuckled at the sight of her staring blankly at the seasonal comedian’s material, and then Kasumi noticed me and walked over.

“What’s wrong”
“Hmmm nothing, I thought it was a long talk.”
“Sorry, it’s my mom.”
“Ah, she’s aunt.”

She looked unhappy that the call was so long, but her expression relaxed when she realized it was my mom on the other end. I didn’t say who was on the other end of the phone, and if she was even a little jealous, she was a really sweet girl.
I reached out and stroked her head, and Kasumi’s eyes narrowed as if tickled.

[I’m sure you’re there too, Kasumi chan. Can I talk to her?]
“Fine. Kasumi, from Mom.”

I handed it to Kasumi and sat down on the couch to switch places. Kasumi was staring at the comedy show ……, but yeah, it’s not funny. It’s certainly no wonder Kasumi has a blank expression on her face.

“Yes….Yes. So we decided to go out. I’m very happy.”

I hear Kasumi’s bouncy voice.
I remember the first time I talked to Kasumi after we started dating like this, because our mothers know we are dating. What a …… happy sight it was to see my own mother and Kasumi, who had become my girlfriend, talking happily together.

“I will surely do my best in many ways in the near future. You can count on me, Auntie.”

What in the world are you talking about? ……
I thought they had an uneasy conversation, but then I came back to see if the conversation had ended there. Kasumi stared at me with a determined look on her face, and I quickly averted my gaze, remembering what we had just talked about.

“……Kazuki, shall we go to bed?”
“Your words are quite destructive at this timing, Kasumi san.”

Well, but it was almost ten o’clock and it was a good time.
I went to my room with Kasumi and lay down on the bed as usual. I stretched out my arms and Kasumi lay there as if using it as a pillow, then she turned to me and leaned in close.

“Kazuki, love you”
“What’s wrong?”
“Noo, I thought it was important to tell you how I feel about you often. So I decided to tell Kazuki I love him at least once a day.”
“….I see, haha, You do cute things, don’t you?”

I chuckled at how cute Kasumi looked with a smug look on her face.
Then we talked a little and we both got sleepy or absentminded.

“I think I’m going to sleep.”
“Aah, Good night, Kasumi.”
“Good night, Kazuki”

We would kiss before bed and then we would close our eyes.

As a matter of fact, I had a dream recently.
Apparently I’m having that dream again today, and there was Kasumi in front of me. Next to her was a man I didn’t know, and they walked hand in hand, looking friendly.

I have this swirling feeling inside of me that I want to come between them and tear them apart right now. But I know that this scene is, in a sense, a future brought about by my actions.

“Hey, Kasumi chan, are you sure it was a good idea?”
“…… Yeah. I couldn’t get back together with Kazuki after all. Kazuki has a girlfriend now, and I have to move on.”

…… Yes, this dream which shows me is a future in which I could not get back to my original relationship with Kasumi.
A world that has gone on forever avoiding Kasumi and never bridging the gap between us. Well, me, anyway, Kasumi is a beautiful woman, so I’m sure she’ll have plenty of boyfriends to choose from.

But I still can’t accept this future.
I deny this future because I love Kasumi and I don’t want to let her go.

The world I live in is not here. The world with Kasumi, who has fallen in love with me, is the world I live in.

“See you ……. Sorry …… Kasumi”

I woke up to say goodbye to the Kasumi of this world.
Just …… before it went completely dark in front of me, I thought I saw Kasumi walking in front of me looking at me.


Apparently, I’m awake.
I remember the dream I had earlier. It was clearly and distinctly imprinted in my memory.


I smile at the sight of Kasumi seeking me out even as she sleeps.
I checked the time, and it seemed that only two hours had passed since then, just after midnight.

“…… thirsty.”

Not wanting to wake Kasumi, I slipped out of bed and headed for the living room.
As I was quenching my thirst with a cup of chilled barley tea, I heard a flurry of footsteps and kasumi coming down the stairs.

“Kazuki….no, Please don’t go away!”

Kasumi hugged me with a sad voice.
I held her trembling body in my arms and found out that it seemed that Kasumi was crying.. From what she said earlier, she might have had a scary dream. …… Then I should hold her for a while until she calms down.

“……Worst, I had a dream that Kazuki went away.”
“I see. We’re similar.”

I told her that I had a dream that Kasumi was going somewhere too.
Kasumi rolled her eyes in surprise, but sharpened her gaze to say she wasn’t going away anytime soon. I know, I have no intention of doing that, and if anything, I have no intention of ever letting Kasumi go again.

“Really, why did I leave Kasumi so long ago?….”
“It’s true. Really, really serious felony.”
“How can I be absolved of this sin?”
“Love me for the rest of your life, and you will finally be free of that sin.”
“……I see. ……kasumi”

I brought my face close to Kasumi’s and kissed her.
It was a long kiss, and we stayed clinging to each other, not wanting to leave each other …… and when we pulled our faces apart, Kasumi mouthed that she wanted more.

“Kazuki, I want to kiss you more.”

Then we approach again, and our lips meet.
….I was a little brave and stuck out my tongue. When I put my tongue in to break Kasumi’s lips, she was surprised for a moment and twirled her tongue with me as if responding.


When her lips parted, silver threads dripped down.
I held Kasumi’s hand, her face red and eyes moistened, and we went back to the room. Then we lay on the bed with each other and resumed our intense kissing.

“…..Kasumi, I want more connection with Kasumi.”
“….Kazuki is very aggressive today.”
“You don’t like it?”
“No, I want to. I want to connect more too.”

I nodded and took it out of my bag, which I had bought beforehand.
After all,…… there was no way I could stand it after all.

“Let’s be careful, ……, okay?”
“I agree. It’s hard to take it back.”

How do you do it though ……?
I wonder if I can’t use my phone to look it up now ……?

“No. Let’s just follow each other’s instincts and do it.”
“…You’re very brave, Kasumi.”

You mean while studying each other?
Tomorrow is my day off and I have plenty of time. ……? And so, Kasumi and I took one more step up the ladder of adulthood. It was both a milestone and a step toward moving on.

(TL/N : that’s lewd)

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