Episode 15 – Feelings That Finally Realized.



“Welcome, Kazuki”
“I’m sorry to bother you today.”

It is the middle of June and the summer season is almost upon us.
It had been quite a while since Kasumi started sleeping over at my house, and today I was visiting her. Since it was the weekend, arrangements had been made for me to stay at Kasumi’s house, and this is how I met aunt at her house.

“I wish he could have come home earlier, but he has a company drink meet today.”
“…Ahaha, no problem, It was a sudden thing.”

I guess I’ll have to say hello to uncle tomorrow.
While I was talking to aunt, Kasumi came back.

“The bath is ready. Kazuki, let’s go in together.”
“I won’t”
“Ara, you used to go in together right?”

You know what I’m talking about, Auntie…….
The way she was giggling, she knew exactly what I was talking about. I let out a sigh at her and headed to the bathroom with a change of clothes. I thought I might be followed by kasumi like the other times, but that didn’t happen, and I was able to have a rather serious and peaceful bathing time.

“It’s up.”

Satisfied with my warmed-up body, I returned to the living room to be greeted by a very dissatisfied Kasumi.


Kasumi, who turned a disgruntled look at me and then stared at her mom as if glaring at her …… What’s really going on? Without needing to ask what was going on, Kasumi sniffed and headed for the bathroom

“What’s wrong?”
“I nailed her because she was going to charge into the bathtub like a normal girl. Kazuki must have been embarrassed.”
“…..I see”

That was very helpful.
I’m very sorry, Auntie, but there was one time that Kasumi did assault me……. Apparently, she didn’t know about that time, and this is something I can never mention because it would complicate things even more if I tell her.

“Let me help you with something.”
“It’s okay. You haven’t been here in a while, so take your time.”

No choice, let’s take my time
Kasumi is not here and it’s not busy, but listening to the sounds generated by aunt’s cooking was also good background music. Thinking back, I feel like I used to play with Kasumi here as much as I wanted while listening to such sounds.


And there I found the album.
It says “Kasumi’s growth record”, so it’s probably a collection of Kasumi’s photos.

“Auntie, can I see this?”
“It’s okay~”

I was given permission to open the temple.
When I looked inside, I was first greeted by Kasumi, who was in elementary school. She was so short that I couldn’t imagine what she looked like now, and I was just as short next to her. We were never concerned about the difference between men and women in those days, and we would make a fool of each other, laughing even when we were naked.

[Hey, hey, why is it hanging out like that?]
[I wonder why. Here, here’s an elephant~!]
[Kyahaha! Cute!!]

…..Now that I think about it, we really are assholes to each other.
Chuckling at the past, which is both nostalgic and black history in a way, I went through the album in a flowing manner.


As I looked through them, a photo from my junior year caught my eye.
I had been basically by her side, but since that time, more and more pictures have been taken of Kasumi alone. Moreover, her expression is somewhat hard, and I can tell that she is smiling less and less.

I got the impression from Kasumi’s non-smiling appearance that she was taking pictures because she had no choice but to do so because she was being held up to the camera.

“It all started around this time……”

It was around this time that the distance between me and Kasumi began to open up.
Even after she became a high school student, the pictures of Kasumi alone continued. Her body has grown up and she looks beautiful …… with all the charm of a woman, but her face is not smiling at all and she still looks bored.

“But really, Kasumi is beautiful.”
“What about me?”

I thought I heard Kasumi’s voice in answer to my mumbling, and then, with a thud, the weight of one person pressed down on my back.

It was Kasumi, of course, and apparently I had been engrossed in the album for quite some time. The warmth and softness of her back was a good thing, but she also smelled very nice, especially after taking a bath.

“So you were looking at the album.”
“…… ah. I was feeling a little nostalgic.”

Kasumi then laid her head on my shoulder and stared at the album without saying a word. I returned my gaze to the album again and slowly began to roll up the next page. We didn’t say anything to each other and continued to look at the pages as they were being rolled up. …… Such a strange time continued until dinner was ready.

“I wonder which food tastes better, mine or Kasumi’s.”

At dinner, I was asked that ultimate question.
In contrast to the lady who was still grinning and smiling, Kasumi stared at me so hard I could hear her giggle and sound effects.


If I were to be honest, I would say that the food is so delicious that it is impossible to choose one over the other. The pork cutlet I had her make for me today, and I can say that the texture is almost the same, probably because the cooking process is similar between the two of them.

Kasumi said her mom taught her how to cook, and I could tell she was really right.

“I’m sorry …… but let me say this. They are both delicious.”

please forgive me, and I guess she could tell how I felt, because neither Kasumi nor Auntie asked me any more about it, saying it was inevitable. Uncle was not there, but the three of us ate together and talked about many things since it had been a long time.

She asked me detailed questions about me, about Kasumi, about Kasumi when she stopped seeing me, about Kasumi now, and about many other things that would be of interest to aunt.

“You’ve heard a lot of things, auntie. ……”
“Well yeah….”

And by the time we finished dinner, Kasumi and I were exhausted. I was overwhelmed by her energy, and I realized once again how great she is. But that was proof that she cared about Kasumi, and that she cared about me at the same time.

“…… come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve been in Kasumi’s room for some reason.”
“I guess so. Let’s go.”

I didn’t come to the room that time.
Kasumi holds my hand and we head up the stairs to the second floor.
And in front of the door …… carved with the name [Kasumi’s room], nothing has changed here either. Kasumi opened the door and I went straight in.

“Welcome, Kazuki.”
[Welcome, Kazuki kun!]

The expression on Kasumi’s face as she invited me into her room still overlapped with her old self.
Although her smile is not as easily recognizable as it was back then, Kasumi still looks like she’s having fun, and nothing has changed since then……. Oh, I see, that’s right.


Ever since that time,…… all those years ago, I’ve always loved being with Kasumi.
I loved the warmth that came from the palm of her hand, the comfort of being by her side, and all of it.


I found myself hugging Kasumi.
She looked at me puzzled and …… I didn’t want to let her go.

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