“Oi, That’s all you’ve been doing lately.”

I let out a sigh in the classroom at lunchtime and Tomohito pointed this out to me.
I didn’t mean to sigh that much, but from Tomohito’s point of view, it seemed to be at a level that bothered him.

“Sorry …..I really don’t know what’s wrong with me.”
“Is this about Shirasagi san?”

Kasumi, that’s what she said and I fell silent.
Tomohito grinned at me and continued the conversation, but never tried to end it with a tease.

“Did you get in a fight?”
“No, I didn’t”

I didn’t have any quarrel with Kasumi.
It’s not that we are awkward or reserved with each other. Well, after that day, the body touches have increased, and she continues to make me nervous every day.

“I can see that even Shirasagi san’s level is very aggressive.”

Yes, Kasumi has been very aggressively closing the distance between us lately.
Each time I was exposed to the stares of the whole class, but I couldn’t complain about Kasumi’s behavior and silently accepted it. I have no intention of refusing ……. I have no desire to reject ……. I know Kasumi would feel bad if I did.

“…… is that really all there is to it?”

Sometimes I wonder if that’s really all there is to it.
I started to think that maybe Kasumi is …… but I deny that it’s not true. It’s as if someone who continues to reside in the back of my mind is whispering in my ear that I don’t deserve to be around Kasumi,…….

“This guy got hurt pretty bad. Hey, Shirasagi san.”

Tomohito called out Kasumi’s name and I couldn’t help but yell out. Tomohito’s gaze turned behind me, and I turned back to see if it was possible – at that moment, the feeling of that moment came back to my face.

“What were you talking about?”
“….W-Wait Kasumi?”

I tried to get out of the softness that held my eyes, but when I moved half my face, I was caught by Kasumi with a gust of wind. The right half of my face, my ear was completely sunk into Kasumi’s chest.

“No, ……, it’s just a little…”
“You’re not very articulate.”

Perhaps Tomohito didn’t expect her to do this either. It’s not that her b****s have hit the back of my head before, but this time it’s a sight that is completely visible to everyone. I can see that the bulge is firmly distorted, and if anything, the boy in my line of sight is staring at me with tears of blood.

“…… Kasumi, I have to meditate.”
“Yeah? Okay, I’ll do it this way.”

Her voice was so warm and gentle, but the look that pierced me was so painful.
Well, aside from the boys’ gazes, Asahina san and the rest of Kasumi’s friends are looking at us happily with very nice smiles on their faces. …… Oh, and they waved to us.

“So what did you guys talk about?”
“…… No, well, it’s no big deal.”
“Yes madam.”

Just as Tomohito was about to speak, losing to Kasumi’s momentum, I heard the classroom door rattle open. I was still stuck in Kasumi’s grasp, but I could see that the eyes of the class were on someone who had entered the classroom.
Then I heard this voice beside me.

“Shirasagi san, may I have a word?”

Kasumi also seemed to look back at the voice, perhaps not expecting it.
That beat allowed me to move away from Kasumi, so I turned my gaze in that direction too. There he was, one senior, I think it was Amamiya senpai,…… who was active in the soccer club and was quite handsome and famous.

“I just need a moment of your time. Is that okay?”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t have time for this.”

The senior laughed at Kasumi’s words, but still did not retreat and continued speaking.

“I wrote to you before and you didn’t come, so I came here in person like this. I’d be happy if you could at least listen to what I have to say.”
“…… Oh that time? The answer is that I didn’t go.”
“…… that’s true but”

…… I thought I saw the senior’s eyebrows lift a little now.
I may have been mistaken, but it certainly seemed that way to me. Even if Kasumi had been summoned, she would have had only about 15 minutes left in her lunch break, and I don’t think he would have had much to say.

“Senpai, isn’t it bad that she said that?”
“I don’t think it’s any of your business.”

You’re right, but ……, why did I think I wouldn’t like it when he said it wasn’t relevant right now? I tilted my head, feeling a strange sensation, like a prick in the heart.

“I’m Kasumi’s childhood friend. If I see you pestering her, I’ll protect her, normally”
“Childhood friend? ….. Well, whatever, but that doesn’t mean you’re–“
“It’s related”

Funny, this time the left side of my face sunk into the gentle thing differently than before.

“Kazuki is my childhood friend, so he understands me the best. He notices when I am in trouble and says things like this. He understands me much better than you do.”
“….Shirasagi san, you should quit doing that kind of thing in the classroom–“

I agree with that, and just as I was thinking that, my face was forced to turn and my face was wrapped around her chest again.

“What is it?”
“…… No, I mean, you’re–“
“Senpai~? I’ve heard a lot about you, but I think that’s enough. I think he already has no pulse~?”

Is this voice Kuramochi san?
After a few moments of hearing Kuramochi san’s voice, the senior said that it would be another time, and his footsteps became more distant.

“The bond between me and Kazuki Wins, bui…… Kazuki?”
“Please Remember what I said earlier, …… Kasumi san?”
“What was that about?”

I am very happy to feel this feeling all over my face, however much it is in a classroom. But you pretty much forced me to giggle my neck, didn’t you? That’s what I mean.


Kasumi pulled away from me a little and put her hand on my head again, giggling and turning it to the other side.

“Kasumi …… perhaps you want to kill me?”
“T-That’s not true!”

Kasumi’s flustered state was adorable, and I ended up petting her head just like I do at home. After a second or two, I came back to myself.

“No need to apologize, I will do rest at home.”

Kasumi’s words, which made a clenched fist in front of her chest, got Asahina san and the others excited.

“……you’re good”

Someone kill me, I can die of embarrassment.
…… But it could have helped me realize a few things. Why did I start following Kasumi with my eyes when I started spending time with her, and why did my heart ache when he told me earlier that I wasn’t related to her?


If I noticed a little, it was with a troubled sigh.

[You’re not good enough for Shirasagi]

…Haha, Maybe I’ve changed since then, too, to the point where I can laugh at the loudness of the words I hear.


If I feel even a little uneasy, I have a childhood friend by my side who notices.
It’s not like that girl herself told me not to worry about it and I’m going to be giggling about it forever. So go away, I don’t need that voice anymore.


I don’t hear the voices anymore.

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10 months ago

Another chaptr with a LOT of translation issues, to the point that it was hard to follow at times.