The moment Onee-chan came back, me and Kanna completely froze.


One moment after we thought that she was going to tell us for sure, she walked up to Kanna with a wry smile on her face.

“Ara welcome. I saw some unfamiliar shoes at the entrance, so I knew we had a guest, but I had no idea it was Kanakawa-san.”

Onee-chan had guessed that Kanna was dressed as a man and dared to talk to her.
I’m sure she’s up to something, but for once I think I was able to help.

“……S- student council president too, you are quite cheerful at home.”

When Kanna said something unnecessary, Onee-chan narrowed her eyes.
Kanna …… is really dying, and she shouldn’t do that.

“Eh? Yuri is so dark in middle school?”

Onee-chan digs a grave from the side.

Actually, Onee-chan is well-liked by people around her but has an unapproachable vibe, and she became student body president mainly because of her popularity with the boys, so if you ask her if she has many friends, she’s not so subtle. ……
I don’t think she has friends like me and Kanna, and she’s a hardworking student body president, so you could say she’s a little dark.

“I’m the student council president, so I’m always firm. Kairi is the one who stands out because of her free-spiritedness, but I’m pretty normal, you know?”
“I-Is that so?”

Onee-chan is not moving a bit and refutes the question in a smooth manner.
After all, it’s difficult to beat onee-chan in a verbal match.

I became even more aware that I had no chance of winning except for studying to produce results.

“Why don’t you join us, Yuri? You can play the role of Kanta-kun and Kairi’s teacher.”

I and Kanna were scared and looked at Onee-chan’s face.

“…… no. I’m fine. I don’t want to disturb Kanta and Kairi.”

Onii nodded a little sadly.

What’s with that reaction? dissapointed
Isn’t that a weird reaction just because Onee-chan rejected you?

Onee-chan glared at me as she left, and then walked out of the living room.
A few minutes after she left, I received a notification from LIME on my phone.
I have a bad feeling.

[Yuri: Come to my room.]


“O-Onii, can I leave for a moment?”
“What’s up, Kairi?”
“I have a bit of a stomach ache, so I’ll leave you alone. Take care of Kanta.

Onee chan called me and I left the living room.

Kanta and I were left alone together.
While I felt some awkwardness, Kanta-kun looked unconcerned.

“Onii san, I’d like to ask you something.”

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