[ [ [ [ [Rock paper scissors] ] ] ] ]

The hands that were put on the spot were neatly divided into two rocks, two scissors, and one paper.

“Then, Ishikawa will be the referee, and me, Watanabe san, Aikawa, and Sawaguchi will be the pair, right?”

“No problem.”

“Okay, Aikawacchi, I’m counting on you !”

“Yeah, likewise !”

“Aizawa kun, I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Everyone in the room agreed, so the game began.

Me and Sawaguchi san look at Aizawa and Watanabe san over the net.

This is a place where beach volleyball can be played near the beach house cafe, and at the suggestion of Aizawa and Sawaguchi san, we decided to play beach volleyball first.

So we were paired up by rock-paper-scissors, and my partner was Sawaguchi san.

“Then, let the game begin !”

Ishikawa san sat at the referee’s chair and judged our game.

“The winner buys the loser dinner !”

Aizawa’s eyes glazed over and he gave me a fearless smile.

“What ! I’m going to get back at you !”

Sawaguchi san turned to me and said,

“Aikawacchi ! Now is the time to give it your all !”

“No, Aizawa is the ace of the soccer team, and I don’t think I can win…….”

“Don;t be so weak if you haven’t done it yet ! You can’t even win if you’re like that !”

It’s unreasonable, but if you say it for sure, it’s true. It’s not the same as cutting corners because I think I can’t win from the start.

“I’ll give it my all.”

“Yeah, that’s good !”

Sawaguchi san answered with a smile.

“Then, let’s go.”

With a serve from Watanabe san, the ball falls to the spot where Sawaguchi san is.

She received the ball without difficulty,

“Aikawacchi, here !”

She called out to me.

I was playing on my own and didn’t know how the ball would fly. I was halfway there when I saw Sawaguchi san nodding and lifted the toss high in the air.

“I got it back !”

“Aaah, wow !”

I heard a crack, and the ball, with the addition of vertical rotation, landed just past the net.

“The faint worked !”

Watanabe san, who had been bracing herself for the ball to hit her in the face, was knocked down, her right arm outstretched in front.

“Are you okay, Watanabe san?”

“Y-yeah. Thank you, Aizawa kun.”

Watanabe san stood up with the help of Aizawa and brushed off the sand that had settled on her body.

A loose air flowed between the two of them……

“Game, 1-0.”

Ishikawa san announced the count with a miffed expression on her face.

“Okay, let’s keep it going !”

“Roger that !”

We’re ahead, and I’d like to take advantage of the momentum……

“Don’t think you can keep going like this?”

“Maho san, I won’t lose !”

The play just now seems to have ignited a fire in both of them, and they looked at us with fire in their eyes.

From there, the heated game continued,

“Aaah !”

Sawaguchi san couldn’t keep up with the ball and fell.

“Are you okay?”

I helped her to her feet,

“It looks like they’re going after you, Sawaguchi san.”

I thought so because my chances of touching the ball had decreased since a few minutes ago.

The difference between the two of us was gradually increasing, and the current score was 15-17.

“Even so, it’s hard…”

Before I knew it, a crowd had formed around me.

The members in this place are the four top caste members in the school, so no matter what they do, they will attract attention.

“Fufufu, I’ll become strong enough to be seen ! I’ll get the audience on my side and go all out !”

Unlike me, who was nervous about being seen, Sawaguchi san stood up and set up the ball cheerfully.

I was dazzled by her and followed her, hoping that she would work some miracle…….

“Game, 21-16, was won by the Aizawa-Watanabe pair.”

“Eh, that didn’t work.”

Sawaguchi san’s body could not keep up, and she made a series of mistakes and we lost the game in no time.

Then we decided to cut out beach volleyball and go swimming in the ocean.

We thought about changing pairs and playing another game, but we were attracting so much attention that I didn’t really want to continue, and Ishikawa san said that she had worked up enough of a sweat just watching us play and didn’t seem to particularly want to play beach volleyball.

That’s why, in order to wash off the sweat from exercising, I floated on a float and drifted with the waves.

“Well, that was a good, heated match, wasn’t it?”

Sawaguchi san sank her body into the sea, her arms around the float, her eyes thin and sleepy.

“Mostly, though, it ended with Maho’s mistake.

“You’re cheating ! You’re the one who’s trying to get me !”

“It’s called strategy, right? If you think so, you should have targeted Watanabe san, too.”

It is true that the strategy is to target the weaker one…….

“Because there was no chance to aim.”

The only places where Aizawa would drop were those where Sawaguchi san could just barely pick it up, and even if she did, there was no way to control it.

“It was fun in the end.”

Said Watanabe san, commenting on the beach volleyball game. She was passing the ball around to me and Sawaguchi san, so I was enjoying the game more than winning or losing.

“But even so, doesn’t Aikawa need club activities to play well against the ace of the soccer club?”

Ishikawa san asked me that.

“No, it’s just that the cooperation with Sawaguchi san went well, and I myself wasn’t that great.”

“Is that so? I think you did a pretty good job, right?”

When I answered that, Ishikawa san tilted her head.

“More importantly, regarding the matter of buying dinner, what should I buy you?”

Aizawa smiled triumphantly. Because we had a bet with Aizawa, Watanabe san, and the referee, Ishikawa san, that we would buy dinner for them.

“Watanabe san, anything you want to eat?”

Aizawa asked for Watanabe san’s opinion.


Watanabe san, who had been floating with her back resting on the float, raised herself up, got off the float, and entered the water.

Thinking about it for a while……

“I want to eat the fish Aikawa kun caught.”

“Eh? The fish I caught?”

I asked back at the unexpected suggestion.

“The fried fish I saw in the courtyard before looked delicious, and yesterday’s meal was delicious, too. Is that a no?”

Watanabe san tilted her head and stared at me, waiting for my reply.

“Since it’s almost evening, I’m sure I can catch a few fish there…….”

I might not be able to get enough for this number of people by myself. When I tell her that…

“I see, then I’ll–“

“Then I’ll fish with you, Aikawacchi !”

Watanabe san coughed and was about to say something when Sawaguchi san offered to help.

“It’s me and Aikawacchi who lost, so we’re responsible, right?”

“Well, if you can help me, I’ll be saved, but…”

Sawaguchi san, who is strangely enthusiastic, overwhelms me.

“Um, I have to go fishing in a bit of a hurry from now on, so I need to finish swimming in the sea, you know?”

I’m having a great time swimming, and I’m sure Sawaguchi san isn’t having enough fun.

I tried to say that, but…..

“Of course it’s all right !”

She assured me with her dazzling smile.

“Well then, Riho, Misa, and Aizawa. We’ll leave first, so come back to the inn at a reasonable time !”

“You, don’t give Aikawa too much trouble.”

“Go catch a big one !”

It was confirmed that Sawaguchi- an and I would be fishing.

I looked at Watanabe san, who had been silent for some time,

“Maho san, Aikawa kun, please do your best.”

When my eyes met hers, Watanabe san smiled and cheered on us.

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