Episode 79 – Even if there is no future prediction, a bad feeling can still come true



In the end, Saturday came and went without me being able to refuse Natsu’s invitation.
Now that the morning club activities were over, we were about to wrap up our independent practice.

Today, the gym is also free in the afternoon because the boys have a practice game.

“Oh, I wish I could have practiced more.”

There were still some students left in the gym.
This is the only time I get to play.

Normally, I would have stayed in the gym and practiced more, but I would have missed my appointment, so I decided to change early and leave the school.

Natsu, on the other hand, had to change and leave as soon as practice was over because she lived a little far from home. “You’ll definitely come, right?” she said selfishly.

“Really selfish. …… I couldn’t say no after all. If she said something like that, I couldn’t say no to her. I mean, is that thing really …… true?”

I remember what Natsu said to me and my face gets a little hot.
Somehow it didn’t seem like Arase-kun, but …….

“Well, I guess it’s too late to say such a thing now,…….”

When I finished changing, I went out of the club room and headed to the school gate.
On the way there, I saw some seniors in their practice uniforms talking in front of the water server.

A little awkwardly, I greeted them and tried to pass by them.

“T-thank you for your hard work,”
“Oh, you’re leaving already today.”
“Don’t you need to practice more?”
“Well, …… I have plans after this ……”
“Hmm, Well, good night.”

After passing by the seniors safely, I let out a small breath.
Looking back, the seniors were continuing to talk again.

“Mouu, I don’t know why I’m so nervous,”

I told myself that and left the place.


When I get home, I take a shower and eat lunch.
I can’t stop sighing a little since a while ago.

I don’t feel like going, but I can’t break my promise to Arase-kun.

“There’s no point in worrying about it. Let’s go change quickly. Or rather, what should I wear ……?”

I don’t know why, but now I’m starting to wonder about choosing the clothes I’m going to wear.
I always don’t care what I wear when I go out with the basketball team.
Before that, did I have such fashionable clothes ……?
Basically, I spend most of my time in jerseys.
I never wear jerseys when I go out with my friends, but I still ……

“Ah, what am I going to do! Oh, no! It’s already that time!”

I kept worrying about this and that, I found that it was time to leave home or else I would be late.
After all, I was so worried, I put on the best clothes I had and ran out of the house.

The day of the appointment with Suika came.
I had not promised Suika directly, but through Okai-san, we were going to play, but I was still a little worried about the members of the group.

I asked Okai-san who would be coming to the party, but she just informed me ‘Look forward for the day⭐︎’ and didn’t give me any specific details.

The place we are going to play today is Nagahama, a neighboring town. I have not been told what we are going to do at all.
The appointment was in the afternoon, but I left home early.

The meeting place was Nagahama.
I was going to go to a bookstore to kill some time, and then I was going to have some lunch.
I wanted to eat ramen for the first time in a while. That’s all.

When I’m at home, I usually eat prepared foods that Ayako-san buys or I cook, so sometimes I want to eat out.

The train ride took several dozen minutes. Unlike where we live, I haven’t felt the hustle and bustle of a city in a long time.
I’m not a fan of crowded places, but it’s not so bad once in a while.

I went into a large bookstore adjacent to the station and spent a short time browsing through the store.

I was so excited to be in a big bookstore.
After leaving the bookstore, I ate my desired ramen and headed to the meeting place.

When I looked at my phone in front of Nagahama station, the time was just before 13:00. For some reason, I was getting a little nervous.
Although we were just going to play normally.

Okai-san said we were just going to play normally and refresh ourselves, but what in the world would we do….?

While I was thinking about this, I saw Suika coming out of the ticket gate and she gave me an “Ah” look and then came running over to me.

“Arase-kun. Sorry to keep you waiting ……!”
“No, I just got here too.”

I really would have come earlier, but that’s my convenience, so I’ll give the standard reply for now.
Then I took another look at Suika’s clothes as she came in.

A thin hoodie and skinny jeans. It’s a simple-is-best outfit, but since I usually only see her in her school uniform or when she plays basketball, it’s refreshing to see her in her casual clothes.
I am dressed similarly to her, though.

I wonder if I should say something about this kind of thing.

“Well, Umm?”
“Oh, sorry. It’s nothing.”

Suika tilted her head a little curiously, as if she had seen too much.
Somehow, as long as she talks now, she doesn’t seem to be that depressed.
But it is true that she may not be as energetic as usual.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your club activities,”
“No, I’m fine! R-rather. Is what you said true?”
“What I said?”

Suddenly, Suika asked me with a timid look on her face.
What did you mean by what I said ……?

“That? You know, the thank you……!”
“Thank you?….”

Thanks for what?

“You know, for helping me out in the gym! I said I’d thank you, didn’t I?”
“Oh, come to think of it…..”

I had forgotten about it until just now.
I don’t really care about thanking anymore. It was a long time ago.

“Umm, ……? That’s why you invited me to play with you today, right? play with Suika as a thank you for that day. ……”

Suika blushed and said in a small voice.

W-Wait a moment

“W-Who is it from?”
“Eh? It’s Natsu…”

Why are all of them ……?!!!
Why did I ask to play with Suika? And in a way that forced her to thank me for it!

“Y-You’re not?”
“Uh, sorry Suika, but…”
“Oh, wait a minute. Natsu called. Can I take it?”
“Yeah, sure.”
“Thanks. Hello?”

Suika thanked and picked up the phone.

“Yes. I’m already here. Where is Natsu now?…Eh!?”

I have a bad feeling about this.
I was getting to the point where I could tell without any future predictions.

“Eh, Wait a minute…”

After hearing a cruel electronic sound, Suika looked at me with her phone to her ear.

“Ummm…… Natsu said she can’t come here.

See, look. That’s what I thought.

“Ah, well, where are the other members?”
“No. …….”
“Today, it looks like there’s two of us …….”

I didn’t expect …….

“Ummm, ……, what are we going to do?”

The purpose of today is to refresh Suika.
I didnt expect this development, but if I give up now, I wont be able to fulfill that purpose either.
I take a small exhale.

“Can’t help it. Shall we go and have fun together?”
“Eeh!? Really?”
“Uh, if you don’t want to…….”
“Oh, no! It’s not that I don’t like it or anything, it’s just that I don’t know if it’s okay for you and Suika to be alone together…”
“Well, if you don’t mind, will you go out with me for a while?”
“…… yes.”

Like that, I and Suika are going to hang out together.

Yuri had come to the Cafe Casablanca to check something out.

“Okay, let’s go”

She took a deep breath in front of the entrance of the café to get into the right frame of mind. Then she opened the door in front of her and stepped inside.

A bell rang to let them know she was coming in.

“Welcome…oh my, it’s Yuri chan!”

Ayako noticed Yuri and came out from the counter.
The restaurant seems to be calm today, with only a few customers inside.

“Ayako-san. I’m sorry to bother you.”
“No no. Are you alone today?”
“Ah, yes. Um, is Arase….. here?”
“Arase? No, Arase is not here.”
“Eh? You mean he’s out somewhere?”
“I guess so. He went out in style in the morning. He said he was going to Nagahama. I was going to push him to work today, though…”
“I-I’m sorry. Thank you!”
“Yuri chan!?”

Before Ayako could say anything else, Yuri ran out of the store and left.

“Mou…Youth huh~”

Ayako looked at Yuri’s back and smiled a little and muttered.

“I’m sorry~. Please continue to enjoy your meal.”

She then bowed her head before returning to the counter once more.

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