The shopping mall here is a bit far away. It is the largest commercial center where I live, which exists in the next neighboring town next door. It is a convenient place where everything is sold and everything can be bought. It is far away, but I thought this would be a good place for a date with Hime.

There are not many places like this near Saijo Gakuen, but there is one a short walk away, near Nanjo Gakuen. Although this shopping mall’s building is somewhat less big, I think it is in the same class when it comes to the number of customers who visit the store. It has become a playground for the students of the school. That’s why I, a loner, don’t go there at all.

Then why didn’t I choose a place nearby? Why go all the way to a place that is a little far away? A sensible person would immediately understand the reason.

It was a place where Shirono would never find me and where I could still have fun. This was the place. I think I’m going to have a good time today.

I looked up and down. That’s what I was thinking in my head.

“Hmmm? Why are you looking so gloomy, Onii chan? Are you thinking about something?”
“Yes, I’m thinking. I was thinking about where I was going to go with Hime and what I was going to do.”
“What do you want to do, Onii chan?”

She asked suddenly.

“What, me?”
“Hmmm. I’m going to do whatever you want to do today. ……”
“Something I would like to do?”
“That’s right.”
“For now, I want to make out with my onii chan all day long!”
“Hime, you’re talking too loud.”

Two or so people nearby look at us. Hime has a high, beautiful voice and it’s easy to pass by. Besides, if we are too loud, we might get caught. We should be careful

“We’ll be found out you know?”
“Is that so?”
“I don’t know about the general public, but Hime’s devoted fans might recognize her in an instant.”
“Yes. I’ll be careful. ……”

Hime was shrugging. I’m sure she was just excited. I felt bad and wanted to do something to cheer her up. I want to make her smile. I’m wearing a mask, though.

“Shall we hold hands, lover?”
“Eh, ……?”
“See? We did this in the car, didn’t we?”

Good. Even through the mask, I can see her big smile. She’s like a child, and I want to protect her. I also know that my big brother skills are being activated.

“Um, yeah…….”

Clinging stiffly, Hime’s chest hits me. It’s not small by any means, it’s about the top of the middle.

Okay, let’s be nothing. Don’t think about anything. Be nothing, me. Let’s erase everything that’s unnecessary.

“Can I do it? ……”
“Eh? What?”
“No? Well, okay. But more importantly! Hime wants to see a movie!”
“A movie? What are we going to see?”
“I haven’t decided yet!”
“Then let’s go to the movie theater and pick one we can see right now.”

A man and a woman in a lover’s connection are advancing rapidly.

“Onii chan, you must take the lead, okay? You’re Hime’s only onii chan”

Onii chan, huh? Hime, who is always working hard at her job, is playing with me today.

We are brother and sister. But we are not blood related. What is connected now is our hands.

Does this qualify as cheating? …… This question was raging inside me.


“Wow. …..erotic…..”

I blurted out the words. Hime, who was sitting next to me, glanced at me. It was a sideways glance, but it was firmly in my eyes. She grinned at me just now.

“You don’t like this kind of naughty stuff?”
“No, not really. And it’s not as naughty as you say. It’s just a lot of dirty talk.”
“Do you know why Hime wanted to see this, onii chan?”
“I have no idea.”
“That’s …..for learning…..”
“Eh …… of what?”
“Various …… things.”

I guess Hime is interested in that kind of thing, too. It’s very different from being on TV. Is it the same at home? She hugs me a lot.

The soft touch gently spreads over my hand, which is resting on my elbow rest. Hime holds my hand in hers as if she is covering it with her own. I feel the heat of her hand. Unconsciously, we make a lover’s connection.

We stare at each other amidst the loud noise of the movie. This situation is not good. It is too romantic. The movie is not romantic at all. Besides, Hime is taking off her mask to drink her juice.

“Onii chan…..”

She came closer. Do you really want to kiss me that badly?

“Hime. I can’t do it anymore. I might not be able to keep my reason. Please endure it indirectly instead.”
“Nn…… Hime wants to be direct……”
“You said you would go along with what Hime wanted to do,……!Onii chan lied ……!”

The princess turned away.

“Haa ……. All right, …….”
“But only once.”
“I love you, Onii chan”
“Stop it. It’s gonna get weird.”
“Quickly, ……”.
“Close your eyes, …….”

Because of the content, people were watching this movie, including us and another couple, a man and a woman. The couple was sitting at the end of the same row as us. They are concentrating on the movie.

It’s okay, no one is watching. Be prepared. Nothing is going to happen. I don’t feel anything. We are brother and sister. This is just a game.

“Here I go……”

Just lay on top of each other. Just lay on top of each other.


My face is hot. Hime is also blushing.

After that, I watched the movie until the end, but the story hardly entered my mind and I didn’t realize when it ended.

And there was one more thing I hadn’t noticed.

The two people I thought were a couple were Shirono and Kurono’s parents.

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de guy
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Shirono : **Sees Takkun seeing another woman**

Shirono : Confinement it is!