“Sora sama, today’s breakfast was very delicious♡ especially that egg omelet, it was so sweet…..did you really use that much sugar?”

“? Rhys didn’t like sweets?”

“No, I love sweet things. However, sugar is a luxury item, and I’m sorry you had to use so much for my breakfast.”

……Sugar is a luxury item in that world. I can’t imagine that I would spend a lot of money on sugar, even if I used a lot of it.

“No, in this world, sugar isn’t a luxury item or anything… So if you like sweets, I’ll buy it for you as much as you want.”

“Really? Thank you, Sora sama. I love you♡.”

As she says it, Rhys hugs me. Her breasts, which aren’t big by any means, but aren’t small either, pinched my arm.  I pat Rhys’s head and she giggles.

I wonder if we look like a couple from the outside.

We are in town to buy clothes and other necessities for Rhys.

Rhys is a silver-haired, red-eyed, un-Japanese–or rather, unrealistically beautiful girl who catches people’s attention. The people on the street look at me with jealousy as I walk around with such a beautiful girl.

…Rhys is wearing my clothes right now. You’ll be able to see it after you stay at home. Well, she did stayed over and did other things ( -`ω-)✧

I reach for Rhys’s butt, feeling a little bit superior inside.

“Ahn♡Sora sama///”

It’s small but soft and very comfortable to rub.

“Anyway, why are you still dressed like that, so I’m going to go buy some clothes.”


First of all,  sexy underwear, and the rest is clothes. I have a lot of money that I earned by selling sweets to his classmates and exchanging gold coins. I have enough money for an army.

“Do I look good?”

She is wearing a white half-sleeved shirt and jeans. The fabric is so thin that the black bra I just bought is showing through. Even if the clothes are designed the same as the clothes I own, just by wearing clothes that are the right size for her body type, it can turn into a fashionable outfit that would surprise a Paris Fashion Week model.

“Yeah, it looks great on you.”

“Thank you very much. I’m sure Sora sama and I will look great together now♡”

…..You chose a similar design because of me !

“You can’t be too careless with just one dress. I’ll buy another one. I’d like you to try a skirt next time. I’m sure Rhys will look good in it.”

“Oh, no//// ……But you bought me such a lot of clothes made of such good fabric–“

“It’s fine. The clothes here aren’t that expensive either.”

“Were you actually rich, Sora sama?”

“Well, I’ve had a little income recently.”

This month’s monthly income is 2.8 million yen. Princess Limona also said that she would buy tools and other things if I brought them with me, and there is a possibility that I could get more in the future. I can call myself rich.

Though, since Rhys’s clothes are bought at Uniqlo, it wouldn’t amount to much even if we got a complete set.

“How about this one too, Sora sama?”

“I think it looks good on you.”

“Thank you very much….kyaa///”

This time she was wearing a skirt, so I couldn’t help but flip it up. Then I can see the shorts I bought earlier, which have a slightly naughty design. Rhys’s face turned red at the sudden incident and she held back her skirt, but after thinking about it for a moment, she grabbed the hem of her skirt and began to pull it up.

“Um….If you want to see it, Sora sama, then have at it.”

“Rhys, you’re a good girl. I’ll buy that too.”

I pat Rhys on the head and then decide to buy the outfit as well. So I bought about five top and bottom sets, changing Rhys’s clothes as I went.

After that, I went shopping for necessities with Rhys, who had changed into the clothes I had just bought.

That said, it’s just a toothbrush and lotion.

In the end, the total cost of the leased items was just over 70,000 yen.

The price of underwear was unexpectedly high. I don’t regret it, because I got the ones I like.

By the time we finished shopping, it was just around noon. We transferred back to the house.

I cooked lunch while showing Rhys how to use the kitchen utensils. The menu was fried rice.

We didn’t have any meat at home, so it was a simple dish with just an egg, green onions, and garlic.

If I served it to the women of this world, they would have complained about my lazy cooking, but Rhys’s red eyes shone brightly.

“It smells really good ! What is this? This delicious-looking dish !”

“It’s called fried rice. Let’s eat it before it gets cold.”

“Yes !”

As you take a bite, the rice flutters in your mouth. The secret to making it crispy is to heat a little more oil at a high temperature.

The seasoning is salt and ajinomoto. The strong umami flavor was a junky taste that pierced my brain.

“T-this. This is so delicious ! I’ve never had such a delicious dish !”

“I’m glad to hear that. I’m sure the msg must have worked.”

“Em s? Gee?”

“In short, it’s a secret ingredient.”

In other worlds, there would be no such thing as a chemical seasoning that could achieve a devilishly delicious taste, and if sugar is precious, there’s a chance that salt is precious too.

Combined with that, did it taste good?

Even if so, Rhys’s reaction, which could be described as an exaggeration, makes me feel good as the creator.

“As expected ! Sora sama is an amazing person after all ! ……If you continue to show me how great you are, I think 7 stars might be true !”

“Unexpectedly…it’s actually a 7 star.”

I mean, you still didn’t believe it, did you?

“Speaking of which… Sora sama, do you still have any intention of registering with the adventurer’s guild?”

“Eh? Why?”

“No, um……I was concerned about the fact that yesterday, after all, I had doubts about Sora sama, and things happened, and after all, Sora sama’s registration had not been completed.”

I see. Although she has become absolutely obedient to me, she was still a receptionist until yesterday.

Rhys seems to be stubborn since she was suspicious of me, but on the other hand, she seems to be serious.

“I see. I’m going to register, you know? I’d like to have an ID over there, and I’d like to have some adventures.”

“That sounds like a good idea. ……If Sora sama is as powerful as it is now, you will be able to ripen any request. It would be a loss to the world if such a person did not become an adventurer.”

“……I won’t do anything dangerous even if you say that.”

“I don’t care. It’s more than enough for you to hunt on a whim.”

……Well, if that’s what you want me to do, that’s fine.

“Then, um…Sora sama. I would like you to take me with you.

“Of course.”

It would be easier to talk with Rhys if she was there. While taking Rhys’s hand, I imagine the scene at the guild. A guild like that bar.

The moment I moved into the guild, all the adventurers’ eyes were on me.

“Hey, that’s the guy from yesterday……”

“I mean, Rhys san is there too.”

“Rhys san is wearing some pretty nice clothes, isn’t she?”

“Was he a nobleman or something, with such a haggard appearance?”

The adventurers started gossiping amongst themselves.

I wonder if the reason why it immediately noticed our existence is because it sensed our presence? As I was thinking this as I scanned the area, a large, stout, well-dressed man walked toward me from the back of the room.


Rhys murmured quietly. The man whom Rhys called the guildmaster appeared in front of me and got down on his knees.

“Please, I implore you. Please set Rhys free ! !”

I felt a kind of unspeakable pressure from the man, even though he was supposed to be on his knees with his forehead scraped on the ground.

I was almost a little frightened, but Rhys stepped out in front of me and said.

“I don’t want to. I want to stay with Sora sama all the time…….”

It seemed that Rhys had no intention of leaving me at all–

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