“I don’t want to. I want to stay with Sora sama all the time…….”

Rhys looked a little uneasy and blurted out, [Only if Sora sama will allow it.] At those words, I grinned and lifted my cheeks as I placed my hand on Rhys’s head.

“I’m not going to give up Rhys.”

“Sora sama……”

Rhys looks up at me with an enraptured expression.

If you think about it, that should be the case. This country is so unsafe that fruit vendors will mug you with impunity, and the streets stink like a ditch. The quality of the food is so bad that my classmates screamed after just one day, and the clothes worn by the people in this country are of unbelievably poor quality.

In contrast, if she lives with me in my country, it’s safe, the streets don’t stink, and she can use all the sugar and salt she wants in her cooking. The clothes are of such good quality that Rhys would be hesitant to wear them.

She can always come back as long as I’m there, and no wonder Rhys doesn’t want to let me go.

….If the reason is because last night was so good, it’s also a man’s blessing.

“So, Guildmaster. Raise your head, please.”

“Mmm……. I kind of understood it when I saw Rhys wearing nice clothes and clinging to him, but I guess that’s what happened.”

Guildmaster scratches his head and looks annoyed as he stands up.

“Yeah. If Rhys had a sad look on her face, I could have punched him to get you back. We ended up having a hard time filling the void left by Rhys.”

“……Sorry, Guildmaster. But–“

“No, that’s okay. I knew that one day you would find a husband and leave the company since you are a woman. However, I was just taken aback because it was much steeper than I expected.

…Also, I’d like to ask you as well. Make Rhys happy.”

“I don’t know about that. But I do hope that I can be happy with Rhys.”

“Sora sama–“

Rhys’s face turns red and she looks at me with passionate eyes.

Rhys is a beautiful girl, and from what I can tell, she’s pretty smart. Her flaw is that she’s so presumptuous, but Rhys at night is so naughty that it’s an overwhelming plus.


I’ll never have a girlfriend anyway, and even if I did, I’ve been exposed to so many ugly aspects of the girls in my class that I don’t trust women much to begin with.

In that respect, I can trust Rhys because I know that she can never go against me due to the contract, and I feel like Rhys will become my wife.

“Well, that’s all I need to know. So, enough about Rhys, let’s talk about you. Sora……was it? You’re going to be an adventurer, aren’t you?”

“Yes, well.”

“That would have been good. You won against Gwyn without a scratch, didn’t you? It would be a loss to the world to let such a gem of a talent lie dormant.”

“Just so you know, I’m not going to do anything dangerous like that.”

“It doesn’t matter. A lot of people will be helped if you can get rid of even a safe request for a strong guy like you.”

“……You sound just like Rhys.”

“Well, I was the one who taught Rhys the rules of being a guild employee. So, I think it’s okay to register you as an adventurer right away. However, you are an unidentified, suspicious man with no identification. As an organization, we can’t easily trust you.

And I can’t even see that part of your ability due to the fact that you were overwhelmed against Gwyn. …..If you really have 7 star skills, there is no one in this guild who can measure your power.”

“What do you mean?”

“In short. I want you to take the certification quest.”

“Certification quest?”

“……After you have provisionally registered as an adventurer, you will be asked to take a trial commission. The level of difficulty may increase or decrease depending on your ability and your wishes, but in principle, all would-be adventurers are required to take it.”

“I see…….”

If that is the case, why did Guildmaster make such a long preamble……?

As if to blow those questions out of the water, Guildmaster thrust a request form in front of me.

The request is to defeat a mutant Cyclops that has appeared in the Red Fog Forest. The difficulty level is A+.

“Wait……I’ve never heard of a  certification quest giving you a higher difficulty level than A !”

“I’m sure it’s true. However, I’ve never heard of anyone with a 7-star skill. In that case, it’s no surprise that the difficulty level of the authentication quest is unprecedented.”

“……Well, for your information, how difficult is A+?”

“……A means a city is in danger of collapsing, and S means a nation is in danger of collapsing, so an A+ is a monster that can do enough damage to collapse several cities.”

Right. I don’t want to take on such a dangerous request.

“Rhys, don’t scare Sora by saying such exaggerated things. Difficulty is just an indicator in the first place, and compatibility is the most important thing to accomplish a quest.”


“Ah. For example, undead that are strong against physical attacks and are invulnerable are formidable enemies for warriors, but monks are fools because they can be wiped out with a single purification spell. Just as adventurers have their strengths and weaknesses. And you overwhelmed Gwyn. And I believe that Sora, who overpowered Gwyn, will have an advantage in the fight against Cyclops.”

“……What kind of demon is a Cyclops?”

“Right. The Cyclops is a powerful monster that mainly attacks physically and has high resistance to both physical and magical attacks. The mutant Cyclops in particular is twice the size of a normal Cyclops, which means it has more power and durability.

However, a Cyclops is still a Cyclops. They don’t try to lure you in.”

“You mean?”

“Yeah. To put it simply, they’re like Gwyn with a lot more power and sturdiness.”

I see. A Gwyn-like opponent. Then, it certainly seems to be a good match.

If it’s not a human opponent, I can use the shield of the transfer gate to counter most physical attacks, and if it’s not a human opponent, I can attack them without hesitation with an attack that has a higher killing intent than sending coins into their tendons.

Above all, if I’m in danger, I can always escape in an instant with my transference gate.

“…..What’s the penalty for not fulfilling a request?”

Nothing in particular. The only penalty is that you don’t get any reward at all, so you don’t get compensation for the things you lost in the battle.”

Then it’s practically no risk for me, since I don’t have anything that costs money.

“The deadline is this week. If you can’t make it, we can switch to another quest.”

“Well, if that’s the case, I’ll take it.”

“I see. That’s good to know. And take Rhys with you. This girl was an employee, but she’s more skilled than the average adventurer, and her knowledge of monsters is better than mine.”

Rhys sniffed.

“I’ll be relying on you then, Rhys. I don’t know the first thing about adventure.”

“L-leave it to me !”

I received the map to the “Red Fog Forest” from Guildmaster, and once I received the map, I went back to my house with Rhys by transfer. It seems that it is not necessary to return today, and this is my first adventure. I’m anxious.

I still want to make careful preparations.

I remember that Cyclops is really big, isn’t it?

“Rhys. Are the internal organs of a Cyclops in roughly the same position as a human’s?”

“Yes. The heart is in the center of the chest, and the brain is in the head. I think they are roughly the same.”

I see. The same organs mean the same functions. So if it can kill a human, it can kill a Cyclops. Then it’s settled.

“Rhys. Defeating a Cyclops may be easier than you think.”

“!? ……A+ opponent in case you’re wondering–you shouldn’t take it easy on them.”

I rub Rhys’s chest and shut her up when she says something that makes her laugh.

If it doesn’t work, I can just run away, and besides…I can’t see much of a future where this method fails.

After buying some things at a nearby market, I was once again transferred to another world and headed for the Red Fog Forest.

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