Episode 5 – Melancholy On Sunday



Today is Sunday.

It was past 10 o’clock.

I was on my way to Shibuya on the Yamanote Line to meet someone.

Rumble, rattle, rattle, rattle…

As I was holding the train by the strap and fiddling with my phone, I heard two high school girls sitting nearby looking at me and whispering something to each other.

“Hey, that guy…….”

“Yeah. Amazing____right?”

I can’t hear them very well because their voices are so quiet.

(High, what in the world……)

Today I’m in work mode, with my hair set and my mask and glasses off, which I usually always wear.

However, today’s business is not about work.

I was asked to accompany a voice actor I know to practice reading scripts.

At their request, I have come dressed for work…….

“Hey, hey, isn’t that guy really cool?”

“He’s really badass ! Hey, talk to him.”

“No, I can’t. He’s such a good-looking guy, I’m sure he has a girlfriend !”

I could hear people around me whispering.


If I were that good looking, my life would be in easy mode……. It’s really unfair.

I was inwardly envious of the handsome guy who was probably in the same train with me, but I killed time by playing games on my phone.

To be honest, I’m thankful that I don’t stand out because of that handsome guy, but I feel uncomfortable.

I feel like I’ve spent a whole day’s worth of work on this train alone.

I spend 15 minutes fiddling with my phone, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. I arrived at the Hachiko square in front of Shibuya station.

Despite my heart, the sky was clear and cloudless.

I look around, but there is no one to meet. I could easily recognize them because of their distinctive appearance, so I guess they haven’t arrived yet.

“Then again, it’s amazing……”

I look around and all I see is people, people, people.

Perhaps it was because it was Sunday morning, but the area in front of Hachiko was overflowing with people.

“Wow, who’s that guy !?”

“He’s either an idol or an actor, I’m sure of it! Who is he?”

“Sure, he’s super handsome, but I’ve never seen him before……. I’m curious~!”

“Let’s talk to him !”

There was some excitement all around me.

Why is it that the train just now, and why do super hot guys appear near me like a guerrilla…..

“U-um ! May I take your picture?”

I was suddenly called out and turned around to see a pair of high school girls.

They are both quite cute. They are obviously giving off a cheerful aura.

“Eh, me?”

“Y-yes! Um,is it a no?”

Suddenly, my thoughts freeze.

Why are you taking a picture with me?

Why didn’t you just ask some super hot guy nearby instead of me……

(No, I see !)

Perhaps this is a punishment.

It must be some kind of punishment game where they have to take a picture with a gloomy guy and put it on the group line.

Otherwise, there’s no way such a cute High school girl would have approached me.

I almost misunderstood…..

“I’m sorry, a picture is quite…….’

“I-I know right ! I’m sorry !”

I apologized in my heart to the two girls who left saying that. It is indeed hard to be laughed at by strangers in a group line.

As they were leaving, I thought they said something like, [The office doesn’t allow pictures] did they find out I was a voice actor? No, of course not. It was probably just my imagination.

“Um, you must be Ryoga san, right? May I take your picture?”


No way, why !?

I turned around in a panic at the sound of another voice coming from behind me.

“Bonjour, hello, Ryoga !”

There was a beautiful girl with silver hair and blue eyes.

Long silver hair that fluttered in the wind. Her clear sky blue eyes.

A saintly smile that captivated everyone who saw her.

“Hey, Elena, I told you not to do that, you’re scaring him, you know?”

“Because Ryoga was flirting with a girl ! I’m angry, you know?”

“No, it’s the opposite. How do you look at it…”

The name of this beautiful girl who puffs out her cheeks and pats me on the back is Shijou Elena.

She is an active high school girl voice actress belonging to Eight Productions. Her father is Japanese and her mother is French, and she is fluent in both French and Japanese.

She went to the same training school as me, and we still see each other regularly.

I feel closer to her than just friends, probably because we have eaten out of the same pot and she is one of the few voice actors of our age group.

“I mean, you’re not disguised…”

Unlike me, Elena has her face on display, so if she doesn’t wear a disguise, the general public might notice her.

“I don’t like wearing masks or anything like that. Even if I put on a disguise, the color of my hair will give it away.”

“Ah, I see. –Hey ! W-what are you doing !”

Suddenly, Elena hugged me.

“What do you mean what?”

“No, I mean, your arms……”

“It’s a date, isn’t it normal? Or what, are you embarrassed?”

Elena’s face was a little blushing as she smirked and provoked me.

If you’re embarrassed, don’t do it in the first place……

Or rather, this isn’t a date, it’s script reading practice.

Otherwise, there’s no way a gloomy character like me can go on a date with such a beautiful girl.

“Sigh….. I’ll take you up on that cheap provocation. You won’t regret it, will you?”

“Fufu, that’s the way it should be. Well then, Allons-y !”

And so began my gloomy Sunday.

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  1. Thanks for the translation, but i don’t think this generic dense but hot mc is going to tell an interesting story. Sister being a tsundere cliche and the token half jap girl tells me later chapters will be more of the same :/
    good luck to the readers who press on

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